‘The Boys’ Season 4: Here’s How Black Noir is Still Alive

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Season 4 of ‘The Boys’ is fast approaching, and there are already questions regarding the different things that will be featured in the new season. Black Noir, who was a constant during the first three seasons, is said to be returning in season 4 in what is one of the biggest surprises for fans of ‘The Boys’ because we know that he was killed back in season 3. So, here’s how Black Noir is alive in season 4 of ‘The Boys.’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The old Black Noir is actually dead already, as confirmed by series creator Eric Kripke.
  • However, Nathan Mitchell, who played Black Noir in the first three seasons, is going to be brought back in a new role, which could be a new Black Noir.
  • This opens the possibility that there could actually be a new Black Noir that’s going to be introduced by Vought.

Homelander killed Black Noir

Black Noir was one of the most interesting characters to a lot of fans of ‘The Boys’ because he comes with the cool mystique that silent ninjas usually come with. Of course, the mystery behind his character was answered in season 3 because his past was given more attention by the narrative.

It became clear that Black Noir wasn’t a silent ninja by choice but was actually a character who suffered a lot back when he was still a member of the original superhero group, Payback, which was headed by Soldier Boy. He and the rest of the Payback members mounted a coup on Soldier Boy due to how abusive he was to them. 


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But in his fight with Soldier Boy, Black Noir’s head got pummeled and his face became disfigured. He also lost a part of his brain, suggesting that his silent persona was a result of how he had regressed due to the brain damage he suffered in the past.

Of course, the storyline of season 3 revolved around Soldier Boy being the biological father of Homelander because it was his sperm that was used to create Homelander. But Black Noir already knew about it beforehand, as Homelander got upset that the only reliable member of The Seven kept a secret from him.

homelander kills Black noir

Feeling betrayed, Homelander killed Black Noir. His death was confirmed by Erick Kripke, the creator of the series, as this ended Black Noir’s character arc. Some fans were disappointed that the entire Black Noir arc wasn’t the same as the one in the comics, but season 4 might be looking to add a new angle to that storyline.

The public doesn’t know about Black Noir

Of course, we know that The Seven basically acts as Vought’s public relations superhero group, as only the best of the best are allowed to join this team. We also know that Vought had announced the “death” of Queen Maeve as well as the departure of Starlight from the team, leaving a few slots open.


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However, it was never really mentioned that Black Noir had been killed. This opens the possibility that Vought never made this known to the public. Of course, it wouldn’t be good for the image of Vought if the people knew that Homelander was the one who killed the fan-favorite ninja. And there’s a really good reason why Vought could keep this hidden from the public.

Ever since he was introduced as a hero to the public, Black Noir was always the silent and mysterious type. He never showed his face to people and was marketed as a silent and stoic badass. The fact that his face was never revealed to the public and that he never talked is one of the reasons why Vought could have flirted with the possibility of replacing him with a supe who has the same abilities.


Black Noir is the easiest supe to replace out of all of the members of The Seven because of his secretive nature. This means that Vought must have already found a suitable replacement for him if ever rumors of Black Noir returning in season 4 are true.

The new Black Noir could either be a comic relief or true to the comics

Eric Kripke made it a point to tell the public that Nathan Mitchell, the person who played Black Noir, will be returning in season 4. Of course, Mitchell’s face was never revealed because the past version of Black Noir was played by Fritzey-Klevans Destine. This allows Mitchell to have a fresh start in season 4 as either a new character or as a new version of Black Noir. And Kripke had already talked about this:

“We’re bringing Black Noir back, but it’s not the same Black Noir.”

So, if that’s the case, then there’s a good reason to believe that Black Noir will be returning in season 4 as a new version of the character instead of the old one. Of course, the secretive and mysterious nature of Black Noir is the reason why Vought could basically get a new guy to play the role of the old Black Noir. After all, fans seem to respond to the silent ninja shtick quite positively.


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This means that there could be a new Black Noir who would bring a new type of character that we haven’t seen in the past. Kripke said that season 4 will be more chaotic and comedic than before, and the new Black Noir could actually be the comic relief that the old one wasn’t.

Then again, the possibility of this new Black Noir being more faithful to the one in the comics is still very much intriguing. We know that the Black Noir in the comics is a stronger yet more unhinged clone of Homelander and that he was the one who was doing all of the crazy things that Homelander thought he was doing.

Of course, we already know that the Homelander in the live-action version is as unhinged and as crazy as any villain can be, and that means that the crazy clone arc is already off the table. But there’s still a good chance that the new Black Noir could be a Homelander clone because Vought might want to make a statement that Homelander wasn’t the boss and that they could always find a replacement for him. If that’s the case, this should be a cool upcoming season that fans shouldn’t miss.

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