‘The Witcher’ Season 3: What Happened to Geralt & Will He Be Able to Heal?

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With the release of the second part of ‘The Witcher‘s’ third season, we saw that Aretuza became a place where every major power player gathered and attempted to impose their will. After Vilgefortz opened a passage for Nilfgardian’s army to enter Aretuza, he confronted Geralt in a one-on-one fight, leaving Geralt injured. But let’s see what exactly happened to Geralt and whether he will be able to heal completely after the sustained injuries.

Geralt was injured severely in a duel against Vilgefortz. The mage was far superior in battle and defeated the witcher with ease, inflicting severe wounds upon Geralt. Triss took Geralt to heal to the dryads, and they did their best, but the witcher was still not in his full might. Yen also helped with her magic, but only time will tell how long it will take for Geralt to fully heal, not just physically, but also to recuperate mentally from the defeat in a duel.

It is not often that we see Geralt in a state like this; it is even rarer that someone overpowers him as Vilgefortz did. The image is truly mighty, and he only pretended that he was not all this time. Let’s see how it all went down.

The duel against Vilgefortz left Geralt wounded and in a bad shape

Geralt of rivia

Episode six of ‘The Witcher’ season three was titled ‘Everybody Has a Plan ‘till They Get Punched in the Face,’ and the title has everything to do with the fact that this episode provided a grand battle in Aretuza where all the sides involved were left with casualties. Vilgefortz’s true agenda and power became crystal clear, and he was the one that allowed Nilfgardian’s forces to enter Aretuza through a secret passage he opened.

In all that chaos, Geralt’s main concern was keeping Ciri safe and getting her out of harm’s way. In a surprise turn of events, Cahir kneeled before Ciri, asking her for forgiveness and putting his life at her disposal. He helped Ciri and Geralt, but it wasn’t enough. As the Witcher and Ciri were trying to get away, they were intercepted by Vilgefortz, and the clash between him and Geralt began.


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No one expected it to be an easy fight for Geralt, but what happened next was surprising. Vilgefortz kept his true range of power and might a secret all this time and finally demonstrated what he could in a fight against Geralt. The Witcher was helpless, while Vilgefortz effortlessly attacked and pierced through his opponent’s body. He made it very clear to Geralt that he could easily demolish his brain even, but he chose not to.

Vilgefortz admitted that the hardest part was to hold back all this time and hide his true powers, knowing he could easily kill anyone he wanted. Eventually, he destroyed Geralt’s sword and his bones with his staff and left the Witcher severely wounded. Triss saved Geralt and took him to the dryads of Brokilon for healing.

The dryads of Broklion did their best to heal Geralt

Geralt healing

When Geralt was brought to heal, he was in a very bad state, injured and weak. He even considered that trying to heal him only wastes their time and energy. Jaskier came looking for Geralt, and Milva escorted him to a tent where the Witcher was. Geralt wanted to know immediately what happened with Yen and Ciri and whether they were alright. When he found out that Ciri continued to be in danger and was most likely taken to Nilfgaard, he was eager to heal as fast as possible, but that was not possible.

Milva was appointed to care for Geralt, and it seemed that neither she nor he enjoyed that much. The dryads of Braklion did their best to heal Gearlt’s wounds with healing water and providing him with food and rest. The main problem was that the Witcher’s wounds refused to heal since the healing water was meant for natural beings, not mutants.

Geralt was annoyed that his rehabilitation was not going as planned, so he left. That was a bad idea since he could not walk or hold his sword. If he were to go on a journey across the Continent, he would surely die along the way. Milva was the only one brave enough to confront him about his idea to leave and assured him that he is no condition to fight anyone.

Little by little, Geralt started to train again but was still weak and not near the same old powerful witcher. The White Wolf was aware that he was weak and incapable of fighting as before, but the fact that Ciri was in danger drove him further, and he was aware that she was in more danger with every day that he spent among the dryads and not with her.


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Yennefer found Geralt in the woods of Broklion, and he asked her to use her magic to help him heal. However, even her magic could not heal the types of wounds Vilgefortz inflicted upon Geralt, but she managed to speed up his recovery. After that, Geral improvised and tried to make a replica of Vesemir’s elixir to sharpen his senses. He was feeling a lot better and ready to travel, but his reflexes were still not as they used to be before.

With time, Geralt will heal completely, but it’s debatable whether he’ll ever be strong enough to take Vilgefortz down and have his revenge. Until that, he continues his journey alongside Jaskier and Milva, who will greatly assist them on their journey ahead.

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