Red Notice: Netflix Is Reportedly Developing Two Sequels With Original Stars Set To Return

Netflix Just Released Trailer & Character Posters Preview For "Red Notice"

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Regardless of what you think of Netflix’s heist blockbuster Red Notice, it definitely shouldn’t surprise you that the sequel is in development. Did I say sequel? My bad, I meant to say sequels. According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3. Both films will reportedly film back-to-back in 2023, which means there’s plenty of waiting in front of us before we see more of the dynamic trio we met in the original movie.

The original Red Notice movie was announced in 2018 when Rawson Marshall Thurber wrote the script with Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson set to star as the world’s greatest art thief and an FBI agent who’s determined to catch her, respectively. Universal Pictures initially wanted to distribute the movie, but after disagreements over a budget, the project was handed to Netflix, and Ryan Reynolds also joined the cast. The movie was filmed during the first wave of the pandemic of COVID-19, but with all the measures, it was finished and released last November. 


Red Notice Is Officially Netflix’s Biggest Movie Ever

With a reported budget of $200 million, Red Notice is the most expensive movie Netflix ever distributed. The movie received mixed to negative reviews from the critics, but the audience wasn’t so harsh on it. Although the movie holds a score of only 37% on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score is a lot higher, at 92%. Red Notice was the most-watched Netflix film of all time in the first three weeks of its release. Although Dwayne Johnson said prior to the movie’s release he would love to make a sequel, there’s also a question of how doable it is. Considering that the main three stars are some of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

Writer and director Marshall Thurber previously revealed for the Hollywood Reporter that he’d like to make a sequel and a threequel together to complete the trilogy, and it seems like Netflix is willing to throw another huge bag of money in to make that a reality. Sources are saying that Thurber began writing the sequel, and only time will tell how the will development go forward. Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot currently have several big projects in front of them, and Ryan Reynolds is currently on an acting break and it’s unknown when he’s going to return to a movie set.

Considering the ending of the original movie, the doors to the sequel are wide open. Although it will probably take a lot of time before we see this loveable cast again on the streaming service, only the news that the franchise is now a go is good news. Are you excited about the sequel?

Red Notice is now streaming on Netflix.

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