Reportedly, Chris Evans’s Captain America Making a Comeback in a Limited Solo Series within the MCU

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Being one of the MCU’s beloved characters, Captain America has been involved in numerous projects. Currently, there’s a movie in the works centered on Sam Wilson’s Captain America, slated for release in 2025. Additionally, recent rumors suggest that Chris Evans’s Captain America may come out of retirement.

Reportedly, Chris Evans is set to return in a limited series that follows Captain America’s journey to return the Infinity Stones to their rightful places in time, as per MyTimeToShineHello.

The concept does seem intriguing, especially considering that the process depicted in the movies was glossed over and rushed. This rumor gains further traction from other recent reports suggesting that Evans has already signed on to reprise his former role.

Many fans initially speculated that this news was tied to the upcoming film ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ Those who oppose the idea of Sam Wilson becoming Captain America have been vocal about their desire for Evans to return. However, as you’re likely aware, ‘Endgame’ left few opportunities to reintroduce the character, aside from utilizing an alternate version.

After completing his mission, Rogers opted to spend his life with Peggy Carter in a parallel timeline instead of returning to 2023. They reconnected, got married, and Rogers retired as Captain America, though he remained ready to lend a hand when needed in his new existence.

This limited series could satisfy a significant portion of the fanbase, particularly those who have been vocal about their preferences. Narratively, it aligns well with the events that would unfold in the past, predating Steve Rogers’ decision to create the alternate timeline.

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