‘Silo’: Who Is “The Man Who Knows Everything?” Here Is What We Know

The man who knows everything in Silo

The Relic (s01e06) proved to be the most revealing episode of Apple TV+’s Silo since the show premiered. Juliette Nichols, and the fans, by extension, got to delve deeper into the mysteries of The Silo, and the one name from the episode that means everything is “The Man Who Knows Everything.” The very mention of the name scared Regina Jackson, which is why fans are wondering who the man who knows everything in Silo is.

The episode ended with two men, likely in IT, watching Juliette’s room from a large control room with lots of screens. Since Bernard Holland is the head of IT, it is fair to assume that he is The man who knows everything. Bernard Holland is also Juliette’s arch-enemy in Hugh Howey’s books, and the scene only sets up the perfect stage for a confrontation between the two of them in the series.

With Bernard Holland also acting as the mayor, it would mean he is the ultimate authority in Silo if, indeed, he is the man who knows everything. The show’s first season put Robert Sims at the forefront as the villain, with Holland appearing more moderate. Being the man who knows everything totally changes his arc, as he will become the show’s ultimate villain. However, could Robert Sims still be The man who knows everything? Let’s look into it.

Who is Bernard Holland in Silo?

Bernard in Silo

Bernard Holland was introduced as the head of IT in Silo, whom Mayor Jahns and Sheriff Marnes went to when seeking background information on Juliette Nichols.

IT is the department that has information on every person that dwells in the Silo.

Bernard was in support of Judicial’s decision to choose Paul Billings as sheriff instead of Juliette Nichols.

However, after Juliette solved the murder of Jahns and Marnes, Holland said he believed in Nichols as sheriff, which means he is not always on the same page with Judicial.

Although Holland doesn’t involve himself with the daily conspiracies run by Judicial, it is obvious that he has sinister motives that he never tells anyone.


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We believe Bernard Holland is The Man Who Knows Everything, referred to by Regina Jackson because she said that he comes at night and doesn’t interrogate in public like Judicial, meaning it is not Robert Sims.

Regina also said that the man knew everything about her, including people that visited her, which are characteristics of IT, which has cameras everywhere in The Silo.

She had to give up relics-dealers in exchange for the man ensuring that her mother didn’t spend more days in the mines, which is why she eventually gave up George Wilkins.

So, despite Judicial appearing to have all the power in The Silo, Bernard Holland is the man in the shadows who calls all the shots, deciding who lives and who doesn’t.

The scared look in Regina Jackson’s eyes, as she described him, proves that he is the most dangerous person in The Silo and not Robert Sims.

Is Robert Sims the man who knows everything?

Robert Sims as The Man who knows everything

After Regina Jackson tells Juliette about The man who knows everything, a scene with Sims looking at George Wilkins’ criminal record is shown.

However, there is nothing that links Robert Sims to the all-knowing surveillance cameras in IT.

Robert Sims is the head of security for Judicial, and his interviews are oversight by superiors, as Regina Jackson said.

Although he sanctioned the murders of Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes, it was purely because they didn’t agree with Judicial.


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In Janitor’s Boy (s01e05), Sims reveals that he is part of a secret organization that works in the shadows to protect Silo’s secrets and rules at all costs.

Robert’s position is always oversight by Judges or Bernard Holland, which means he doesn’t have any real authority.

He is just the head of security for Judicial who rose up the ranks by doing Judicial’s bidding just like he wanted Douglas Trumbull to do for him.

Robert Sims could actually be working for Bernard Holland because Holland seems more intent on keeping the secrets.

Who is Regina Jackson in Silo?

Regina Jackson in The Relic

Regina Jackson is an informant for Judicial who was in a relationship with George Wilkins before he moved to mechanical and started dating Juliette Nichols.

Her name was given to Nichols by Patrick Kennedy, who knew she was an informant and, therefore, wouldn’t get into trouble by giving her up.

When Juliette went to her house accompanied by Paul Billings, Jackso pretended to be strong and unbothered about the investigation.

She also told Juliette that Wilkins never loved her and that he only used women to get whatever he wanted.

However, when Juliette goes back to her house late at night after realizing she is the snitch that got Wilkins killed, Jackson is afraid and in tears.

Regina Jackson confessed that she was the informant for The Man Who Knows Everything and not judicial as Nichols initially thought.


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She also said that the powerful man threatened to shoot members of her family if she didn’t give up the names of relics dealers.

To save her mother from working in the mines, Regina Jackson gave names to the man, and George was one of them.

Regina also revealed that she gave Wilkins the hard drive that got him and Allison killed in exchange for a rare relic from before the silo was created.

The relic turned out to be a children’s travel book with images detailing the events that led to the destruction of the earth and, eventually, people moving to The Silo.

Despite the relic seeming so simple, it was considered so dangerous that IT’s men watching on the cameras had to wake up “The Man” in the middle of the night.

The character is portrayed in Silo by the British actress Sonita Henry, famous for her role as Priya Shamsie in The Chelsea Detective.

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