Shoto vs. Dabi: Who Won the Fights & In Which Chapters?

shoto vs dabi

In the manga, one of the best moments of My Hero Academia was the fact that Dabi was revealed to be the oldest Todoroki sibling. He is Toya Todoroki, to be specific, as his family thought that he was dead but was revealed to be alive the entire time and had become a villain with vengeful thoughts in his head. Of course, this great reveal happened in the tail-end of the Paranormal Liberation War arc when Gigantomachia arrived in time to save an injured Tomura Shigaraki.

That meant that it was inevitable that Shoto Todoroki and his older brother would have to face one another. In fact, they faced twice in the manga, as the first one happened during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, while the second one happened during the Final War arc. So, who won their fights in the manga? Let’s find out.

Shoto vs. Dabi Round 1: Chapters 291 – 295

As mentioned, round 1 of Shoto vs. Dabi happened during the Paranormal Liberation War arc’s latter portions. This entire battle happened in chapters 291 – 295, even though it wasn’t exactly a one-on-one fight between Shoto and Dabi and was more of a fight between some of the pro heroes and the League of Villains.

In this fight, Gigantomachia arrived on the battlefield after the pro heroes, together with Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo, had worn a powerful Tomura Shigaraki out and still had enough power to finish him off, especially with the arrival of Nejire and Ingenium. The gigantic villain blocked an attack that could have finished Shigaraki off, as it was revealed that the rest of the League of Villains were on the giant’s back. It was at that moment that Dabi revealed himself to be Toya Todoroki and had his own Joker moment as he was dancing to the rhythm of his own maniacal laugh.

Dabi3Fs Dance

Of course, both Endeavor and Shoto were shocked about the revelation, as Dabi continued to reveal to the entire world what he had been doing the entire time and what kind of a person his father was. Dabi also revealed that Hawks killed the villain named Twice and even killed Best Jeanist, who we know is the number three hero in Japan.

However, Endeavor was too shocked to try to do anything about the entire situation. That was when Dabi tried to deliver the final blow to kill his own father, as Shoto ignited his flames in an attempt to defend Endeavor. While Dabi was about to deliver his Prominence Burn, Best Jeanist arrived to not only reveal that he was alive but also to trap the villain with his wires.


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Dabi burned himself out of the fibers to face his younger brother in a fight, all while Shoto was begging him to stop what he was doing. The villain further reveals that he had sent a villain to try to kill his Natsuo Todoroki as he felt sad about the fact that his younger brother didn’t die in that attack because that would have caused more suffering on the part of Endeavor. When Shoto asked if he was crazy, Dabi simply said that he no longer had any feelings for them but was excited to finally kill his youngest brother, who he saw as the person that made his life meaningless when he was born as the “perfect” son.

In the middle of the fight, Dabi even embraced Shoto while he was covered in flames to sarcastically say that Shoto, unlike the other heroes that were having fun in the battle, would be getting pain instead. But Deku used Blackwhip to separate the two brothers from one another and said that he was willing to interfere in the battle if it meant keeping Shoto, his dear friend, and Endeavor, his mentor, safe.

While that was happening, Gigantomachia was beginning to break out of the wire restraints that Best Jeanist used against him. But before he could do so, Endeavor used the last of his strength to deliver a blow that knocked the giant out. He fell unconscious after delivering that attack on the gigantic villain.

Dabi’s goal was to kill Shoto in front of Endeavor to make his father suffer. However, now that Endeavor was unconscious, he could no longer obtain his goal. As such, before Shoto could unleash another attack, Dabi blasted him with a Jet Burn to push him out of the sky as he wanted to continue the battle another time when Endeavor was conscious. In that regard, Dabi won the first fight.

Winner: Dabi

Shoto vs. Dabi Round 2: Chapter 349 – 363

The second fight between Shoto and Dabi happened during chapters 349 to 363 of the manga, as this was during the Final War arc. This happened when Izuku managed to trick All For One into leading him and his other villains away. Meanwhile, a few heroes used Warp Gate to warp themselves into the fight, as Dabi attempted to kill all of them to hurt his father.

But Shoto was there to protect them by using a large ice wall that was able to match the temperature of Dabi’s flames. The battle began as Shoto used his ice wall to separate the different villains from the heroes. He pushed the villains and heroes into Warp Gates, and he and Dabi entered a Warp Gate that led them to Kamino. Of course, Shoto was accompanied by a few other pro heroes as well, but Dabi was able to decrease their numbers quickly when he used a fire tornado that burned Kamino Ward down.

The only ones left to confront Dabi were Shoto, Kido, Burnin, and Onima, who were all connected to Endeavor. Dabi lamented the fact that Endeavor had to send his son and his sidekicks after him instead of facing him himself. But Shoto told him that he wasn’t there because his father ordered him but because he wanted to be the one to stop him. 

Shoto faces his brother Toya

While the battle was happening, it was clear that Dabi’s corpse was slowly rotting due to the effects that his Quirk had on his body. That was when he revealed that he had survived because All For One took him in and allowed him to become strong, all while his desire for vengeance fueled his desire to continue to live despite the fact that Garaki didn’t think he would be able to live past one month. As such, Shoto realized that Dabi was prepared to die from the very start but was only looking to inflict as much pain and suffering on his family before his death.

Dabi attacked Shoto with his Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider, but the sidekicks protected the young Todoroki while he was preparing his own attack. The villain, of course, used his initial attack to catch Shoto and the sidekicks off-guard and attacked his younger brother from behind. He then blasted Shoto continuously while lambasting him as the perfect son that he could never be. Dabi unleashed a powerful Jet Burn attack that launched his younger brother into a building.


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But Shoto surprised Dabi with his ability to neutralize the heat of his flames, as he told his older brother that there were no excuses for what their father did, just like there were no excuses for the people that Dabi killed. He told Dabi that it was always his choice to take innocent lives as a form of revenge. That was when Shoto decided to end the battle once and for all by unleashing his strongest move, which is Flashfire First: Phosphor.

The ability allowed Shoto to neutralize Dabi’s flames while he used an Icebound Crash – Coldflame’s Pale Blade to attack Dabi. But Dabi was still able to find a way to regain the upper hand when Shoto lost control of Phosphor. The villain created a volcanic eruption that he hoped would kill his younger brother.

But the sidekicks took the brunt of the damage to protect Shoto, who had enough time to recreate Phosphor. Shoto built his fire and ice up as he attacked Dabi’s chest. He used his Ultimate Move, Great Glacial Aegir, to create a giant wave of cold fire that shot his brother through his chest. 

Shoto defeats Dabi

Shoto grabbed Dabi’s unconscious body after defeating his older brother. However, what he didn’t know was that Dabi managed to copy Phosphor to reduce the damage dealt by Shoto’s attack. Dabi then used his Quirk to burn Kido and Onima. 

Dabi said that he couldn’t stick to his original plan of killing Shoto first because he knew that his body wouldn’t be able to survive much longer. That was when he decided to fly toward Endeavor’s location, ignoring his brother’s pleas to stop fighting. He used a Warp Gate to get to Endeavor, with his body rotting away due to the effects of his Quirk. In that regard, Shoto defeated him but his efforts were not enough to stop Dabi from trying to get to Endeavor.

Winner: Shoto

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