Skyrim: Here’s Where To Find Gunmar & Recruit Him for Dawnguard

Heres Where to Find Gunmar in Skyrim Recruit Him for Dawnguard

Finding NPC in a world as big as Skyrim is not easy, especially if you only get a vague direction and description of the area where they are supposed to be. Luckily, for most quests in Skyrim, you will get a clear map marker, but sometimes even those markers are not as reliable or fail to appear in the first place. One quest that involves tracking down an important NPC is Isran’s “A New Order,” in which you are tasked with finding Gunmar and Sorine Jurard and recruiting them into Dawnguard. Gunmar is not that easy to find if there is no map marker on your map, and this is why we’ve decided to create this guide. Let’s see where to find Gunmar so you can recruit him into Dawnguard. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Gunmar can be found near the following locations: Bonechill Passage, Bronze Water Cave, Brood Cavern, Clearspring Tarn, Cronvangr Cave, Crystaldrift Cave, Fallowstone Cave, Honeystrand Cave, Horker Island, Pinepeak Cavern, White Ridge Barrow.
  • Gunmar is often hunting near the mentioned locations, and you do not need to enter the ruins or caves to locate him. Alternatively, if you fail to find him, you can teleport to his location directly using console commands. 

Finding Gunmar is an important step toward rebuilding Dawnguard 

One of the first quests Isran gives you as soon as you start the Dawnguard storyline and side with the vampire hunters instead of Volkihar vampires is “A New Order.” 

By interacting with Isran, you will learn that he is an extremely difficult and strong-headed person to work with, which is corroborated by his former faction members, Vigilants of Stendarr. 

You will learn fairly early that Isran has had a falling out with several of his former acquaintances due to petty disagreements and that Isran doesn’t value other people’s insight into the matters. Still, with the threat of Vampires becoming a severe threat to the people of Tamriel, Isran agrees that he cannot rebuild and refit Fort Dawnguard on his own, and this is where you come in. You will have to find Sorine Jurard and Gunmar. 

Both Sorine and Gunmar left Isran years ago due to a disagreement, and now Isran needs them to return. Both Sorine and Gunmar have valuable strategies for dealing with the vampires and can be a source of valuable help. Sorine provides you with Dwemer Crossbows, and Gunmar provides you with real trained armored trolls that can be a devastating weapon for combat against vampires. 

Sorine is relatively easy to find, she is at the Reach hold studying some local Dwemer ruins, and Gunmar is somewhere in the wilderness. This is as specific as Isran gets. 

Gunmar can be found hunting at a random location 

As Isran’ mentioned, Gunmar can be found hunting in Skyrim’s wilderness; the location will be random, but there is a limited pool of possible locations where he can appear. The locations where Gunarm can be found hunting are the following: Bonechill Passage, Bronze Water Cave, Brood Cavern, Clearspring Tarn, Cronvangr Cave, Crystaldrift Cave, Fallowstone Cave, Honeystrand Cave, Pinepeak Caver. 

Also, if you have Dragonborn installed, Gunmar might spawn in Solstheim at the following locations: Horker Island, Northshore Landing, and White Ridge Barrow. 

Where is Gunmar Dawnguard 1300x568 1
If there is no map marker on your Skyrim map, Gunmar is most likely somewhere on Solstheim, like it’s the case here. My map marker appeared as soon as I arrived at Solsthein, pointing to Horker Island.

Keep in mind that Gunmar will be outside of the mentioned locations. You do not need to enter caves and ruins to find him. Most of the time, when players don’t have a map marker pointing toward Gunmar, it’s not a bug. This means that Gunmar is most likely at Solstheim, and the map marker appears as soon as you leave Skyrim and travel to Solstheim. 

How to recruit Gunmar into Dawnguard? 

Once you’ve managed to track down Gunmar, you will most often find him hunting. As soon as you approach him, he will comment on the fact that he has been tracking a giant and dangerous bear for a while now. If you converse with him, he will mention that he got into an argument with Isran some time ago and doesn’t look forward to meeting him again. 

Gunmar Hunting

If you mention the rising vampire threat that threatens to overwhelm Tamriel, he will reconsider, but he cannot leave until he finishes his hunt and kills that specific bear. 

This is where you come in. The only way to recruit Gunmar to Dawnguard is to kill that bear he has been tracking for several days now. Your map marker will update and point to the location nearest to where you found Gunmar hunting.

Help Gunmar with Bear Dawnguard Quest New Order

Entering the cave or ruins, you will come across a few animals and a single “boss bear,” the amount of enemies that you will come across depends on your level. The bear will also be leveled, but it shouldn’t be a problematic fight depending on your level. Once you’ve dealt with the bear, Gunmar will appreciate your help in the matter, and he will agree to return to Fort Dawnguard and join Isran once again.  

Kill the bear gunmar is hunting Dawnguard New Order Quest

How to locate Gunmar by using commands? 

Alternatively, if you fail to locate Gunmar in Skyrim and Solstheim, you can always use console commands to teleport directly to him. All you need is Gunmar’s reference ID which is xx003477 (replace the two X’s with the number that Dawnguard holds in your load order. For me, it’s 04. 

To teleport directly to Gunmar, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the console by pressing “~” on your keyboard.
  2. Type player.moveto xx003477 
  3. Press enter

A loading screen should appear, and when the game loads, you should be standing in the vicinity of Gunmar. 

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