‘Silo’: Who Is George Wilkins? Who Killed Him?

Juliette Wilkins and Sims in Silo

Despite his early demise in Silo, George Wilkins has proved to be the most important link between Juliette Nichols and the truth. Wilkins was a curious and ambitious man that could see through Judicial’s lies and wouldn’t stop until he landed on the truth. Not only did his murder set Juliette Nichols on the path to becoming the liberator, but his discoveries are also the light she follows on her journey. So, who really was George Wilkins in Silo, and why was he killed?

George Wilkins was introduced in the first episode as a curious computer engineer with a forbidden hard drive containing sensitive information about the silo. He was seeking Allison’s help in accessing the hard drive’s contents, which enlightened Allison about the lies told by Judicial, leading to her premature decision to leave the Silo. Wilkins’ discoveries are also the motivation behind Juliette’s investigations, and they are likely to start a rebellion if made public.

George turned out to be Juliette Nichols’ secret lover who went to mechanical in his hunt for more truths about the silo. In the books, George was also killed for breaking the rule, but not the same rules as the show suggests. With the entire series possibly relying on George Wilkins’s findings, it is important to examine why he followed the relics to his death. Let’s delve into the character and the actor that portrays him.

Who Plays George Wilkins in Silo?

Ferdinand Kingsley in The Whale and in The Silo

George Wilkins in Silo is portrayed by the British actor Ferdinand Kingsley, famous for playing Hamza Bey in the 2014 movie Dracula Untold.

He was born in February 1988, in Warwickshire, England, to the British actor Ben Kingsley. His mother is the theatre director Allison Sutcliffe.

Ferdinand attended the Warwick School for early education before training as an actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

He started acting in theater roles, with his biggest role on the screens coming in the 2007 film The Last Legion, where he played young Ambrosinus.

He has since played big roles on TV, including Hob Gadling in The Sandman, Catchlove in Doctor Who, and Irving Thalberg in Mank.


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George Wilkins is one of the biggest roles of his career, and his performance has received lots of praise from fans.

Despite looking simple, George Wilkins is portrayed as a smart, ambitious, and industrious person who resonates with most of the people he meets.

He is also a romantic, especially in how he brings out the little girl in Juliette Nichols, creating many happy moments despite their predicaments.

Wilkins expressed George as a natural resident in the Silo without giving away his English accent.

Despite Wilkins being a nerd, Kingsley humanized the character, making him simple and relatable.

Juliette’s decision to investigate his murder and uncover Silo’s darkest secrets was inspired by the love she had for George.

Who killed George Wilkins in Silo?

Trumbull and Sims in Silo

Douglas Trumbull killed George Wilkins by pushing him down the staircase in the silo at Robert Sims’ behest.

Trumbull and Sims’ plot was revealed as Sims told him that he had messed up the plan just before pushing him down the staircase.

While the actual events leading to the murder have not been uncovered in the first season, it is clear that they are related to Wilkins’ involvement with illegal relics.

Trumbull attempted to kill Juliette Nichols by pushing her down the staircase, the same way he did with Wilkins, but he failed.

Being a loose end in Robert Sims’ plan to keep the events of Judicial secretive, Sims decided to eliminate him by pushing him down the same staircase.

What is on George Wilkins’ hard drive?

George Wilkins in Silo

When Allison helped George to access the contents of the hard drive, she came across the blueprints of the silo, which are a heavily guarded secret.

The hard drive contained lots of other documents covering the history of the silo from the period before The Rebellion, after which the records were wiped.

The most important information on the hard drive is images of what the Earth’s surface actually looks like.

Allison saw the images and assumed that the surface was lush with vegetation and safe for human survival leading to her decision to leave.


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However, the images were likely taken before the nuclear events detailed in the photo album that Regina Jackson gave to Juliette.

George had obviously seen the album’s contents because he didn’t demand to leave the silo after seeing the contents of the hard drive.

George, instead, decided to focus on the lateral tunnel in the lower part of the silo, which is why he applied to be transferred to mechanics after seeing the contents of the hard drive.

George discovered the tunnel, the giant drilling machine, and the water in the large hole under the silo.

He also realized that there was a door under the water, which he believed led to a route out of the silo, but he died before discovering the route.

Why did Robert Sims kill George Wilkins?

Robert Sims in Silo

After Allison’s demands to leave the silo, the higher-ups became concerned about the possibility of an uprising.

Therefore, they may have investigated Allison’s interactions and traced her steps before her erratic behavior, which must have led them to George.

Robert Sims was the head of security for Judicial, which made preventing an uprising his responsibility.


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He tasked the aggressive Douglas Trumbull, who was training to become his shadow, with killing George by making it look like a suicide to prevent further unrest in the silo.

Sheriff Holston must have discovered the truth about George’s murder, so he hid the case file in the tunnel in his apartment rather than making it part of the sheriff’s database.

However, Juliette Nichols is yet to link Robert Sims to George’s murder as of the sixth episode of Silo.

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