Record of Ragnarok: Who Is Siegfried?

who is siegfried

Towards the end of Chapter 65 of the Record of Ragnarok manga series, fans were introduced to a brand new character named Siegfried – at least, to the concept of him. This figure is still shrouded by mystery and questions to this day, and many fans are still curious to find out who Siegfried really is as well as the role he has played in the Record of Ragnarok storyline.

Siegfried is described as the Dragon-Slaying Hero, according to Buddha, but he has not been discussed since Chapter 65 of the Record of Ragnarok manga series. It’s unknown how Siegfried will fit into the storyline, or if this character will truly line up with the real-world legend of Siegfried or Sigur – believed to be a powerful human hero who developed a romantic relationship with the Valkyrie’s Brynhildr in the story of “The Ring of Nibelungen” or “Der Ring des Nibelungen.”

Despite the fact that Siegfried is not an active player in the world of Record of Ragnarok, he may very well be far more important and influential than many fans may have expected. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Siegfried so far, including the figure’s origins and relationships with other godly characters according to real-world folklore, as well as how he could impact the universe.

Who is Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok?

Siegfried, also going by “Sigur” is a rather mysterious figure in the storyline, as there is very little that fans know about him to date. Siegfried has only been discussed by a select number of Record of Ragnarok characters in conversation, leaving a handful of breadcrumbs for fans to pick up and piece together.

siegfried conversation

Sakata Kintoki, a new character appearing to be Buddha’s friend and the Humanity representative, appeared to discuss something with Buddha towards the end of Chapter 65 in the manga series, titled “Kin-chan”. Buddha then asks Sakata Kintoki to look into a specific individual named Siegfried, “the Hero of the Dragon Slayer”, after which he gives a brief rundown of this character’s power and importance – although, even this is very vague and broad.


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According to Buddha, Siegfried is a remarkably powerful hero who actually has the power and ability to shake Ragnarok. But, we still don’t know what this could mean, and whether it’s been said in a metaphorical or literal sense. Record of Ragnarok fans know very little about Siegfried so far, only understanding what has been stated by others – almost being forced to fill in the gaps where possible.

Siegfried’s Origins and Relationships

Much like the majority of the characters and gods in Record of Ragnarok, the Siegfried character could very well stem from legend and folklore – in the real world, Siegfried is apparently a legendary hero of a Germanic heroic legend. Siegfried is a human hero who developed a very close relationship with the Valkyrie’s Brynhildr in the story of “The Ring of Nibelungen” or “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” and he has a deep connection to why she felt so responsible for Ragnarok to begin with.


He was believed to have defeated an evil dragon, hence the “Dragon-Slaying” title given to him, after which he gained power by bathing in the dragon’s blood – but, he was later betrayed and assassinated. Based on the story “The Ring of Nibelungen” or “Der Ring des Nibelungen”, Siegfried had apparently developed an intense romantic relationship with Brunhilde (Brynhildr) – the same figure that takes the role of the primary protagonist within the Record of Ragnarok storyline.

Brunhilde was reported to have truly loved Siegfried, choosing her mortality for him. It is believed that Siegfried may have been the one who sparked Brunhilde’s compassion for humans and shift of alliance to the gods, ultimately leading to the destruction of the gods and Valhalla altogether – however, this is all according to the legend, not the events that have transpired in so far.

Is Siegfried Alive in Record of Ragnarok?

Considering the legend, there is no telling whether Siegfried is alive within the Record of Ragnarok or has already been assassinated (that is, assuming that the storyline will actually follow the legend to the tee). Things could go differently, despite the fact that the characters seem to be heavily inspired by real-world legends and folklore.

The way that Buddha addressed the topic with Sakata Kintoki was quite ambiguous as well, as he asks Knitoki to “look into” Siegfried, the Dragon-Slaying Hero – not look “for” him. This could imply many things, whether Buddha wants more information on an already deceased Siegfried or is actively hoping to track him down in the hopes of seeking his assistance.


At the time of writing, the Record of Ragnarok manga series is currently on Chapter 74 – the mysterious Siegfried has not been discussed in great detail, nor has he been mentioned since Chapter 65, and he himself has not made an appearance either. It’s still to be seen if this character is in fact alive in the saga, as well as if the figure lines up with the real-world legend, although most fans believe he is alive in the series.

If the Record of Ragnarok storyline does end up merging with “The Ring of Nibelungen” or “Der Ring des Nibelungen” legend, then we could see Hilde and Siegfried taking on the gods in the future, possibly destroying them and saving humanity. However, all of this is yet to be determined, as fans still need to find out more about the Siegfried figure in the universe.


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Still, many found it interesting that his name was dropped nonetheless, even if it was only to set up the premise for future installments. Since he isn’t in the tournament already, some fans expect him to be swapped in at a later stage, fight for humanity, or something completely unexpected – perhaps the creators have a fresh twist in store for anticipating fans.

That’s everything there is to know about Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok so far, with images thanks to the Record of Ragnarok Wiki. This character is infamous for his heroic deeds according to legend, and he may have a massive impact on the overall storyline as a result – fans are hoping to find out more in future releases, as the manga series is still ongoing.

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