“Realms Not Saving Progress” in Minecraft: Here’s How to Solve It

"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

Like almost all games, Minecraft does suffer from quite a few bugs and errors – some of these bugs are minor, while others can cause a world of frustration for players. The ‘realms not saving progress’ bug is one of these problematic issues, leaving plenty of players wondering if there’s any way to fix it.

The Minecraft “realms not saving progress” bug has been acknowledged by the developers and an official fix is currently being worked on. There is no way to retrieve lost progress after the error occurs, but players can prevent losing progress by downloading their Minecraft realms often and storing the backups.

Although fixing the issue completely is something the developers need to handle, there may still be a few things that players can try out in the meantime. Stick around to find out what causes the ‘realms not saving progress’ error in Minecraft, as well as what you could do to partially resolve the issue in-game.

Minecraft “Realms Not Saving Progress” Bug

Creating a Minecraft world takes tons of hours for most players – from gathering resources and grinding levels to crafting items and fashioning unique structures from the ground up. When the time comes to show off the world’s masterpieces, players would hope that their work hasn’t been in vain.

Players need to save their world to the game’s servers before any other players will be able to visit it. But, for some players, saving their world to Minecraft’s servers can feel impossible – due to the ‘realms not saving progress’ issue which primarily occurs in the Java Edition.

"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

In some cases, this bug can cause the world not to save at all – including anything you may have constructed or changed, or even minor tasks you may have done in the session. In other cases, the error can cause the world to be reset to a previous state upon reloading.

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The extent of the error is quite drastic and differs between players on a case-by-case basis. Most of the time, players who experience this issue only end up losing a few hours’ worth of Minecraft progress.

“So my girlfriend and I play on Java and we’ve had a realm for the last month with no issues. Today we played for about 3-4 hours then both got off and everything we did during that time disappeared…it’s like I was set back to when I first got online earlier that day. Does anyone know some way to fix this and get back what we had accomplished? It was about 4 hours of work so it’s pretty frustrating.”

In some instances, players have entered their world to find that their Minecraft progress hasn’t been saved from the previous day or from a short Minecraft session, for example:

“Today I created a new Realm world – played for 2.5 hours. I then stopped for a few hours. Just now I log back in and the first save loaded – which is probably the first half hour. I lost two hours of progress. I’ve never seen nor heard of Realms having issues like this. Is anyone else seeing this issue?”

However, it seems that this Minecraft error can cause some massive setbacks for players as well, resetting previously created realms. In such situations, it’s been found that a world could be reset back by months.

What Causes The Bug?

One of the scariest things about this bug is the fact that there seems to be no obvious cause. It is possible that the error is system or server related, which may be confirmed by checking the Minecraft Realms server status – but even then, the cause is still mostly unclear.

There is no specific common factor among those who have experienced it, and no understandable reason as to why it happens at all. People who have experienced the bug often have no clue how it happened.

"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

Many people state that they were playing as per usual before getting kicked out randomly, after which they log back in to find their world has been reset. Other players thought everything was fine, only to find out that their progress wasn’t saved after logging in the next time.

There is no workaround or preventative solution for this bug as well, meaning anyone could be a victim of it – anytime, anywhere. While it’s frustrating enough to experience the bug for yourself and lose potentially irreplaceable inclusions in your Minecraft world, just about every player feels some type of burden as a result.

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There is now the possibility that anything you do build, or discover in your Minecraft world could instantly be undone – which leaves the question of, is it worth it? Some players feel like temporarily stopping their progress, or even playing at all, opting to return once it’s been resolved as they feel that the risk of losing everything is just too high.

However, it’s worth noting that while it is possible for anyone to experience the bug, the odds of it occurring are somewhat low. Considering the millions of players that play the game without experiencing the issue, there must still be a way to enjoy the game – even with the risk.

Can You Fix The Minecraft “Realms Not Saving Progress” Bug?

There has been no official acknowledgment of a proper fix for the bug from the developers’ side at the moment. But, they did provide a few updates on the situation via Twitter posts over the last few days, detailed as follows thanks to Piunika Web:

DateMinecraft Developer Update
June 14th“I saw a few players experiencing this issue. It should be resolved at this time but if it’s still happening let me know. We can’t stop what happened but we can look into it.”
June 15th“We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is currently a known issue. The team is currently working on a fix that should fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work on the solution!”

The developers have now stated that the “realms not saving progress” bug has been resolved, although they have apologized for lost data due to the error.

"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

However, many players are still experiencing the issue, so it’s unknown if the error has really been fixed or not.

Can You Recover Lost Progress In Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the data and progress lost in the process of the error occurring. Once it’s gone, it is really gone. Since it was not saved to the game’s servers, there would be no way to get it back – unless, you have the realm on hand.

Prevention: Download Your Minecraft Realm Often

There is something players could do independently – it’s actually great practice for Minecraft players in general. It’s highly recommended to download your Minecraft realms routinely and store the backups.

"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

If you happen to be a victim of this error in the future, you’ll at least have access to a backup. On the other hand, if it happens and you have no backups, there is absolutely nothing you can do to restore your world.

Follow the steps below to prevent the bug from erasing your Minecraft progress completely:

  1. Click the “Configure Realm” option
  2. Navigate to the “Minecraft Realm” settings tab
  3. Visit the “World Backups” option. Under World Backups, you should be given the option to download your Minecraft Realm.
  4. Select the “Download Latest” button
  5. Repeat this process often
"Realms Not Saving Progress" in Minecraft: Here's How to Solve It

While downloading your Minecraft realms may not restore every single block or detail that you’ve added to your world, you’ll at least still walk away with the bulk of your progress – especially if you make a habit of backing up after each session. The ‘realms not saving progress’ error can happen to any player, and until the developers find an official way to fix it, players will need to take responsibility for keeping their own worlds safe.

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