‘The Boys’: Is Homelander Racist? Delving Into His Character’s Controversies

homelander racist

There is no doubt that ‘The Boys’ has become one of the most insane shows that you can stream, as it is simply unapologetic and downright profane in a lot of different ways. Of course, the character who isn’t a stranger to insane actions and profanity is Homelander, who we know is the main antagonist of the storyline. Homelander isn’t short on controversy himself, as he has done and said things that can be considered racist. So, is Homelander really racist?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Homelander is the most depraved out of all of the supes in ‘The Boys.’
  • As such, there are a lot of negative things that people can use to describe Homelander and his actions and beliefs.
  • Homelander hates most humans in general but isn’t too shy about being racist to people of color.

Homelander sees humans as inferior

While he may have been a superhero in the eyes of the general public, Homelander was always the main antagonist of the entire ‘The Boys’ storyline because he has always been a depraved and corrupt hero who uses his powers to get what he wants. He started as a hero who looked clean in the eyes of the general public because Vought International always tried to find a way to cover his wrongdoings.

But in season 3, it was made clear that Homelander no longer wanted Vought International to be the one to dictate what he wanted to do. That was when he made it known to the entire world that he believed that he was better and superior to everyone else in every little detail. As such, Homelander’s depravity went into his head because he now sees himself as an untouchable person because he is stronger, faster, and simply more powerful than any other human or supe.


Homelander, of course, sees himself as the perfect being and is far superior to humans. He even sees himself as superior to most of the other supes, except for a few select individuals whom he believes can help him bring about the coming of a superior race of people. In other words, he has always been controversial in a lot of things. But what about racism?

Well racism, when used in today’s modern world, is when an individual sees a person or a group of different persons from different ethnicities, countries, and nationalities as inferior. Of course, while Homelander doesn’t necessarily target the people of certain cultures or ethnicities whenever he talks about people who are inferior, it is always the case that he sees the entire human population as inferior people.


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So, in that regard, there is every reason to believe that Homelander is racist as he actually sees the human race as one single race that he hates and degrades. He doesn’t value human lives, as he can easily kill innocent people with no remorse. It’s just that he doesn’t want to do so all the time because he still wants the human race to see him as a god that they need to adore and worship.

Of course, there have been other instances wherein Homelander has been outright racist by targeting specific people of color instead of the entire human race. There were points in time wherein he used derogatory words, including mud people (pertaining to black people) and camel jockey (pertaining to people of Arabian origin). As such, there is no doubt that Homelander is basically racist.

It is clear that Homelander’s racism is someone similar to the racism that was promoted by the Nazis during the time of World War II. That’s because the Nazis believed that the white race was the superior race in the world and that the Jewish and all of the other races were inferior. In that regard, Homelander clearly sees himself as the superior race in the world and that weaker supes and humanity in general are inferior to him.

‘The Boys’ was always meant to offend people

Of course, we know that racism, wherever it can be found or however it is used, will always be controversial. There’s nothing good about racism, and that means that it should never be a theme that should be promoted. But, then again, the basic premise of ‘The Boys’ as a TV series was to offend people.


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It has always been the case that ‘The Boys’ was created to be one of the most offensive shows ever created, and its brand of offense has always been outrageous and downright insane in a lot of different ways. Of course, the show itself doesn’t promote racism or anything offensive. Instead, ‘The Boys’ is able to show offensive themes through the depraved supes and people in the storyline.

So, in this case, while it may be true that racism will always be controversial, ‘The Boys’ was able to find a way to make Homelander’s racism one of the most offensive parts of the series without necessarily promoting it. That’s because Homelander is the main antagonist that Billy Butcher and the rest of the Boys are looking to defeat.

homelander and stormfront

Basically, because the racist person in ‘The Boys’ is the main villain of the story, it goes without saying that this series isn’t promoting Homelander’s brand of racism. If anything, Homelander’s depravity is the very reason why the storyline of ‘The Boys’ actually exists. 

Yes, ‘The Boys’ was always meant to be offensive. But this series never tried to promote anything that was meant to offend different people. It’s just that some of the characters (mostly the villains) tend to be quite offensive and even racist. And there’s nothing better than trying to put down a depraved and racist villain.

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