How to Make & Use a Recovery Compass in Minecraft?

The recent Wild update to Minecraft brought along a ton of awesome new content for players to enjoy, including the handy recovery compass. This useful item can prove beneficial for just about any Minecraft player, but crafting it can be rather complex early on in the game.

Recovery compasses help players track back to their character’s last point of death in-game. This item can be crafted using 1 regular Compass and 8 Echo Shards on a Crafting Table. Recovery compasses may be enchanted with the Curse of Vanishing if needed.

Although gathering the resources for crafting a recovery compass can be tricky, it’s definitely with the effort. Stick around to find out about the recovery compass in Minecraft, how to craft it, and how to use it in-game.

Minecraft Recovery Compass

The recovery compass is a craftable item, recently added with Minecraft’s Wild update. This useful item can really come in handy, as it can be beneficial for all Minecraft players irrespective of experience and levels.

A recovery compass can be used by players after they experience an in-game death, as it will help players navigate to their last death’s location. While it will not provide a clear roadmap to get to the location, it will help players track back – hopefully enabling them to retrieve their dropped items and loot.

The recovery compass does have some limitations in its use, as it can only track the location of a player’s previous in-game death if the player died in the same dimension. This means that it will not be able to instantly track the location of deaths in other dimensions – such as the Nether – after respawning in the overworld. But, it can be used in all dimensions, players will simply have to navigate back to the dimension with the recovery compass handy.

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Since making your way back to the last character death location based on pure memory is pretty challenging, the recovery compass is a must-have for many, many players. It’s an extremely advantageous item to have for just about any Minecraft player, especially if you enjoy adventuring and collecting loot, gathering resources around the area, and much more.

It can be tricky to get started on crafting a recovery compass, as it will take some time and solid Minecraft grinding. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the recovery compass crafting process, with images thanks to Beebom.

How To Make A Recovery Compass In Minecraft

The recovery compass is a craftable item, meaning that any player that has the resources will be able to make it. There are no restrictions on who can or cannot craft a recovery compass, but the resources that it needs can be somewhat difficult to obtain.

Below are all the resources and items that players will need to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft, as well as how you can acquire them in-game:

Echo Shards (x8)

Minecraft players will need to obtain 8 Echo Shards in order to craft 1 recovery compass. Echo Shards are possibly the hardest component to obtain when it comes to crafting a recovery compass, as they will likely require some solid Minecraft grinding and adventuring.

Echo Shards can primarily be obtained by exploring Minecraft’s more unique areas. They have a chance to spawn inside chests located in the Deep Dark biome, specifically within the new Ancient Cities – also added with the Wild update.

Players will need to head out to the Deep Dark biome in order to enter the Ancient Cities. Spend some time exploring and going through all of the chests you can find until you have gathered 8 Echo Shards. You’re likely to get some awesome additional loot in the process as well!

Keep in mind that these areas can be risky, and it will take quite a bit of exploring before you may find Echo Shards. Players will need to be careful while adventuring in these locations and will need to use stealth in order to avoid Wardens as well. The Warden can be defeated, but it isn’t easy.

The primary function of the recovery compass was the main aim of adding it to the game. But, it was also added in the hopes that players would feel more rewarded for exploring these new areas.

Regular Compass (x1)

A normal compass is very different from a recovery compass, as typical compasses generally point to the world spawn point – the first location that players spawn when they enter a new Minecraft world. This location can only be changed using a lodestone to assign a different spot to the compass.

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Crafting a recovery compass will only demand one regular compass in Minecraft. Fortunately, while compasses are not exactly easy to come across, they are not the most complex item to find in the game.

Players can obtain a regular compass by exploring Minecraft’s various areas as well, as they also have a chance to spawn in chests randomly. Some of the best places to get your hands on a regular compass in Minecraft include shipwrecks, villages, and recently the Ancient Cities as well.

However, players can also craft a compass of their own if needed in order to continue with the recovery compass crafting process. In such cases, players will need to gather the following resources:

  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4 Iron Ingots

These items can primarily be obtained through typical Minecraft activities like mining. Once you’ve gathered the resources, you’ll be able to craft an ordinary compass by placing these items onto a crafting table.

Crafting Table

Once you’ve gathered all of the resources that you need, you’ll be able to craft a recovery compass on a crafting table.

The compass will need to be added to the center slot on the crafting table, followed by the 8 Echo Shards surrounding it on the crafting table.

Enchanted Recovery Compass

The recovery compass is an enchantable item in Minecraft, but players will only be able to use the Curse of Vanishing enchantment on this item. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment will cause the item to disappear upon a player’s death in Minecraft, meaning that no one will be able to run up and collect it.

This enchantment isn’t always useful for most Minecraft players, as it has very specific usages. As a result, enchanting your recovery compass may or may not be necessary. In all honesty, it may even be a waste of resources.

But, it’s worthwhile if you feel that using the Curse of Vanishing on your recovery compass will do you good. When it comes to the Curse of Vanishing enchantment, it primarily depends on whether you’re playing multiplayer or based on specific situations and preferred playstyles.

How To Use A Recovery Compass

To use a recover compass, all players will need to do is equip it. The recovery compass will automatically display the direction of the player’s last death – or, if it cannot detect the location, it will spin in random directions.

It’s important to consider where you keep your recovery compass stored. Players will need to use recovery compasses immediately after their character’s death, meaning that they should generally be stored in a safe place near your respawn point in-game.

As mentioned earlier, the recovery compass will not be able to point players to their last death location if they died in a different dimension. But, it does still work in all dimensions. Players will need to head to the dimension they were in with their recovery compass equipped in these cases.

Recovery compasses are not renewable, but they can be stacked up to 64 within a player’s inventory or storage slot. From this point, you’ll have a fully functional recovery compass that can act as a guide in locating lost loot and items dropped upon your character’s death.

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