‘Ted Lasso’: Who Is Ms. Kakes & What Happened to Her?

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Everything seems to fall into place just before the finale of the third season of ‘Ted Lasso.’ However, some things are still uncertain, and a few question marks are floating over our heads. The penultimate episode of the third season ended with Rebecca having a surprise visit from Bex, Rupert’s wife, and Ms. Kakes was alongside her. Something’s up with them, and in that regard, let’s see who Ms. Kakes is and what happened to her.

Ms. Kakes was introduced to the show at the beginning of the third season. She was Rupert Mannion’s assistant at West Ham, and Rupert had an affair with her. Ms. Kakes was fired after allegedly being involved in inappropriate work-space behavior.

Rupert was always a shady guy with a distorted moral compass. And this would not be such a big deal if he hadn’t made other people’s lives miserable by his actions. Ms. Kakes was one of many women who experienced Rupert’s toxicity on her skin, but it seems that she could also be the key factor in Rupert’s final downfall. Let’s see in more detail what we know about Ms. Kakes.

Ms. Kakes was Rupert’s assistant, and they had an affair

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We get to meet Ms. Kakes in the first episode of ‘Ted Lasso’s third season. She was Rupert’s assistant then and left an impression of a real professional. It would later be revealed that she is more than meets the eye.

During Nate started his journey as a West Ham coach, Ms. Kakes invited him to speak with Rupert. Ms. Kakes was not a woman of many words but rather let her gestures do the talking on her part. It was also clear that she does not like to waste time and is dedicated to her job.

The lovely assistant was Rupert’s right hand, and Rupert often delegated chores to her. For example, she made sure that Nate’s car was removed from the parking space as such a modest car was inappropriate for the image of West Ham’s elite. Ms. Kakes was also the one who presented Nate with keys to his new sports car.

After that, the fourth episode in the third season brought us awaited match between West Ham and AFC Richmond. First, Rupert and his wife Bex came across Rebecca on West Ham’s premises, exchanged a few words, and continued their day. There was never any bad blood between Bex and Rebecca, and Richmond’s owner was not bitter that Bex was the mother of Rupert’s kid.


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Rebecca knew what kind of man Rupert was, but she wanted to believe that with her new wife being a father, Rupert could become a better person. But all that fell into the water when she accidentally saw Rupert and Ms. Kakes ‘fooling around’ after the match. At that point, it was clear that Ms. Kakes was more than just Rupert’s assistant; the two were having an affair.

Later Rupert tried to gloat over West Ham’s victory, but his smug smile vanished when Rebecca told him she saw him with the assistant. Rebecca was determined that both Bex and her daughter deserved better than that and advised Rupert to stop his infidelity.

Ms. Kakes was fired, and Ruper hired a new assistant

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Rupert continued being a womanizer and flirted with other women. He even tried to mess up Nate’s relationship with Jade. When Rupert invited Nate on a night out, he also had the idea that the two lovely ladies join them. Nate saw Rupert’s intentions, and what kind of man West Ham’s owner was- and because of that, Nate quit his job as West Ham’s manager.

Soon enough, the word spread and everyone thought that Nate was fired, and it had to do something with the rumors regarding the inappropriate workplace behavior. Ted was not interested in discussing that topic with Rebecca, but Trent gladly shared the rumors he had heard. Nevertheless, the three of them agreed that Nate was incapable of something like that.

When Rupert later came to invite Rebecca to the meeting for Akufo League, she asked him directly what happened to Nate, but the answer was unclear, and Rebecca still was not sure what kind of problems were looming around West Ham’s corridors.


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When Rebecca met Rupert’s new assistant, Ms. Bread, things started to unravel. At this point, it was revealed that Ms. Kakes was fired because she was ‘too dramatic.’ It was obvious at that point that something bad had happened between Rupert and Ms. Kakes, and that’s what all the rumors regarding inappropriate work behavior were about.

This theory was later confirmed when Bex and Ms. Kakes showed up together on Rebecca’s doorstep, asking Rebecca for advice. We’ll have to be patient until next week to find out what the fuss is about, but I also lean a bit on the theory that Ms. Kakes is pregnant, and somehow Rebecca will be involved in raising that child– because Tish’s prophecies are still in play.

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