Taylor Swift Might Appear in ‘Deadpool 3’ but Not as Dazzler

taylor swift deadpool 3 not as dazzler

‘Deadpool 3’ stands out as one of the most eagerly anticipated MCU movies, but it seems like a significant chunk of the film’s plot has already been exposed through leaks and rumors, a common occurrence in the realm of social media. Recent speculations suggest that Deadpool and Wolverine will be teaming up to take on some of the former X-Men villains from Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise. Following closely on the heels of this, another rumor surfaced indicating that Toad, a mutant with frog-like qualities and a relatively minor role in two separate movies, might be one of the adversaries.

Adding to the intrigue, Shawn Levy, the director of ‘Deadpool 3,’ has chosen to remain tight-lipped regarding Taylor Swift’s potential appearance in the movie as Dazzler.

Even though there’s no official confirmation of Taylor Swift joining the ‘Deadpool 3’ cast, the rumor mill has been churning since 2022. Reynolds already showcased his excitement being a huge fan of the singer.

Reynolds himself subtly hinted at a collaboration with Taylor in a teaser video released in September 2022. Sharp-eyed fans quickly observed that the video was filmed in the same location as Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ video. Considering Reynolds’ well-known status as a devoted Taylor Swift fan, the teaser didn’t come as a massive surprise to Swifties.


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Adding more fuel to the speculation, Disinsider validated the rumors by including Taylor Swift in the list of names set to join the ‘Deadpool 3’ cast. The post elaborated that Swift, who fans already associate with Dazzler, would be joining forces with Hugh Jackman and other A-listers for the movie.

Although Shawn Levy hasn’t officially confirmed it, that doesn’t mean we’re without other sources. MyTimeToShine, a well-known leaker on X, has provided clarification, asserting that Taylor Swift will indeed be making an appearance in the movie, though not in the role of Dazzler.

This has only fueled more speculation among fans, who are now pondering whether the likelihood is higher for Taylor Swift to make a brief cameo as herself or to take on a more substantial role, possibly as one of the Deadpool variants, particularly Lady Deadpool. A significant portion of the fan base is convinced that Swift’s involvement is more of a licensing deal for the movie. This wouldn’t be the first time that the ‘Deadpool’ franchise enlisted a globally renowned pop star for cinematic purposes.

‘Deadpool 3’ is slated for release on May 3, 2024, leaving us in anticipation until then for any official confirmation. What’s your take? In what capacity do you think Taylor Swift will appear? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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