Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’: All 2 Known Filming Locations

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Season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ series is one of the most popular Korean horror shows as it introduced a different kind of genre that focuses more on humans-turned-monsters instead of zombies. Of course, the first season focused on a group of survivors trying to find a way to live through the infection while staying in an apartment building the entire time. So, where was ‘Sweet Home’ filmed?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • ‘Sweet Home’ was mainly filmed in a studio, but it featured several well-known historical buildings in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Two of those buildings are the Chungjeong Apartment and the Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment.

What is ‘Sweet Home’ about?

Famous for post-apocalyptic and zombie horror series and movies, Korea has produced a lot of big hits on Netflix, especially when there are zombies and monsters involved. One of the more recent releases in this genre is ‘Sweet Home,’ which isn’t necessarily a zombie horror series but is more of a post-apocalyptic storyline that’s set in a world that had gone to hell due to the sudden emergence of monsters.

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It was revealed early on that these monsters were actually humans who transformed into hideous creatures that killed people. As such, the people of an apartment building complex had to work together to survive the monsters. They did so while staying in their apartment building and finding different strategies that allowed them to stay alive as long as possible.

That means that the storyline mainly takes place inside an apartment building complex and that the survivors were trying their best to survive the monsters that were able to get inside the building. Of course, they also had to survive each other as some of them actually became monsters due to the very nature of the monsterization infection, which was a curse that turned people into monsters based on their inner desires.


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Season 1, however, ended with the main characters leaving the apartment building and getting captured and taken by the military to a military camp that was supposed to be designed as a refuge for survivors of the apocalyptic event.

‘Sweet Home’ filming locations

Chungjeong Apartment

We know that the entire storyline of ‘Sweet Home’ revolves around a cast of characters trying to survive a monster apocalypse by hiding inside an apartment building and working together to defend themselves against any threat to their safety. As such, a good chunk of the events takes place in an apartment building. This is why the series featured apartment buildings and even modeled the main building after a historical site.

While it wasn’t used for shooting the scenes of the series’ apartment building, one of the buildings used for this series was Chungjeong Apartment, which is said to be the oldest apartment building in Korea. Its age can be seen in how old and rundown the building seems to be. Its shabby exterior already shows how time has not been too kind to that building.

Chungjeong Apartment

While the Chungjeong Apartment may be old, it has become a symbolic building in Korea. That is why it took a while for people to decide whether or not to tear the building down. Of course, the building’s interior wasn’t featured so much in ‘Sweet Home.’

Chungjeong Apartment was able to house around 41 households during the time that ‘Sweet Home’ was filmed. That means that people still live in the oldest apartment building in the entire nation.

The thing about this building is that almost nothing has been changed about it ever since it was built. It is said that the appearance of the Chungjeong Apartment is not entirely what it was when it was first constructed, but it has retained most of its looks ever since. But ever since 1979, barely anything has changed.


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One of the reasons why Chungjeong Apartment is very historical in Korea is the fact that it was built during the time when the country was facing a housing shortage during the Japanese occupation back in 1930. As such, it has been around for a very long time and was seemingly designed by a Japanese architect back in the colonial era of Korea. While it is already rundown today, it used to be a center of attraction during the Japanese occupation period.

Chungjeong Apartments has often been seen as the building guarding Chungjeon-ro for a very long time, and it was in 2008 that it became subject to redevelopment. However, redevelopment plans seemingly fell off due to the fact that the residents living there were in the middle of a tough issue involving their occupation of the building. 

It was only in 2013 that the government recognized Chungjeong Apartment as the first apartment building in Korea, as it was eventually designated as a heritage site in the country. However, it wasn’t featured a lot in ‘Sweet Home’ despite the fact that it was featured in the series. That’s because the apartment used in the series was only modeled after the Chungjeong Apartment.

Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment

Another building that was featured in ‘Sweet Home’ was the Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment, which is another apartment building that is quite old. It has a gloomy and dark aura due to its age as the building was completed back in October of 1968, making it another old building fit for the theme of ‘Sweet Home.

Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment

The construction of this building was in response to the population boom of Korea during the 1960s and 70s, and that is why more and more apartment buildings were constructed for the citizens of the country. In fact, the government of Seoul built a lot of civic apartments for the homeless during that time even though the mayor had to destroy a lot of different buildings in the process of doing so.

Due to the corruption involved in the construction of the building, the construction costs were low, and that means that Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment wasn’t exactly a high-quality building. Nevertheless, despite the fact that many different apartment buildings collapsed due to the low costs and poor materials used, Hoehyon Citizen Apartment remains standing. 


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In that regard, this building featured in ‘Sweet Home’ is a space that has seen its fair share of history in Korea as it was able to experience and witness the dictatorship behind the development of buildings back in the ’60s and ’70s. This is why the building holds a special place in the history of Korea, as it is a reflection of history itself during that era.

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