‘Super Giant Robot Brothers’ Ending, Explained: Does Alex Finds Her Parents at the End of the Season?

Super Giant Robot Brothers

Super Giant Robot Brother is a new Netflix animated show that immerses itself in the magical world of the Kaiju genre. Giant monsters against giant robots. It is a very simple premise that can lead to some very interesting and exciting scenarios. Director Mark Andrews and the rest of his team pull from every source to create something that feels like it was made with love, care, and passion. The result is a show that goes beyond what it needed to be and becomes one of the best-animated shows of the year.

Just like the robots in the show, the show itself is made using groundbreaking technology. The series is actually shot just like a live-action production, with actors and props, and then the animators and editors do their magic. It results in the creation of a world that is beautifully stylized and feels like something we have never seen on television. The show has a similar look to Into The Spider-Verse, where the characters skip one or two frames of animation here and there. This is a show with a great story and even greater characters.


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The following paragraphs include spoilers for season 1 of Super Giant Robot Brothers. Read at your own risk.

Who Is The Alien Spy In Season 1 Of Super Giant Robot Brothers?

Super Giant Robot Brother starts its season with a very simple premise. We are introduced to a world that is being assailed by a number of Kaiju attacks. Cities are destroyed. People run for their lives. It is a very grim world to live in. However, there is a task force created to face these monsters and protect humanity from extinction. This task force is led by Colonel Creed, a tender but very capable military man.

Some months prior to the start of the show, the two most intelligent people in the world, Dr. Rose, and Dr. Rose, both of them husband and wife, disappear while trying to investigate a spatial anomaly in the sky. This anomaly looks like a black hole. The Roses lose control over their ship, and they disappear inside of it. They leave Alex, their three-year-old daughter, alone. Alex is just as smart as her parents, if not more, and she creates a giant robot named Shiny to protect the Earth from the Kaiju. On his first mission, Shiny is successful in killing the monster.

Super Giant Robot Brothers

However, Shiny’s personality is extremely goofy, just like a kid, and he goes inside the wormhole to save Alex’s parents. When he goes out, he lands back on Earth, but ten years have passed. Alex is now a teenager, and she built a replacement for Shiny to fight the Kaiju. His name is Thunder. Thunder is quite more serious than Shiny, even if he is the younger brother. Together, they start fighting the Kaiju and also start being brothers in all the sense of the world, with Alex as the mother and Colonel Creed as a sort of goofy uncle.

It is a strange family.

It is revealed later in the season that the Kaiju are being sent from space through the wormhole by aliens. One of those aliens lands on Earth and infiltrates the organization by taking the body of a worker named Vanessa. It is revealed that the aliens are led by someone named The Overlord, and they want the Earth resources.

Does Alex Find Her Parents At The End Of The Season?

Towards the middle of the season, Alex meets Starface, an alien who has been fighting the evil empire of The Overlord. Alex and Starface start developing a romantic relationship, to the annoyance of Shiny and Thunder. Later in the season, we discover that Starface knows Alex’s parents, the Roses, and they are also helping in the fight against the evil empire. Just like when Shiny passed through the wormhole. For them, only months have passed instead of a decade.

Alex discovers that Vanessa is the spy and confronts her. She is then kidnapped by Vanessa and taken to the overlord. They are taken to the Hand of Fate, the main ship of the aliens, which is shaped in the form of a giant hand. Shiny and Thunder go to the battle, and they managed to repel the aliens by combining forces. They fuse their bodies into a more powerful and impressive looking robot that is quite powerful.

Super Giant Robot Brothers

Starface and Colonel Creed get inside the hand and manage to rescue Alex from Vanessa. Meanwhile, the Roses, with the help of Shiny and Thunder, are using the wormhole gravitational pull to take the hand back to where it came from. They are successful, but the Roses can go back to the other side without the wormhole collapsing, so they stay behind. Alex cannot hug her parents once more, at least not right now. The wormhole closes, and the family prepares themselves, so they can be more than ready whenever the aliens come back.


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At the end of the season, we see the destroyed hand ship going back to their HQ, and we see that the giant hand is just part of an even more enormous evil robot. The fight for the Earth is not over.

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