‘The Witcher’: Who Is Mistle? How Is She Connected to Ciri?

Ciri and Mistle in The Witcher

After her horrific experience in the desert of Korath, Ciri finally met a caring soul in the leader of The Rats gang, who isn’t named in the show. However, The Witcher books and games fans know that her name is Mistle, the woman who plays a big role in Ciri’s maturity. However, many show fans don’t know who Mistle is in Witcherverse and what role she plays in Ciri’s development.

Mistle was introduced in the third episode of season 3, where she stole Ciri’s money, but not before throwing Ciri the knife to kill the young monster. Unlike other people who only care about Ciri’s Elder Blood, Mistle cares for Ciri as a person and has faith in her ability to fight. In the books, the two become lovers, albeit briefly, until Ciri leaves The Rats gang.

After escaping death in the desert without help and using fire magic without Yennefer’s guidance, Ciri proved that she was ready for the next chapter of her life. Mistle knew that, having seen Ciri kill a monster with a knife which is why she trusted her with the sword against the leader of the Trappers. Mistle was also in love with the princess, but were they really meant to be?

Who plays Mistle in The Witcher?

Christelle Elwin in The Witcher

In The Witcher, Mistle is portrayed by the British actress Christelle Elwin, who also plays Romy Christophe in Death in Paradise. The talented actress brings both talent and diversity to the show, portraying the gay character that finally brings happiness to Ciri.

Mistle liked Ciri when she saw her stand up against the Charlatan at the square in Redania in the third episode of The Witcher Season 3. Mistle threw Ciri the knife to defend herself from the baby monster but took off on a horse with Ciri’s money.

In the finale of The Witcher’s third season, Mistle meets Ciri once again when she comes to rescue a crew member from Trappers. She had already seen Ciri kill the monster, so she knew she could handle herself with a sword against a human. Mistle also knows that Ciri is highborn, having stolen her money, but she doesn’t care about exploiting her background or her Elder Blood powers as other villains do.


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According to the books, Mistle was also born into a noble family like Ciri, in a place called Thurn in Maecht. Unfortunately, she lost her family when her city was attacked by Gemmarian Pacifiers, and later got kidnapped by raiders who also raped her.

After being rescued, she learned to survive as a criminal, joining up with other survivors of hard times to form the Rats gang that steals and hustles wealthy people for a living. Although she was in love with Ciri, their relationship was one-way traffic since Ciri never really put her heart into it.

Ciri had just survived a horrific situation, and a chance to feel something new and make decisions for herself was a welcome relief. Mistle had been through so much pain in her life, but she was clever and strong, which is why Ciri also liked being around her.

Elwin brings out all the likable features in Mistle, and her chemistry with Freya Allan is something to look forward to in the fourth season of The Witcher where she is expected to play a bigger role.

Is Ciri gay?

Freya Allan as Ciri in The Witcher

Ciri is bisexual because she has an interest in both men and women in the books, although the games don’t expose her interest in Mistle. In the books, Ciri’s relationship with Mistle is purely physical and more experimental really, so it doesn’t determine her sexuality.

Ciri was in it for physical satisfaction because it gave her the break she needed from her trauma. When she was emotionally stable after her time with the gang, she chose to leave because she wasn’t in love with Mistle but still cared for her. The relationship with Mistle was still the most significant romantic connection she had in the books.


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In the show, the circumstances of the relationship also matter a lot. Ciri has just survived a real near-death experience, and Mistle offers the refuge Ciri needs. Ciri is also making her own decisions for the first time, and after choosing to become Falka. Mistle also has a bad influence on Ciri, but she enjoys the thrill of feeling free to live on her terms and being loved.

In the books, Ciri makes many bad decisions during her relationship with Mistle, and the same seems likely in the show. However, Ciri is not a rebel like Falka, let alone a criminal like Mistle, so the relationship is bound to fail despite Mistle’s feelings for her. Ciri and Mistle still have a lot in common, and what they share is important in her growth.

What happens to Mistle and The Rats?

Mistle and The Rats in The Witcher

The Rats were killed and by the bounty hunter Leo Bonehart who also beheaded Mistle. Ciri had to watch as he killed The Rats and cut off their heads, with Mistle being the last to die, but she couldn’t do anything to save them.

Bonhart had been hired to kill Ciri, but he chose to imprison her and later used her to fight and kill people in the arenas of Claremont. However, Ciri eventually gets revenge for Mistle and The Rats by killing Bonhart, ending his reign of terror.

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