Steins;Gate: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights, Weights, & More


Just about any Steins;Gate fan would know just how complex this classic title can appear, considering it incorporates quite a few past, present, and future jumps. It follows the adventures of this saga’s primary protagonist, the self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintaro Okabe, as he discovers a technological advancement that will allow users to send text messages back in time, known as “D-Mail” within the storyline.

As such, many anime lovers are eager to find out more about the main characters. Below is everything you need to know about the main Steins;Gate characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, and more, as well as how they differ between releases.

Steins;Gate Main CharacterAgeBirthdayHeight
(ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Rintaro Okabe18 – 19 years oldDecember 14th, 19915’10”/ 177 cm130 lbs/
59 kg
Kurisu Makise18 – 19 years oldJuly 25th, 19925’3″/ 160 cm99 lbs/
45 kg
Itaru Hashida19 – 20 years oldMay 19th, 19915’4½”/ 164 cm216 lbs/
98 kg
Mayuri Shiina16 – 17 years oldFebruary 1st, 19945’0″/ 152 cm99 lbs/
45 kg
Maho Hiyajo21 years oldNovember 2nd,
4’6″/ 140 cmUnknown
Suzuha Amane18 – 19 years oldSeptember 27th, 20175’4″/ 163 cm112 lbs/
51 kg
Luka Urushibara16 – 17 years oldAugust 30th, 19935’3″/ 161 cm97 lbs/
44 kg
Rumiho Akiha17 – 18 years oldApril 3rd, 19934’7″/ 143 cm94 lbs/
43 kg
Yugo Tennouji32 – 33March 12th, 19786’2″/ 187cm189 lbs/
86 kg
Shouichi Makise43 years oldJanuary 13th, 19675’6”/ 171 cm165 lbs/
75 kg
Nae Tennouji11, 12, 20 & 21 years oldNovember 9th, 19984’5”/ 137 cm68 lbs/
31 kg
Alexis Leskinen34 years oldAugust 23rd, 1976UnknownUnknown
Kouichi Suzuki21 years oldJune 28th, 19895’9”/ 180 cm189 lbs/
86 kg

What Do We Know About the Steins;Gate Main Characters’ Ages?

All of the main characters in Steins;Gate appear to be human, meaning that the basic rules of aging would apply to them – they would all mature on one linear timeline alongside each other. However, since the entire Steins;Gate saga incorporates some aspects of time skipping and some unexpected scientific or technological inventions, things can get somewhat complicated as the storyline progresses.

Main Characters’ Ages (Steins;Gate vs. Steins;Gate 0)

The entire story starts off with the original Steins;Gate release, but it jumps about one year in the future with the release of the sequel, Steins;Gate 0. Despite the fact that this release had mixed reviews from some fans, the general premise does involve fans having to follow the characters and events at different points in time.

As a result, the main Steins;Gate characters are older than they were in the original Steins;Gate by approximately one year. Although, these ages could be slightly off depending on the number of months that have passed in relation to each character’s unique birthday.


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Mayuri Shiina and Luka Urushibara are the second and third youngest of the main Steins;Gate characters, being only 16 years old with the first installment, and they would age to around 17 years old within Steins;Gate 0. This is followed by Rumiho Akiha, 17 at the start of the saga and around 18 years old within Steins;Gate 0.

Steins;Gate’s primary protagonist, Rintaro Okabe, initially starts off at the age of 18 years old – alongside a couple of other main characters such as Kurisu Makise and Suzuha Amane. These three characters would age by approximately 1 year within the next release, making them all around 19 years old in Steins;Gate 0.

Itaru Hashida falls on the edge of the adolescent/ young adult age groups being 19 years old within the initial release and aging to about 20 years old within Steins;Gate 0. This is followed by the young adults, including Maho Hiyajo and Kouichi Suzuki, who are both around 21 years old.

However, fans do not really get to see these two characters age, since Maho Hiyajo is only featured in Steins;Gate 0 and Kouichi Suzuki is only featured in the original Steins;Gate. Yugo Tennouji, the main antagonist throughout the Steins;Gate storyline, is 32 years old when the story starts off, but he ages to 33 years old within Steins;Gate 0.


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Shouichi Makise, another major villain in the series, is 43 years old in the original release, but he is only featured in the original Steins;Gate. On the other hand, Alexis Leskinen (yet another main antagonist) is around 34 years old when he is introduced to the saga, but he is only featured in Steins;Gate 0.

Characters’ Ages (Robotics)

The only main Steins;Gate character who has more of a complicated age or age range is Nae Tennouji, who has a tragic backstory that results in her becoming a minor villain, as she is depicted at various ages throughout the storyline. Since science and technology are fundamental themes, there’s no surprise it might tamper with the natural aging process on certain occasions.

She is initially 11 years old in the original Steins;Gate and is 12 years old in Steins;Gate 0, making her the youngest of all characters in theory. But, she is described as being 20 years old in “Robotics;Notes”, and is described as being 21 years old in “Robotics;Notes DaSH” – which leaves some room for interpretation.

What Do We Know About the Steins;Gate Main Characters’ Birthdays?

Just about all of the Steins;Gate characters acquired some sort of nickname or alias as the story progresses, but there are some things they would have kept. Alongside genetic traits such as their hair colors, eye colors, physical features, and their Blood Type, the characters maintain their birthdays – irrespective of jumping between the past, present, and future in the storyline.

Steins;Gate Main Characters’ Nicknames & Blood Types

Steins;Gate Main CharacterNickname/ AliasBlood Type
Rintaro OkabeOkarin/ Hououin KyoumaA
Kurisu MakiseKuriGohan/ KamehamehaA
Itaru HashidaDaru/ DaSH/ Barrel TitorB
Mayuri ShiinaMayushiiO
Maho HiyajoUnknownB
Suzuha AmaneSuzu HashidaO
Luka UrushibaraLukakoA
Rumiho AkihaFaris NyanNyanAB
Yugo TennoujiFerdinand Braun/ Mister BraunO
Shouichi MakiseDr NakabachiA
Nae TennoujiSergeant Clean/ The ChipmunkA
Alexis LeskinenUnknownB
Kouichi Suzuki4℃/ YondoB

Steins;Gate Main Characters’ Zodiac Signs

From accounting for multiple timelines to considering otherworldy species and potentially even immortal beings, it’s not always easy for fans to get their hands on their favorite anime characters’ birthdays and birth years. Fortunately, avid fans are able to link the main Steins;Gate characters to their respective Zodiac Signs, as seen below.

Steins;Gate Main CharacterZodiac Sign
Rintaro OkabeSagittarius
Kurisu MakiseLeo
Itaru HashidaTaurus
Mayuri ShiinaLibra
Maho HiyajoScorpio
Suzuha AmaneLibra
Luka UrushibaraVirgo
Faris NyanNyanAries
Yugo TennoujiPisces
Shouichi MakiseCapricorn
Nae TennoujiScorpio
Alexis LeskinenVirgo
Kouichi SuzukiCancer

What Do We Know About the Steins;Gate Main Characters’ Heights & Weights?

Nae Tennouji is the shortest and smallest of all the main Steins;Gate characters, measuring approximately 4’5”/ 137 cm in height and weighing only around 68 lbs/ 31 kg. This is followed by Maho Hiyajo, who measures around 4’6″/ 140 cm in height with an unknown weight, and Rumiho Akiha, who measures 4’7″/ 143 cm in height and weighs around 94 lbs/ 43 kg.

Mayuri Shiina just makes it pass the 5 ft benchmark measuring 5’0″/ 152 cm in height and weighing around 99 lbs/45 kg, followed by Kurisu Makise who is 5’3″/ 160 cm tall, weighing 99 lbs/ 45 kg. Luka Urushibara is barely taller than Kurisu Makise, who is 5’3″/ 161 cm in height, weighing around 97 lbs/ 44 kg.


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Following on is Suzuha Amane, who is 5’4″/ 163 cm tall and weighs 112 lbs/ 51 kg, and Itaru Hashida, who is 5’4½”/ 164 cm tall and weighs around 216 lbs/ 98 kg. Shouichi Makise is slightly taller, standing at 5’6”/ 171 cm and weighing 165 lbs/ 75 kg, while Kouichi Suzuki just misses the 6 ft benchmark at 5’9”/ 180 cm weighing 189 lbs/ 86 kg.

Yugo Tennouji, the main villain throughout the saga, is the largest main character overall in terms of sheer size and stature, measuring 6’2″/ 187cm and weighing 189 lbs/ 86 kg – although Alexis Leskinen may also fall within the 6 ft range. Considering that most of the main characters are of similar ages and backgrounds, there’s no surprise that their heights and weights are relatively similar as well.

That’s everything there is to know about the main Steins;Gate characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, and more, with images and stats thanks to the Steins;Gate Wiki. While this incredible anime and visual novel title can be pretty complex to follow, its focus on science and technology and the complications it can cause for its founders, is partially what makes this saga so well-loved.

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