15 Best Moms in One Piece Ranked (Manga & Anime)


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Everyone has a mother. A human cannot come into the world without a mother and while there might be some variations, most fictional works respect this rule. One Piece is, thus, not an exception. In this article, we are going to talk about mothers as we have decided to bring you a list of the 15 best mothers in the world of One Piece ranked by how awesome they are and how relevant they are for the plot.

15. Didit

Sabo27s Parents Horrified

Didit is a Noble who lives in the Kingdom of Goa on the Isle of Dawn. She is the mother of Sabo, adoptive mother of Stelly and wife of Outlook III Like many other stereotypical nobles, Didit has very materialistic values ​​and strongly believes in the social hierarchy of class systems. Like Outlook III, she despises Sabo and calls him incapable.

In many instances in Sabo’s life, Didit tried to guide him and teach him the ways of nobility. She told him that he should marry a royal princess so that the family could live easier and be happier. When Sabo was assaulted by an armed royal boy, Didit was far more concerned for the royal child’s well-being than her own.

These attitudes of Didit and Outlook III caused Sabo to leave his home to live in Gray Terminal. When Sabo returned home, Didit greeted him, commenting on his horrible smell, and introduced him to Sterry, his adopted younger brother.

14. Kozuki Toki

Fruta Toki Toki

Toki seems benevolent, having sent her son and vassals into the future, and she doesn’t seem to fear death either. Toki dated a lot of people for various unknown reasons, but she often had to run into people with bad intentions. When she realized their true nature, she blamed herself for being naive and not realizing it sooner, and fought against them. Her personality should resemble that of her daughter, Hiyori, revealing secrets as she sees fit, and being very emotional. She also seems to dream of going to Wano, which worries Oden and Edward Newgate, who had just left, when she met them.

13. Doflamingo’s Mother (unnamed)


She loved her husband Homing very much, enough to follow him into a life with humans. She also took care of her children by encouraging them to eat. 33 years before the current story begins, she and Homing asked to be removed from their positions of World Nobility. His wish was granted and they returned to human status, even though the other members considered them traitors.

They moved to a northern country outside the influence and control of the World Government with their two sons. Although she hoped to live a normal and happy life, she was unaware of the locals’ hatred against the World Nobility. Afterward, she and her family were persecuted by citizens. Her house was burned down and she was forced to flee with her family. As they lived in poverty, they were driven out and tortured. She eventually died of illness.

12. Scarlett

Scarlette fuyant avec sa fille

Scarlett, née Riku Scarlett, was Rebecca’s mother and Kyros’ wife. She appears during Rebecca’s flashbacks before she entered the Colosseum arena. She was part of the Riku Family as Riku’s eldest daughter and Viola’s older sister. She was also a princess of Dressrosa with this one and more precisely the first one. She loved her daughter very much, to the point of risking her life to bring her food. She taught him that it was wrong to hurt people. That’s probably why Rebecca always fights without hurting anyone at Corrida Coliseum.


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11. Dr. Kureha

Kureha 117 Ans

Dr. Kureha is a 141-year-old doctor who lives on Drum Island. Some people call her the “witch”. She had become Tony Tony Chopper’s mentor after the death of Doctor Hiluluk. Dr. Kureha has often been called a “witch” for several reasons. The first is her eccentricity and the violent treatment of her patients with whom she is particularly threatening if they do not follow her orders.

The second is his forceful injury-checking method. For example, she deliberately applies her medical methods towards the painful area, causing her patients pain, since Chopper knocks them out like a form of anesthetic. Then the third is that she claims to be 141 years old. The final reason is its solitary nature. She hates being called “old” or “witch” and her response usually involves punching the offender across the room and kicking him.

She often starts a conversation by asking if the person she is talking to wants to know the secret of her youth. Kureha seems to be used to drinking, judging by the bottle of plum sake she always keeps handy.

10. Makino

Makino is the owner of the Partys Bar in Fuschia. Makino is a sweet, charming, and calm woman; she is happy in her job as a bartender and is very close with Hoop Slap, Shanks, and Luffy. She has always been like a big sister to him. She always gave credit to Luffy when he was a child. He had also promised her that he would settle his bill once he had found a treasure. And she is rather proud that he has become a great pirate, with immense fame: for her, it is the pride of the village.

9. Nefertari Titi

Nefertari Titi

Nefertari Titi is Nefertari Cobra’s wife and Nefertari Vivi’s mother. Before her death, she was the queen of the Kingdom of Alabasta. Just like her daughter, Titi has blue hair, black eyes, and a slender figure. She was always shown dressed in royal clothes. In a photograph in the palace of Alabasta, we see her hair tied in a bun, she also wears golden earrings.


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Tweety is the spitting image of her daughter, so much so that when Vivi dresses for the official ceremony, King Nefertari Cobra almost mistakes her for her late mother. During her lifetime, Nefertari Titi was Queen of Alabasta, married to King Nefertari Cobra. She gives birth to Vivi but dies when she is still very young. The cause of his death is unknown.

8. Banchina

Banchina was Usopp’s mother and Yasopp’s wife. She died of illness when Usopp was still young. She pushed her husband to follow his dreams and go to sea with Shanks. However, she could not take good care of her son Usopp, because of an illness that weakened him, forcing him to remain nailed to his bed. Every day, Usopp told the same lie, that his father had come back to take them away, hoping it would bolster his mother’s hopes and help her recover.

However, she knew he would never return, and, before his death, she told Usopp that she was glad he went to sea. Even after he died, Usopp continued to tell the same lie, even if he no longer had any reason to do so, to fill the loneliness that haunted him. It was from the death of his mother that Usopp began to become as mythomaniac as he is now.

7. Nico Olvia

Olivia avec Robin

Nico Olvia is Nico Robin’s mother and was an archaeologist 22 years ago. She died on Ohara as a result of the Buster Call. She was Oran’s younger sister, Roji’s sister-in-law, and Mizuira’s aunt. Nico Robin is her daughter, whom she had to leave to respect the duty of her ancestors and the will of her late husband when Robin was only 2 years old. Nico Olvia is Robin’s mother.

Following the death of her husband during an expedition, she left with archaeologists to seek information on the forgotten century and left Robin at the age of 2. She entrusted it to her brother and his wife. Olvia returns to Ohara when Robin is 8 years old (6 years have passed since she left). She told Professor Clover that all the other archaeologists had been killed or taken to prison.

The Navy got hold of their logbook. That’s how they knew where the rest of the researchers lived. She and Robin were able to speak again but it was too late, the Buster Call had already been ordered by Spandine. They were able to say a few words to each other, but Olvia asked Sauro to take Robin as far as possible from Ohara because she didn’t want her to die. Olvia was killed by the Buster Call along with all the other Ohara scientists.

6. Otohime

Queen Otohime was a goldfish mermaid and was the last queen of the Kingdom of Ryugu, wife of Neptune, and mother of Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, Manboshi, and Shirahoshi. She seemed to be open-minded. Indeed she tried to promote friendship between Fish-Man and humans. She defended the fact that they shared the same Sun. She said not to judge people when they came to Fishman Island. She was also a powerful Haki user.

Thanks to her Kenbunshoku Haki (which allows you to guess the movements of the person in front of you), she believed that distance was the closure of a person’s heart and that a barrier would stand between people as long as there was would have a distance between their hearts. This is why she preferred to visit people directly and talk to them face to face rather than prepare a speech and relay it to people on her behalf, thus bringing the royal family and their subjects closer together.

She was very concerned with the welfare of her people as she ignored her own injuries acting for the public good, she personally took care of stopping a burglar. Her devotion has made her popular with the citizens of Fish-Man Island. She was also very supportive and influential, as she showed when dealing with the burglar, believing he could turn her life around, urging her to surrender to the authorities. Despite his efforts, too few citizens approved of the improved relationship between Fish-Man and Men.

Although she was very successful, she remained persistent and never doubted the possible coexistence. She was also very graceful, even accompanying a World Noble to the surface to prove to her people that the surface should not be feared. She seemed to be in a very changeable mood, juggling her emotions in a very short time. She was also a little compulsive and particular.

5. Curly Dadan

tumblr ce3738cb0bb2ce4b6c2af187f7457e1b 24996d82 1280

Curly Dadan is a friend of Monkey D. Garp and the foster mother of Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, and Sabo. Garp entrusted Ace to him shortly after he was born. Afterward, Garp also left Luffy in Dadan. Dadan lives on Mount Corvo near Fushia village. She is the boss of the Dadan Family mountain bandits and is a wanted criminal.

Dadan was mentioned in the post-Enies Lobby arc when Hoop Slap read that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates went to war against the World Government. At first, Dadan didn’t want Luffy because she was already having a hard time dealing with Ace, but Garp insisted and she couldn’t refuse. Luffy didn’t like Dadan at first due to the boy’s past experience with another villain, Higuma, and even went so far as to stick his tongue out at him during their first meal together.


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However, over time they grew with each other, when Dadan went to defend Luffy and Ace from Bluejam, Luffy was greatly worried for Dadan’s safety. Before he leaves to become a pirate, Luffy smiles and then says that he hates mountain bandits but loves Dadan and the other bandits. After Ace’s death, Dadan wanted Luffy to support him because he is very important to her. After being tasked with raising her by Garp, Dadan did not show her much affection. Especially since she became terrified of having another child brought by Garp.

She seems to be aware of Ace’s connection to Roger, but she seemed willing to honor her friendship with Garp and kept this information a secret. Although Dadan is shown to be angry when Ace nearly killed people who offended his legacy, she loved him dearly. Indeed, when Ace died, Dadan openly slapped Garp for not saving him at Marineford. Even though Dadan was annoyed that Sabo was coming to her house, she was deeply shocked when Ace and Luffy told her about Sabo’s alleged disappearance.

4. Vinsmoke Sora

Vinsmoke Sora was the queen of the Germa Kingdom. She was the wife of Vinsmoke Judge as well as the mother of Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Yonji. To prevent her sons from being born without human emotions, Sora took a drug that was meant to counter the effects of their genetic modifications while she was pregnant with them. However, the drug failed and the operation was successful on Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, leaving Sanji as the only one to experience normal human emotions.

She cared immensely about him, eating his poorly made food with a smile and praising him as the “best kid in the world” while crying tears of joy. Sanji, in turn, loved her dearly and decided to become a chef in her memory while continuing his legacy of kindness. She also loved her daughter very much. Reiju used to visit her before she died of her illness. Besides, he sometimes talked to her about Sanji.

3. Bell-mère

Bell m3Fre Sauve Nami et Nojiko

Bell-Mère was the adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko, seen in flashbacks during the Arlong Arc. She will be seen dying during this Arc in front of Nami and Nojiko’s eyes because she could only pay for her two daughters, but not for herself. She is first mentioned by Nami upon leaving the Baratie, but only appears in a flashback during the Arlong Arc.

Extremely attached to her two adopted daughters, Bell-mère was a courageous woman and a loving mother, who did not hesitate to sacrifice herself to save her daughters. She also cares a lot about her pride, in fact, she would rather die than lie. She couldn’t change the fact that she and her daughters weren’t related by blood and was therefore unable to handle Nami, rejecting her family altogether.

Nevertheless, she cared about them deeply, and she sacrificed herself for her daughters. It was proven when times were hard, she ate nothing but fruit, to continue to feed her daughters properly. However, she loved them both as if they were her daughters. For this, she died pretending that Nami and Nojiko were her daughters, rather than pretending she didn’t know them.

2. Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom

According to Pudding, Linlin is having her children marry in order to bolster her own crew and giving them no choice. On top of that, they are fully aware of her stubbornness, and Charlotte Pudding herself states that most of them have already given up on their dreams of marrying someone of their own free will. However, that didn’t stop Laura from finding a husband she liked and leaving the New World for it.

Pudding also said that Linlin will never harm any of her children. However, during one of his fits, Linlin failed to recognize Charlotte Muscat as his 16th son and killed him as the latter blocked his path. Additionally, she hates her daughter, Laura, as her escape prevented Linlin from finalizing a crucial political marriage that would have allowed her to defeat the other three Yonkou and become the Pirate Queen.


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This political marriage would have obtained him an alliance with the Giants which would be a great military force. She also wants Laura killed, to the point of claiming she will send an assassin to do the job if she finds out where she currently is. Charlotte Pudding is one of Linlin’s favorite children, due to her immense acting skills. She excessively pampered her 35th daughter to the point that she considered her a bit boring.

Despite this, Pudding remains loyal to her mother. They also share a lust for violence, gloating over the impending annihilation of the Vinsmoke Family during the ceremony. While Linlin has many children, she does not raise them or impose moral limits on them (other than encouraging their cruelty).

She allowed Charlotte Anana to have a knife to mutilate her stuffed toys, even to the protest of her other children, who told her that she should not enable violent and psychotic behavior. However, Big Mom’s favorite kids don’t completely escape her cruelty. When Pudding was a child, Big Mom ridiculed her third eye and advised her to hide it. She is also quick to remind them of their place when they get in her way; when Katakuri comes to attack Luffy before she does, she berates him like a “pitiful child” and begins scolding him before he explains himself to her.

1. Portgas D. Rouge

Portgas D. Rouge Anime Infobox 1

Portgas D. Rouge is Ace’s biological mother, Gol D. Roger’s girlfriend, and the first woman with the initial “D” to appear in the manga. She seemed like a brave and determined woman and obviously had great maternal instincts. She is ready to sacrifice her life for her son. She was pregnant with Ace before Roger died and went to Baterilla in South Blue.

She carried Ace for twenty months in her womb, with an iron will, in order to save him from the Marines who were looking for Roger’s son to execute him and to hide Ace’s connection to the late Pirate King from the world. Tired of the suffering caused by her effort to delay the birth of her son, she died of exhaustion after giving birth.

Because of this sacrifice to save his life from the World Government, Ace says he owes everything to his mother and nothing to his “good-for-nothing father”, which is why he uses Portgas as his surname. Portgas D. Rouge’s face is fully depicted in the anime while barely visible in the manga. In Chapter 550 of the manga, his face is obscured by black. But, in Chapter 551 of the manga, his face and skin are fully visible.

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