‘Sweet Home’: Is Lee Eun-Hyeok (Eun-Hyuk) Alive? Here’s What Happened to Him

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Season 1 of ‘Sweet Home’ introduced a fan-favorite character, Lee Eun-Hyeok, who is the older brother of Lee Eun-Yoo. In season 1, he was a calculating leader with all of the intellectual tools that the people of the Green Home needed to survive. However, the ending of season 1 wasn’t entirely favorable to Eun-Hyeok, especially when their apartment building crumbled. So, is Lee Eun-Hyeok still alive?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In season 1, Lee Eun-Hyeok stayed behind in the Green Home as the building collapsed because he was infected and was about to become a monster.
  • His sister, Lee Eun-Yoo, believed that he may have found a way to survive the collapse of the building.
  • At the end of season 2, Eun-Hyeok was reborn as a humanlike monster.

Eun-Hyeok sacrificed himself in season 1

In season 1 of ‘Sweet Home,’ Lee Eun-Hyeok (Eun-Hyuk) quickly established himself as one of the best characters in the series. Though he had a somewhat cold and calculating aura, what was clear was that his decisions were for the betterment of everyone in the Green Home building as he became the leader of the group of survivors. Eun-Hyeok was the one who was game-planning for everyone about what they needed to do next because he was intelligent, calculating, and quite talented.

The relationship between Eun-Hyeok and his younger sister, Eun-Yoo, was also interesting because they often bickered as the older brother tried to keep his sister safe. In contrast, Eun-Yoo thought her brother was too controlling with his decisions. Ultimately, however, Eun-Yoo realized just how caring her older brother was. But her appreciation for him happened a bit too late.


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As the season progressed, however, the survivors were forced to flee the apartment building. At the end of the first season, the survivors were about to leave the crumbling building.

But instead of running away with his allies, Eun-Hyeok stayed behind. That’s because he needed to stay there to keep his friends safe, as he discovered earlier that he was infected and was slowly turning into a monster.

eun hyeok death

Eun-Yoo and the rest of the survivors were able to successfully flee the building and were taken by the military. The Green Building crumbled down, as Eun-Yoo was still in disbelief of what happened to her brother.

Eun-Hyeok’s “death” continues to haunt his sister

As far as season 1 was concerned, Eun-Hyeok was already dead. But while that may be true, Eun-Yoo couldn’t believe that her brother was gone. In episode 1 of season 2, she even threatened a military vehicle to take her and the other survivors back to the Green Home building so that she could find her brother’s body to confirm whether or not he was alive.


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Eun-Yoo tried her best to search for her brother’s remains in the ruins of the building. However, only a note regarding his symptoms and his broken glasses remained of Eun-Hyeok. Meanwhile, as Eun-Yoo was searching the ruins, the monsters in the building managed to survive the destruction. This included Ms. Im, who was last seen as a cocoon monster.

However, Ms. Im was human when she appeared. She wasn’t aware of the things that were happening around her before the military men killed her. But what was clear was that she turned back into a human after supposedly turning into a monster in season 1. Nevertheless, the fact that she was walking naked without a care in the world and wasn’t even talking to the survivors of the Green Home is proof that she wasn’t herself.

After the events that took place in the ruins of the building, the survivors went back to the refugee camp, which the military bombed at the end of the first half of season 2. Eun-Yoo was one of the few survivors of the stadium bombing. She continued to live in a refugee camp together with a few other survivors.

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However, one year after the death of her brother, Eun-Yoo still believes that her brother is still out there because she never found his body. This opens up the possibility that Eun-Hyeok turned into a monster and survived the destruction of the building. 

Eun-Yoo believes that her brother’s monstrous form is still looking after her because whenever she goes out of the camp, she can sense that someone is watching over her. She even tried to call her brother out, telling him that she didn’t care what he looked like now because she only cared about seeing his face once more.


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But when Cha Hyun-Su resurfaced and reunited with Eun-Yoo more than one year after they last saw one another, it was revealed that he was the one who was watching over her. He and Yi-Kyung had been living together with Yi-Kyung’s daughter. From time to time, Hyun Su would watch over Eun-Yoo. Learning of this fact, Eun-Yoo lost fate in the possibility that Eun-Hyeok could still be alive.

The big twist at the end of season 2

One of the most important things we saw in episode 8 of season 2 was that monsters were seemingly cocooning. This was similar to what happened to Ms. Im, who had turned into a monster in season 1 but eventually cocooned herself after seemingly overcoming her monstrous side. We even saw her emerging from her cocoon in episode 1 of season 2.

In episode 8, as the season ended, the scene shifted to a ruined building with a cocoon that had just burst open. The person who came out of the cocoon was none other than Lee Eun-Hyeok, as it was clear that he was alive and had transformed into a monster that was similar to Ms. Im when she emerged from her cocoon. Season 2 ended with this scene.

So, what this means is that Eun-Hyeok not only survived the destruction of the building but eventually overcame his monsterization and was able to “evolve” after cocooning. While the nature of monsterization is still a huge mystery, this opens up the possibility that those who have strong and benevolent desires after turning into monsters can end up evolving back into their human forms after cocooning.

In Ms. Im’s case, her desire to save and take care of the children may have been the catalyst for her evolution as she was able to overcome her monsterization. So, if that’s the case, it is likely that Eun-Hyeok’s desire to keep his sister safe was what triggered his evolution. Of course, this is yet to be confirmed, but season 3 is likely to give us the answers we need.

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