30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair (RANKED)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

White hair might be a thing for older people in the real world, but they usually represent a compelling character in animes. Whenever we see a character with hair, we subconsciously realize that they’re the real deal and will play an essential part in the story. The same is the case with anime boys with white hair.

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List of Anime Boys with White Hair

Let’s get on to the details of the best anime boys with white hair.

30. Suigetsu (Naruto Shippuden)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Hidden mist shinobi Suigetsu has a body made of water that cannot be cut or blasted off. His body can deform and form again without causing him any harm. Experimented by Orochimaru, Suigetsu’s dream to collect all seven swords of the hidden mist swordsmen resumes when Sasuke frees him and asks him to join his organization Hebi/Taka. 

Suigetsu has white hair and purple eyes and can take whatever physique he wants because he doesn’t have any flesh. Suigetsu is a pretty wacky guy who likes to tease Karin and doesn’t like to take orders from Sasuke, although he cares about his friends but doesn’t like to show it.

29. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Juuzou Suzuya, previously gone by the name Rei Suzuya is a Ghoul investigator with white hair and red eyes, and a frightening face. Although Juuzou is a male character, at the start, many fans are deceived by his appearance into believing him to be a woman (many fans are still doubtful). 

Juuzou is childish and clumsy, but he shows no remorse for ghouls when it comes to ghouls. Having a rough childhood, Juuzou became heartless and cold and worked so hard that he became an extremely powerful character. With time, as he grew stronger, his role in the story increased and he served as an anti-hero who chased after ghouls.

28. Kashin Koji (Boruto: Naruto next generations)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Kashin Koji is an inner of the evil organization ‘Kara’, a clone of the legendary Sannin ‘Jiraiya’ who has long white hair and wears a mask covering his nose and eyes. Koji is created by ‘Amado’ to mimic the powers of Jiraiya and even surpass him. 

After some time, we find out that Koji is actually created for the sole purpose of killing Kara’s leader ‘Jigen’ who is actually Ishhki Otsutuski, the partner of Kaguya (the main antagonist of Naruto Shippuden), sent on Earth to suck all life out of it and make a Chakra fruit to gain more power. 

Kashin Koji is used as a tool to gain trust from the Hidden Leaf Village, knowing that, in his last attack, Koji successfully escapes as well as completing his mission given by Amado to reveal Ishhki to Naruto and Sasuke.

27. Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Toshiro is the captain of the 10th squad and a fellow companion of Ichigo’s younger sister. He is a short guy with short spiky hair which looks good on him. Toshiro Hitsugaya is a type of character which you can either love or hate, there seems to be no in-between among the fans. 

He loves doing his duties and doesn’t like anyone who acts immaturely. The one thing that annoys him more than others acting like children is him being called a child due to his height.

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26. Hyoga (Dr. Stone)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Hyoga is a tall, muscular person with white hair covering most of his face. He wears a mask that hides his mouth, has scary-looking eyes, and has a sharp mind. Hyoga is a calm person who doesn’t get scared by anything and is an expert strategist making strategies like it’s a piece of cake. 

Hyoga is a very mysterious person, even to the viewers and as of now, we still don’t know his true motives and he hasn’t gained trust from either the characters in the story or the viewers/readers.

25. Inumaki Toge (Jujutsu Kaisen)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Inumaki Toge is a rare cursed style user who only speaks in Onigiri ingredients. Now you must be wondering why he can’t just speak like the rest of us. Well, the reason is to be safe from cursing someone else by saying something bad to them. Inumkai is a short white-haired guy who is a second-year student and an upperclassman of main character Itadori Yuuji. 

Inumaki wears a turtleneck that covers his mouth (symbolizing his need to stay quiet). Toge Inumaki is an extremely dangerous person to fight so many of his opponents tend to avoid him. His cursed technique is so advanced that if he tells someone ‘Don’t move’, they can literally not move, but it is mentioned that it doesn’t mean he can just tell someone to die as it will have an equal countereffect on Inumaki himself.

24. Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Scar as people know him is a nameless Ishvalan war survivor who seeks revenge on state alchemists for the deaths of his people. Scar got this nickname due to the massive X-shaped scar on his face, he also has a borrowed hand, gifted by his brother as a parting gift. Scar has short faded white hair and a tall a d wide body that can crush absolutely everyone. 

He considers himself as an advocate of god who wants to erase all state alchemists from the world. Consumed by hatred, Scar decides to ignore his well-being for the sake of his people, but later in the story, he realizes his mistake and redeems himself as one of the favorite characters from the entire show.

23. N/Near/Nate River (Death Note)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

N is a detective who has been brought up in the same orphanage as L. After his death it was decided that he will handle the case to catch Kira. N takes the responsibility to find Kira and give him the punishment he deserves. 

N is a teenager with short height and messy white hair. He likes to play with legos when thinking about his next move to take down Kira. Although N is a pretty hated character among the fans because (Spoiler Alert) he manages to outwit Kira and catch him redhanded, I personally think he was a really good addition to the show.

22. Tobirama Senju (Naruto Shippuden)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

The second Hokage of the hidden leaf village, Tobirama Senju is the younger brother of the god of shinobi ‘Hashirama’ and a descendent of the Senju clan. He is a very serious person who bears hatred for the Uchiha clan for killing his brother and the clan’s people. 

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He creates new techniques that can counter The Uchihas’ Sharingan and successfully kills the younger brother of the Uchiha clan leader. Many fans love him for his serious face as he takes everything with all seriousness and doesn’t like to mess around nor let anyone mess around him. He is seen by many as the door for the next generations’ improvement.

21. Byakuya Ishigami (Dr Stone)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Ishigami is the father of main character Senku, is a middle-aged man with hair styled backward. He is a very genuine person who wants to make his son proud and give him all the support he needs. Although he has very less screen time, his influence in the story is unmatchable as his undying support and truthful words pierce everyone’s heart.

20. Shouto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Admittedly, he is half white-haired and half red, but he still deserves to be on the list. He is an extremely powerful person with a cold personality. Many consider him to be the most powerful character in the show when it comes to raw power. In addition to that, he is a very calm person who doesn’t panic when things get hard and works his way out of them very swiftly.

19. Garou (One Punch Man)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Garou is the main antagonist in the second season of the anime and manga, One Punch Man. His only goal is to annihilate the Hero association and make them suffer just like he did. Garou is a former student of Hero’ Bang’ but is expelled when Bang finds out he’s going rogue and has evil intentions. 

Garou is getting more character development than any other villain in this series, making him a very important character. Garou has a tall muscular body that is out of the ordinary and makes him stand out from normal people. Garou is capable of killing many high-ranking heroes making him a big threat to the Hero Association.

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18. Amado (Boruto: Naruto next generation)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Amado is a former inner of evil organization ‘Kara’ but betrays them by conspiring with a fellow inner ‘Kashin Koji’. Amado is a very advanced person and the most scientifically smart character in all of the Naruto franchise. He has managed to create clones of previous strong shinobis and given them the power equaling the strongest clan ‘The Otsutuski Clan’. 

Amado’s true motives are still unclear as he continues to play 3D chess with the hidden leaf village and Kara.

17. Decim (Death Parade)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

At the start of the show, it looks as though, Decim is just a normal side character who won’t add anything to the main storyline. With no specific facial features, white-haired Decim became an integral part of the story by becoming an ally and a supportive friend. Decim is a very caring and nice guy who no one can hate.

16. Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Netero is a normal old man with white hair and a beard. He contains incredible power but doesn’t often show it to people. Whenever he showcases what true power he holds, fans are always left in awe wondering if they can see a fight like this ever again. 

Considering that he isn’t part of the main characters, the author did an excellent job explaining how much of a legend this guy is.

15. Shougo Makishima (Psycho-pass)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Shougo Makishima is an antagonist in the series Psycho-pass. A cold-hearted character who doesn’t care who he’s fighting against or what he’s facing, his plans are always ahead of you. A terrifying person, Shougo is a feared person in the entire show. 

A madman when it comes to fighting, he doesn’t let his inner madness takes control of him as he strategically plans everything and makes you wonder, how good is he? Many fans consider him as one of the best antagonists in anime as his scary aura is enough to defeat many.

14. Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu No Index)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Accelerator is a pale white boy with white hair, and this is not a natural occurrence but a result of his ability that blocks all Ultraviolet radiations. Accelerator is introduced as an antagonist who has killed thousands but now, he works for the good and always has good intentions to make sure people are safe. He is a cold-hearted person who doesn’t hesitate to kill if it’s for the good.

13. Asta (Black Clover)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Asta is a protagonist of the popular series Black Clover. He is born in a village called ‘Hage’ as an orphan and raised in a church. Asta has white/silver hair and a very muscular build considering his young age.

He is a very extroverted person who doesn’t back away from expressing opinions regarding any matter. He shouts his dreams, so everyone hears him and acknowledges him when he achieves them. 

He doesn’t care what others say and works hard to achieve his goals and give everyone justice.

12. Allen Walker (D Gray man)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Allen Walker is the protagonist of the anime D gray man. He is a lean muscular person with messy white hair and has several scars including a very weird one on his left side of the face. Allen is a former exorcist and a member of the European branch of the Black Order. Allen is an adoptive son who was adopted by Mana Walker and a former apprentice of Cross Marian. 

Despite having a rough childhood, Allen stays humble and helps everyone he can. He is also ready to sacrifice anything that could potentially be for the better, but sometimes his dark side shows a glimpse of what he can be and what he is actually.

11. Archer (Fate/Stay night)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Archer is one of the protagonists of the novel and anime Fate in which he serves Rin Tohsaka in the 5th holy grail war. Archer has an extremely dangerous power in which he has stored every weapon in his memory and whenever needed, he just needs to wield it to use in battle. 

He has short white hair and a dark muscular body. He is a very mysterious person but is always willing to protect his master when required. Archer always tells the truth but that makes him more mysterious as he sometimes likes to tell half of the truth to his master and keeps the other half a secret.

10. Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Soul Evans or more commonly called Soul is the main character of the story Soul Eater. He is a short, white-haired kid with a careless personality. He passes judgment on things by saying cool or uncool, as much as it earned him great friends and bonds, it also gained him, haters and potential enemies. 

Soul is an overall goofball, giving fans many moments to laugh about. When it comes to fighting, Soul is not the one you want to against as he can transform any part of his body as a weapon and demolish the opponent.

9. Jiraiya “Pervy sage, Toad sage, legendary Sannin” (Naruto)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Being the student of the third Hokage, teacher of 4 Hokage, friends with the 5th and 6th Hokage, and then Naruto’s master, Jiraiya is definitely one of the coolest addition to the show. He is a tall middle-aged man with long spiky hairs reaching his back and likes to take most of the things non-seriously, but when he does get serious, it’s game over for the enemy. 

While Naruto’s team captain Kakashi is busy teaching Sasuke new techniques, Jiraiya sensei takes naruto on various journeys to teach him many techniques and jutsus to make him super strong, The most famous one ‘Rasengan’. He creates a father-son bond with Naruto and keeps him with himself to protect him from the evil organization Akatsuki from kidnapping him. 

Jiraiya is a feared ninja among other nations and a valuable asset to the hidden leaf.

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8. Senku (Dr. Stone)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Now, this is a controversial pick because in the anime Senku has green hair with a mixture of white, but in the manga, he has white hair. Senku is the protagonist of Dr stone anime and manga. He is a young scientist who dreams of rebuilding the human civilization that turned into stone many thousand years ago. 

Senku is a big influence on his friends and whatever he does plays a major part in their life. He likes to experiment on dangerous things which puts him and others in danger, but he reassures them with his famous catchphrase ‘Ten billion percent’. Senku gets all the respect from his village due to the massive influence of his father on the village and Senku’s own hard work.

7. Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Zero is a tall handsome white-haired character, who is an ex-human-now vampire who hunts vampires and kills them. He is an able hunter who can distinguish between pure-blooded vampires and those who have been turned into one. He is brought up in a family that is a vampire hunter by profession. 

Due to his tough childhood, Kiryu doesn’t make friends and likes to keep a distance from people. He seems a cold-hearted person to others, but he doesn’t care what others think. Despite him keeping his distance from everyone, he does talk to Yuki and protects her from others. 

When it is revealed that Yuki herself is pure-blooded, he starts to be distant from everyone and becomes a loner.

6. The Otsutuski clan (Naruto)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

I can not name one, but everyone from the otsutuski clan has long white and pale colorless bodies. They are considered gods who take the life out of every planet and make pills/fruits to consume for their power. They are an extremely powerful clan who travel in pairs and complete their mission to make fruits from people’s lives. 

The otsutuski clan considers themselves as Gods of the people who are superior to any other being and it’s their responsibility to destroy their “Vulgar” lives.

5. Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Gintoki Sakata is a samurai who has taken part in wars and earned the nickname ‘White Demon’ as he is super skilled with the sword and a valuable comrade. 

He lives in an era where Samurai are no longer required so he does weird and odd jobs to fulfill his needs and desires. He has white/silver/blue curly hair which he hates and blames for the lack of interest girls take in him.

4. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Probably the most famous character with white hair among new anime fans, Gojo is the most powerful character in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. He is a non-cholent person with no care in the world (well I’d be too if I was the strongest person in the world). 

Teacher of the main trio of Itadori, Nobara, and Megumi, Gojo Satoru believes his students can one day reach their potential. Gojo’s dream is to correct the Jujutsu world and erase all evil from it. Gojo is a very tall guy who wears a mask covering his shining blue eyes and has long upward-styled hairs. 

When he takes off the mask, he wears sunglasses and styles his hair down. Gojo likes to goof around with his students as he doesn’t have any friends of his age, well there is one (Nanami Kento) who he constantly annoys.

3. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the series Tokyo Ghoul. Ken never always had white hair, but after becoming a one-eyed ghoul, his hair transforms, and his personality also starts to change. He goes from a shy kid to a top Ghoul investigator really quick. Fans love him the most for accepting what monster truly is inside of him considering the fact that Ken Kaneki bared hatred for Ghouls his entire life.

2. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

One of the strongest characters from the entire list, Killua is a silent assassin born in a family of assassins. In rebellion, Killua runs from his home, becomes a rookie hunter, and becomes best friends with the protagonist ‘Gon’. Killua has a dark side that should not be messed with as he holds power that many can’t even imagine. Killua is a short kid with spiky white hair and usually wears clothes bigger than him.

1. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

30 Best Anime Boys with White Hair

Copy Ninja Kakashi of the Sharingan is the name that every village, ninja, and nation knows and fears. Kakashi Hatake is a hidden leaf shinobi and the team captain of team 7 consisting of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. 

Kakashi has white hair pointing up, with a mask covering his whole face except his right eye. Kakashi is one of the main characters who has always treated Naruto like his son because he understands the trauma he has been through as he had a pretty tough childhood himself. Many fans believe Kakashi was the reason why Naruto never became evil and always strayed on the right path.

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Why Is White Hair so Popular in Anime?

In anime, it has been quite clear why fans instantly become white-haired characters’ fans. The reason is that the color white represents power. You can check the list and see that majority of the characters are either extremely powerful characters, are protagonists, or have been a big influence on the storyline.

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