‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

The new Ted Lasso season is on the way, and the most recent episode brought us many developments that will impact our characters massively. In Episode two, we saw Trent Crimm joining Richmond and writing a book about them, the new football season starting, and Zava’s transfer saga unfolding.

Episode three, titled “4-5-1,” follows Richmond and their adaption to eccentric Zava, Colin, and Jamie stuck in the “hard place” while Rebecca deals with her demons. If you are interested in our recap, stay with us until the end. Also, if you haven’t seen the most recent Ted Lasso episode, beware of spoilers.

We get the confirmation that Colin Hughes is gay, and Zava’s arrival change team dynamics

Episode three of Ted Lasso starts with Colin Hughes waking up and having breakfast with his partner Michael, revealing that Colin is the first LGBTQ+ character in the Ted Lasso show. After saying a heartfelt goodbye to his partner, Colin leaves for Nelson Road Stadium and tries not to be seen.

At the stadium, everyone is preparing for Zava’s arrival and official introduction to Richmond fans and media. In true “diva” passion, Zava is late, and Rebecca is fuming while the coaching staff discusses who they need to bench for Zava.

Rebecca, Keeley, Higgins, and Ted find Zava in Rebecca’s office, where the football star showcases his unusual behavior and strange “bonding” interactions with Richmond staff members. Of course, as a football star, most of the Richmond players looked up to Zava and were stunned being in his vicinity.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

Football star continues to shock his new teammates and coaches with his antics, but one of the talented members of the team, Jamie, isn’t impressed. After meeting the team, Zava changes the team’s formation and puts himself as the team’s focal point. Coaches are stunned but realize they must play to his strengths to utilize Zava’s talents.

This part of the episode introduced us to the first LGBTQ+ character in the Ted Lasso series and the impact of Zava’s arrival on the team. Fans have speculated that Colin is gay since the character’s introduction, and now it is confirmed. Colin needs to hide his sexuality because of the taboo in the football world. At the same time, Zava’s arrival and behavior are absolutely hilarious and remind us of Zlatan Ibrahimović, but on to that later.

Rebecca visits her mother’s psychic and learns more than she signed up for

Rebecca Walton went through a lot in the Ted Lasso series, and after season two, when she lost her father and great lover in Sam, the owner of Richmond needs someone to help her. Her mother suggests Rish, the psychic she has seen for years. Rebecca agrees, although reluctantly, and proceeds to be very “weirded out by Tish. The psychic mentions awkward jokes and then, while “reading her,” continues to tell her two things – green matchbook and “shite in nining armor.”


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Rebecca is fed up with Tish’s shenanigans and goes to leave until she tells the woman that she will become a mother. Rebbeca tells her to “f*** off” and finally leaves the premises. Shandy and Keleey work on the PR of the club with the arrival of Zava, and they have an uncomfortable interaction with Roy, who immediately shuts down Shandy’s attitude.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

In the office, Jamie converses with Ted, Beard, and Roy, expressing discontent with Zava being “the man” of the team. After the coaches tell Jamie that his attitude is similar, Jamie is disappointed but encouraged by Ted to express his concerns.

This part of the episode foreshadows many plot developments in the future, with Rebecca potentially becoming a mother and having a savior of the team within their ranks. Shandy is “shady” with her desire to make everything viral, and Keeley and Roy seemingly have feelings for each other.

Ted Lasso learned that Michelle is dating their marriage counselor

The game against the Wolves is underway, and the team is preparing for the game. Ted and the other coaches introduce a new starting lineup, changing from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 to accommodate Zava and his attacking prowess. The new game plan includes every ball going to Zava for him to score goals.

This change means Colin is dropped from the starting 11 and benched when Isaac asks him if he is okay. Colin replies with, “I am still a strong and capable man,” referencing Dr. Fieldstone’s positive influence on the team and one of the plot points of season two.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

Richmond is ready, and with the inspiration of Ted and strange Zava preparations for the game, Ted stays back to call Henry and wish him luck for the playoff game. When he realizes that he left his phone at home, Ted calls Michelle’s house via landline and has the shock of his life – Dr. Jacob Bryanson answers the phone. Dr. Bryanson was Ted and Michelle’s marriage counselor and is currently involved with Michelle, which puts in perspective many things for Ted. The manager is also sad that he feels he is being replaced as a father to Henry.

The game kick-off is underway, and Ted is still in distress. He starts to feel the panic attack resurfacing, but Zava’s incredible goal snaps him out of it. AFC Richmond won the game, and Ted was still in shock and stressed about what he had heard from Michelle. Another great part of the episode where the writers brought us back to Ted’s conversation with Beard in season two and his concern about dr. Bryarson and Michelle “ganging up on him” during their sessions.

Zava is a great spark for the team, which puts the team in a favorable position in the Premier League.

Zava leads Richmond to an incredible winning streak

Zava’s incredible goal against Wolves kickstarts an amazing winning streak, which sees Richmond beating everyone in their way. In the game against Leeds, Jamie Tartt finally has a moment to score a brace for his club, but Zava “steals” his spotlight, which upsets him even more.

After the win against Leeds, Jamie continues to sulk; Sam works on his restaurant opening, and Ted talks with dr. Fieldstone, to whom he tells his concerns and worries about Michelle being with dr. Bryanson. Meanwhile, Richmond’s success continues against Manchester United and Brentford, with Zava being the main spark for the team. The winning streak is questioned by the football pundits who question Ted Lasso’s knowledge, especially having it easy with Zava in his team and giving Nate Shelley compliments.


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Richmond is getting closer to the top of the table and closer to West Ham, and Nate observes the results of his former team with concern. After six unbeaten games, Sam invites Richmond’s teammates to his restaurant to celebrate their success and introduce his colleagues to the restaurant’s cuisine.

Colin introduces his partner Michael as “a wingman” and a friend to his teammates, while Ted is still distressed about Michelle’s relationship with their marriage counselor.

Rebecca and Keeley drink on the side and look at their exes – Rebecca sees Sam interacting with his chef while Keeley looks at Roy from a distance. Suddenly, Sassy arrives at the restaurant and teases Rebecca for “dumping” precious Sam while Roy and Jamie have a heart-to-heart conversation. Jamie admits to Roy that he is jealous of Zava and wants to be a better player than him.

Roy proposes to Jamie his mentorship, and Richmond’s star agrees. Of course, Roy is intense and orders Jamie to be at the Richmond facility at 4 am sharp.

At the end of the episode, Trent sees Colin with Michael

Sam thanks everyone for coming and is grateful for Zava’s presence, while Sassy talks with Ted about his family problems. Furthermore, Sam gets customized restaurant matchbooks to give to his guests, and Tish’s “prophecy” seems truthful – Sam’s matchbook is in green color.

While Rebecca continues to drink with Keeley, Trent Crimm departs the restaurant and sees Colin in a passionate embrace with his partner Michael. Trent stops momentarily, sees them, and continues on his way, leaving us at the episode’s cliffhanger.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

For each character, episode three was a rollercoaster – Ted is on edge because his ex-wife is seeing their marriage counselor. Rebecca has personal problems that she needs to resolve and finally move on, and Colin is in a sensitive situation with his sexuality.


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Jamie Tartt is struggling with the arrival of Zava and is trying to figure out his role in AFC Richmond. Ted Lasso writers always do everything with purpose, and this episode really set us up with Colin’s possible outing by Trent or Shandy, who would do anything for her content to be “viral.” Ted’s departure from the team at the end of the season seems more likely than not, and Roy’s mentorship of Jamie will be important toward the end.

Finally, Tish’s silly saying during the “psychic” session, “shite in nining armor,” definitely makes sense since Zava’s domination will certainly end, and poetically, that could happen in the game against West Ham and Nate Shelley. Jamie is set up for success at the end of the season, which will be perfect for his character, while Sassy’s appearance in the episode might be connected with Tish’s “prediction” that Rebecca will be a mother.

Anything could happen in season three of Ted Lasso, and we cannot wait for a new episode to drop next week.

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