‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Episode 3: Who Is Dr. Jacob Bryanson?

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Episode 3 of Ted Lasso’s third season was quite something. With Zava now on the team, AFC Richmond skyrocketed toward the top of the Premier league table. Ted can be happy with the results his team is accomplishing, but with his private life, not so much. The reason for that is Dr. Jacob Bryanson, a familiar face from Ted’s past that now interferes in Ted’s family once again. But who is Dr. Jacob Bryanson? Let’s take a look.

Dr. Jacob Bryanson is the therapist who was supposed to be getting Ted and Michelle back together but ended up dating Michelle instead. Ted learned that Dr. Jacob is the man whom Michelle is seeing when Dr. Jacob answered the phone at Ted’s home back in the USA.

We knew that Michelle was seeing someone new since the first episode of this season. Then, Henry told his father, Ted, that he got Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet from mommy’s new friend, Jake. However, we did not have the face to connect with the name. Not until now, and now that we do, let’s see in detail what we know about Dr. Jacob Bryanson.

Who is Dr. Jacob Bryanson?

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Ted and Michelle’s marriage has been over for some time now, even though Ted is still having minor difficulties with that fact. Back in season 1, their relationship is revealed to be strained due to the distance and the challenges Ted faces as he adapts to life in England and coaches AFC Richmond. It wasn’t simple, but Ted tried to maintain their connection, despite the time difference and his demanding job. However, it became increasingly evident that their relationship was struggling as time passed. Eventually, Michelle visited Ted in England to discuss their marriage. She admitted that she couldn’t keep waiting for things to change and wanted a divorce.

All of that shook Ted pretty hard, and he started having panic attacks because of it. However, what we did not know until now is that Ted and Michelle went to see a marriage counselor before they divorced, and his name was Dr. Jacob Bryanson. His job was to help Ted and Michellee work out their differences. However, a year and a half later, Dr. Jacob started dating Michelle.


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Ted was familiar with the fact that Michelle was seeing somebody named Jake, as Henry told him that mommy’s new friend got him a toy, Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet. Nevertheless, it was a slight shock for Ted to hear that man on the phone, and now, even more so, as he is unsure how to deal with the fact that his ex-wife is dating the same guy whose job was to save their marriage. Ted probably would not find out about Michelle and Dr. Jacob yet for some time if he hadn’t forgotten Michelle’s cell phone number, so he had to call his son on the phone line of their home in the U.S.

How did Ted find out about Michelle and Dr. Jacob?

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The AFC Richmond team was preparing themselves for the match against Wolverhampton. A few minutes before the match, Ted called his son, Henry, to wish him good luck, as his soccer team was starting playoffs that day. However, Ted couldn’t find his phone and then remembered that he had left it sitting on the bathroom sink. Nevertheless, he found a solution and used the phone from his office.

He started typing Michelle’s cell phone number, but he could not remember how exactly the number went. So, he decided he’d just call the phone they had in the house instead. Back in the U.S., Henry was getting ready for the playoffs, and Michelle was urging him to hurry up. Dr. Jacob was in the kitchen as he was the one who would drive Henry to the game.

At that moment, the phone started ringing. Michelle did not want to answer it because she thought that it was probably telemarketers. So, Dr. Jacob answered it with the intent to mess with telemarketers. He answered and made a Donald Trump impression over the phone. Ted was on the other side of the line, and he decided to go with the flow of the joke. However, when Dr. Jacob realizes that it is Ted on the phone, he gets serious.


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A bit nervous, Dr. Jacob introduced himself, and Ted was surprised by that. He handed the phone to Michelle then. Ted had a chance to talk to Henry for a few seconds to wish him good luck. After that, Dr. Jacob took Henry to the car, and Michelle suggested to Ted that they talk when they both had more time. The conversation ended, and Ted was left with a shocked face and with a glimpse of a maybe minor panic attack.

So, this revelation did not come easy on Ted, and there are still many things to be revealed regarding Michelle’s and Dr. Jacob’s relationship. The good thing is that Ted decided to share what is bothering him with the support group he has. He openly discussed it with his therapist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, shared a joke with Sassy about it, and Coach Beard tried to comfort him with a triple whiskey. So, we’re sure he’ll be fine.

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