Raised by Wolves Serpent Child: Everything You Need to Know About Mother’s Child

Raised by Wolves Serpent Child: Everything You Need to Know About Mother's Child

Raised by Wolves has just entered its second season and the series is still raising a lot of intriguing questions and introducing us to a lot of new and interesting concepts. Now, the Season 1 finale, “The Beginning”, revealed a very interesting character whose role in the whole story still has to be fully established. The character in question is called Mother’s Child and is special for being a serpent-like creature. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything we know about the Serpent Child from Raised by Wolves.

The Serpent child is a levitating serpent-like creature that is born as Mother’s only biological child in Raised by Wolves. This happened after a vision she had about her creator. Not much is known about the creature’s origins, nature, and goals in the series, but it seems that it is related to the serpents whose skeletons we’ve seen on Kepler-22b.

The nature and role of the Serpent Child are still a mystery, but we have managed to gather a lot of information from various sources and have decided to tell you everything we have found out. This article is going to be your number one source for everything that is currently known about the Serpent Child so if you want to know as much as you possibly can, continue reading.

What is the Serpent Child in Raised by Wolves?

Everything we currently know about the Serpen Child comes from the final episode of Season 1, “The Beginning”, although we have absolutely no doubt that the producers are going to give us more information about the creature in the upcoming second season. After experiencing a vision of her creator in a hibernation pod simulation, Mother became pregnant and gave birth to a hovering, serpent-like creature.


Although its nature, true origins, and abilities are unknown, it is known to be related in some way to the serpents whose bones were seen scattered around the Atheist settlement on Kepler-22b in previous episodes. At this moment, this is everything we know about the Serpent Child and its role in the story. More details are sure to follow in the upcoming episodes of Raised by Wolves.

How did Mother get pregnant with a serpent?

The exact circumstances of Mother’s pregnancy are unknown and will have to explained, especially in light of the fact that Mother is not a human being. We know that she experienced a vision of her creator and soon after, the Serpent Child was born. After the creature had matured and reached a length of several meters, it was traumatically “born” through the mother’s mouth. This seems to indicate that the biomechanical humanoid whose remains Mother found also housed a similar creature, for its skull was found with its mouth torn open.


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When the creature was born, it had a smooth, silvery appearance (like that of an eel, as confirmed by Ridley Scott), but as it grew larger, it developed rougher, scaly skin reminiscent of earth snakes. Its mouth resembles that of a hagfish. This seems to be a difference from the snakes whose bones have been found all over Kepler-22b, because the skeletons have jaws that resemble those of typical Earth snakes.

The creature can float in the air, a trait it probably received from Mother. The creature grew considerably after feeding on Mother. It is intelligent in some form and has inherited Mother’s necromancer abilities. Its motivations are unknown at this time, but it is known that it is dangerous. Namely, while the creature was still inside her, Mother sensed that the Serpent Child craved blood.

This bloodthirsty creature seems to be quite dangerous and, as far as it seems now, immune to damage. It seems to crave for something and seeing that it is already very intelligent and very potent, we have no doubt that it will become an even bigger threat – both literally and symbolically – in the future. This is especially true if there is a direct relationship between it and the serpent skeletons of Kepler-22b, because if this small monstrosity becomes as gigantic as those skeletons, there is no way of telling what it could potentially be able to do.

As it turns out, Raised by Wolves has managed to build a great mystery ahead of its second season, but we still know very little of the newest addition to the show. Most of this is just pure speculation but there are a lot of elements that point to our theory being the correct one, even if some details do change in the end. The Serpent Child will certainly have an impactful role in the story, but we’ll have to wait for more details.

How are serpents connected to Kepler-22b?

The surface of Kepler-22b is actually littered with the skeletons of giant snake-like creatures. Their origin is currently unknown. A live example of the snake-like creature was born to Mother after she became pregnant under mysterious circumstances, as we have explained above. After its birth, it displayed flying abilities and grew enormously within a few hours after feeding on Mother. This creature is known to be related in some way to the extinct snakes whose remains have been found elsewhere on the planet, although the nature of their connection is unknown and will be revealed as the story progresses.

Although its behavior or eating habits are unknown, a snake of this size could be at the top of the food chain as an apex predator. Based on the many skeletons in close proximity, it is believed that the snake was a social species. While the physical appearance of these snakes remains unknown, the skeleton of these snakes, including a skull wide and large enough to hold an adult human, and the length of the rest of the body suggests that it is two or three times the size of Titanoboa, the largest snake confirmed on Earth.

RBW Promo 107 01 Mother

When they die, they appear to curl up in a spiral. Whether their cause of death is due to the desert landscape or the landscape that began to naturally desertify in the years following their death is unknown. When they die, their essence seems to benefit the soil in which they are buried, enriching it with enough nutrients to grow plants for years.

It is not known at this time if the snakes were an indigenous species on the planet, or if they got there in a similar way to the ancient humans whose descendants are found on the planet. Giant snakes can be seen in a cave painting discovered by Paul, suggesting that ancient humans on the planet had a relationship with snakes. Skeletons of the creatures can be seen both above and below ground on Kepler-22b. They are referred to by Father on several occasions as “snakes.”

Are the serpent skeletons on Kepler-22b the same as the one Mother gave birth to?

As we have established in the previous section, the skeletons of the snake-like creatures are related to the Serpent Child Mother gave birth to. Now, the exact nature and narrative role of this species remains unknown, but seeing how they are present in the lore of Raised by Wolves and how Mother actually gave birth to one, we have no doubt that the snakes are going to play a pivotal role in the later episodes of the show.


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In an interview for the New York Times, as reported by ScreenRant, Guzkowski talked a bit about the Serpent Child and how it ties into Season 2, revealing the following:

Mother and Father think the giant skull is from an extinct creature, not realizing that someday Mother would give birth to one and reintroduce it to the world and reactivate the planet. You’re seeing all of these iconic elements — the serpent, the garden, Adam and Eve — but they’re not the versions we know. We subvert expectations a little bit.

There is, as you can see, a deeper, allegorical meaning to the Serpent Child. Sure, it is a relevant character in the show, but it is not simply a plot element, but rather a character that carries with itself deep symbolism that is probably going to be connected to the very origins of the narrative framework of Raised by Wolves.

Just how deep this symbolism is going to go remains a mystery, but we are certain that everything will fit perfectly into its place and that the role and the meaning of the Snake Child are going to be explained sooner rather than later. Season 2 will probably give us a lot of answers, although don’t expect the whole mystery to be revealed just yet.

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