Rumors: Marvel Studios Plans To Revive Canceled Live-Action & Animated Series

the defenders saga resurrected

Despite acknowledging the evident issues in project quality, and Bob Iger’s recent emphasis on prioritizing “quality over quantity,” Marvel Studios and the MCU are vigorously pushing forward with the development of numerous upcoming projects slated for release in the coming years.

While only one film, “Deadpool 3,” is set for release in 2024, widely regarded as the “MCU Savior,” questions linger as to whether this reflects a genuine commitment to quality or if other projects are simply facing delays due to extensive rewrites, reshoots, and challenges arising from the SAG-AFTRA strike. Among the projects anticipated for 2024 is “X-Men ’97,” an animated series serving as a revival of the beloved ‘X-Men: The Animated Series,’ promising a direct continuation of its nostalgic predecessor.

Furthermore, the recent debut of “Echo” seemingly solidified Netflix’s “The Defenders Saga” as part of the official MCU canon, positioning it on the established MCU timeline. Notably, amidst the buzz surrounding these developments, rumors suggest that Marvel Studios is contemplating reviving canceled shows, spanning both live-action and animated formats.

The potential revival of ‘The Defenders’ Saga appears increasingly likely, especially with the integration of the iconic street-level superhero, Daredevil, into the official MCU through ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ Even prior to these speculations, fans had been vocal about their desire for more episodes of shows like ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage,’ and now that may become a reality.


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While it initially seemed that Disney’s MCU had little interest in The Defenders, given the lack of references to the Saga’s events in the films, it’s become evident that the shows garnered a larger following than anticipated. Additionally, recent rumors hinted that while certain aspects of The Defenders Saga may be adopted as canonical, there’s a possibility of some characters being recast. Nonetheless, it appears that some of these “inactive” shows are primed for a comeback, with the hope that the studio preserves what made them successful originally, minimizing unnecessary alterations.

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