Reportedly, Upcoming ‘Blade’ Reboot Receives Extensive Casting Update


Marvel has numerous projects scheduled for release in the coming years, but many of these have faced delays and cancellations due to the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that affected the entire industry. Among these projects is the highly anticipated ‘Blade’ reboot, which encountered issues even before the strikes began.

The movie, based on the MCU and centered around Eric Brooks, the renowned vampire hunter from the comics, serves as a reboot of the widely popular ‘Blade’ trilogy that played a significant role in shaping the MCU as we know it today.

Recently, the movie has seen several unofficial development updates. The latest rumors suggest that Blade’s daughter will no longer be included, the movie will not be set in a specific time period, and filming has been relocated from the USA to London, with an expected release date in 2025.

For some time, it has been known that Mahershala Ali will star as the lead vampire hunter. Additionally, John West Jr. has been cast as DEE, while Delroy Lindo, Milan Ray, and Mia Goth are set to portray yet-to-be-disclosed characters. However, according to Jeff Sneider’s paid newsletter, significant changes are on the horizon.

The report indicates that the studio is preparing to completely recast the movie, with the exception of Mahershala Ali.

This claim aligns with other rumors indicating that the movie is undergoing significant changes, including substantial revisions to its storyline. The decision to recast characters is not surprising, as Aaron Pierre recently disclosed his previous involvement with the project but ultimately decided to withdraw due to the prolonged development process and other unspecified reasons.

The reasons behind the extensive reworking of the movie remain unclear. However, there have been reports suggesting that Mahershala Ali expressed dissatisfaction with the script and even considered walking away from the project. Additionally, there were rumors regarding DeMayo’s involvement in the script, which allegedly resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes.

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