Teyonah Parris Opens up About ‘The Marvels’ Failure: “I Think There Was a Lot of Talk, and People Hadn’t Seen It”

The Marvels Monica Rambeaus Final Destination Where Did She End Up Is It Earth 838

In 2023, Marvel Studios faced setbacks, beginning with ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ in February, followed by a recovery with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ only to hit a low point with ‘The Marvels’ in November. This film performed poorly at the box office, making it the lowest-grossing MCU movie so far, and critics didn’t hold back either. Bob Iger acknowledged the studio’s lapse in focus and attributed the movie’s failure to insufficient oversight on set, pledging to prioritize quantity over quality going forward.

Criticism mainly targeted the movie’s generic plot, lackluster villain, and a less serious portrayal of Fury. Despite its flaws, the main actresses handled the criticism gracefully. Teyonah Parris, speaking months after the release, urged people to watch the movie before passing judgment.

I think there was a lot of talk, and people hadn’t seen it. So that’s frustrating, when people comment on things they haven’t actually experienced.

I would hope that people would give it a fair shot by just seeing it or trying it. If you don’t like the first 10, 15 minutes, fair enough. Your time is precious. But we make these films so that it can be an escape from your real world in a moment for levity and joy and fantasticalness. You do not have to like something, but give it a chance by actually seeing it and forming your own opinion. And if you did, then that’s fair. That’s how you feel, and I cannot take that from you.

Teyonah also responded to critics, stating that working with such a talented crew was a success in itself for her.

think that you’re going to have people who have something to say about everything. What I try to do is remember the work that I put into it, the heart that I put into it, the crew who’ve given over a year of their lives to make this happen, their excellence, and what it felt like to just be around good people who are super, super talented.

Monica Rambeau first appeared in ‘Captain Marvel,’ but it was in ‘WandaVision’ that she gained a significant role and acquired her superpowers. One standout aspect of the movie was her chemistry with her co-stars. Teyonah was notably part of a crucial post-credit scene that could potentially introduce X-Men and Binary to the MCU. While we might anticipate seeing her in future MCU projects, Teyonah herself isn’t certain, as she hasn’t received any official confirmation.

There have been rumors suggesting that Captain Marvel’s focus in upcoming projects will involve exploring the Quantum Bands and finding a way to rescue Monica from a Parallel Universe. However, they might reunite sooner than expected.

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