Red Dagger vs. Clandestines: Which Ms. Marvel Group Is Stronger?

red dagger vs clandestine

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Ms. Marvel series allowed us to meet two different groups of people who have a profound effect on Kamala Khan’s journey and rise as a superhero. The first ones were the Clandestines, who are also called Djinn in Indian mythology. Meanwhile, episode 4 allowed us to meet the Red Daggers, a group dedicated to protecting the people from unseen threats. But who between the Red Daggers and the Clandestines is stronger?

The Clandestines are most likely stronger than the Red Daggers not only because they are beings capable of living extended lifespans but also because they possess enhanced physiologies. On the other hand, the Red Daggers are simply ordinary humans that were trained exceptionally well.

As impressive as the Red Daggers were during their debut episode, we still cannot forget about the fact that the Clandestines are not ordinary humans and are capable of things that regular human beings are not capable of. That is why we are giving the Clandestines the victory in this bout. That said, let’s look at who between the Red Daggers and the Clandestines is stronger.


The Red Daggers are actually pretty strong, thanks in large part to the training they undergo to become worthy of the Red Dagger scarf. These are fighters that are specially chosen to carry the scarf of the Red Dagger so that they can protect people from unseen threats. In that regard, they are trained well enough to be able to handle their own against otherworldly beings, as that was what both Waleed and Kareem were able to show in episode 4 of Ms. Marvel. They may not have superhuman strength, but they are physically capable of holding their own.


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While the Clandestines aren’t necessarily superhuman in terms of their physical capabilities, they are still stronger than regular human beings. It is possible that they are close to peak human levels in terms of their strength, as it was clear that they were quite strong and were powerful enough to break through their chains when they were captured by the DODC. In fact, they are strong enough to break through Kamala Khan’s Noor constructs.

Kamala vs Clandestine

Even though the Red Daggers are capable fighters that are pretty strong, they are not as physically strong as the Clandestines. That is why the Clandestines take this round.

Red Daggers 0, Clandestines 1


Thanks to the training that they undergo, the Red Daggers are quite durable. This was seen from how Kareem was able to withstand some of the attacks that Kamala threw at him during their brief fight. On top of that, Waleed was also able to hold his own against the Clandestines. However, the Red Daggers are still just human beings that can be killed using the same methods that would kill any regular human being, although they are more durable than most humans.

While the Clandestines aren’t the most durable beings in Ms. Marvel, they have proven themselves to be more durable than regular humans thanks to their enhanced physiology. They are able to survive attacks that could severely injure or kill any regular human being, as seen from the fact that one of the Clandestines was still able to survive getting hit by a truck by Kamala. However, they aren’t immune to physical damage, as Kareem was still able to kill one using his daggers.

Kamala 1

Owing to the fact that the Clandestines have physiologies that are more advanced than what any human being possesses, it goes without saying that they are more durable than the Red Daggers, even though the difference might not be too wide.

Red Daggers 0, Clandestines 2


In the comics, there is only one character that carries the mantle of Red Dagger, and that person is the Pakistani exchange student named Kareem. However, in the Ms. Marvel series, we have seen at least two Red Daggers, and there are possibly even more if the friends that Kareem and Kamala were seen hanging out with are also Red Daggers. It is even possible that the Red Daggers are quite abundant in terms of their numbers and are merely hiding in plain sight.

Red Daggers 1

There aren’t a lot of Clandestines in Ms. Marvel because the only way for them to bolster their numbers is through reproduction. Not counting Kamran, who was kicked out of the group during the events of episode 4, there were only four Clandestines that attacked the Red Dagger hideout and went after Kamala. Still, despite their lack of numbers, the Clandestines are pretty formidable and were able to force Kamala, Kareem, and Waleed to flee.

It is possible that there are more Red Daggers in Ms. Marvel than what we have seen, especially if those friends in the bonfire are also Red Daggers. That’s why we are giving the point here to the Red Daggers.

Red Daggers 1, Clandestines 2


The strongest of the Red Daggers is stronger than the strongest of the Clandestines. When the Clandestines attacked the Red Dagger hideout, Waleed was able to hold his own against three of them and was even able to overwhelm Najma, who is quite possibly the strongest of the Clandestines. Meanwhile, Kareem was able to take out another strong Clandestine on his own. This means that the Red Daggers are exceptionally skilled in combat and are masters at using their daggers in battle.


While they aren’t entirely the best fighters, the Clandestines were able to show exceptional skill in combat when they were able to overwhelm Kamala despite having the edge in terms of power. Of course, there’s also the fact that the Clandestines were skilled enough to give Waleed and Kareem a hard time in their fights, and this could be attributed to the fact that they have been training for a very long time.


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As well-trained as the Clandestines may be, Waleed is an example of how strong the Red Daggers can be when they are already mature. He was able to hold his own against multiple Clandestines, and that proves that the Red Daggers are exceptionally skilled.

Red Daggers 2, Clandestines 2

Powers And Abilities

Kareem, upon meeting Kamala, said that he was able to sense the Noor from her, and that made him assume that she was a Clandestine. That means that the Red Daggers, despite being ordinary humans, were probably trained to be able to sense the Noor so that they could tell whether or not someone was a threat. Other than that, they have not shown any powers or abilities at all because of the fact that they are regular humans.

The Clandestines are unable to use the Noor while they are on Earth, and that means that they aren’t able to make full use of their powers. However, as seen from the events of Ms. Marvel, they are capable of things that regular humans aren’t capable of. For example, they seem to be able to heal rather quickly from non-fatal injuries due to their regenerative healing factor.

ms marvel episode 3 who are the jinn and clandestine main

It is the very fact that the Red Daggers are just humans that may hold them back in a fight against the Clandestines. No matter how skilled they may be, the Clandestines are capable of doing much more and are perhaps going to showcase their full power if they regain their access to the Noor.

Red Daggers 2, Clandestines 3

Red Daggers vs. Clandestines: Which Ms. Marvel Group Is Stronger?

Both Waleed and Kareem were impressive in their fight against the Clandestines because they were able to take out some of them even though they were both regular people. However, the fact that the Clandestines possess enhanced physiologies means that they are naturally predisposed to win a battle against a well-trained person. But, as seen from the events of Ms. Marvel, the Red Daggers are more than capable of holding their own against these more powerful entities.

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