Rumors Suggest “The Horde” Will Be Included in ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ Teasing Exciting MCU Future

eyes of wakanda the horde

Marvel Studios is expanding its focus on animated content with several upcoming projects. These include ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ and ‘Marvel Zombies,’ a spinoff from the popular ‘What If…?’ series.

Additionally, ‘Eyes of Wakanda,’ announced last year, is set in the past and centers on a team of Wakandan heroes on a quest for ancient vibranium artifacts.

‘Eyes of Wakanda’ has been confirmed as canon to the MCU, reiterated multiple times, and recent reports indicate it will feature a terrifying race from the comics.

One of the upcoming episodes of the show will introduce “The Horde.” The Horde are extraterrestrial insect-like beings known as the locusts of the universe, operating as a hive mind that invades and consumes planets. They serve the enigmatic cosmic entity called the Fulcrum, contrasting with the Celestials who are known for creation.

The Horde has made several visits to Earth throughout history. They initially infected the Progenitor in ancient times, leading to supernatural occurrences. In modern times, they returned with the awakening of the Dreaming Celestial, later infecting and assaulting Celestials as the Final Host of Dark Celestials, until the Avengers intervened to stop them.

The race first appeared in ‘Eternals Vol. 3’ in 2007, known for their ability to consume entire worlds as a hive mind. Individually, they are quite weak unless they gather in large numbers.

According to the report, this introduction will have significant implications for the future of the MCU and the Multiverse Saga, directly tying into ongoing narratives. However, Perez cannot delve into this concept in detail due to project secrecy and potential spoilers.

‘Eyes of Wakanda’ remains slated for release in 2024 as part of Phase Five of the MCU.

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