‘The Witcher’ Season 3: Who Is the Unicorn That Saved Ciri? Meet Ihuarraquax

Ihuarraquax and Ciri

As Ciri’s enemies increased in The Witcher’s third season, she also made new friends, and the most important of them all was a unicorn. In Witcher lore, unicorns are very intelligent and the nemesis of The Wild Hunt. The one Ciri met is called Ihuarraquax, and while he took off when she used fire magic, he has a big role to play in Ciri’s future, as per the books. Still, many show fans wonder who Ihuarraquax is in The Witcher and why he saved Ciri.

In The Witcher Season 3, Ihuarraquax finds and saves Ciri in the Korath desert after she portalled there accidentally while escaping from Vilgefortz. In the books, Ihuarraquax is just a colt when he meets Ciri, unlike in the show, where he appears fully grown. Ihuarraquax became Ciri’s guardian angel, helping rescue her when she finally got captured by the king of the Wild Hunt.

In Lady of The Lake, Ihuarraquax came to Ciri’s aid to revive Gralt after a pitchfork gravely impaled him. He also helped Ciri save Yennefer, who was on the verge of death after exhausting her strength while trying to revive Geralt. Ihuarraquax, therefore, plays a big role in Ciri’s future. However, Ciri and Ihuarraquax don’t part on good terms in the show, so will he ever return to Ciri?

Why did the unicorn save Ciri in The Witcher?

freya allan the witcher and Ihuarraquax the unicorn season 3 part 2

In the books, Ihuarraquax saves Ciri to protect her from getting possessed by The Wild Hunt, his archnemesis. Unicorns hate the Aen Elle race of elves because they misuse the ability to traverse worlds by colonizing the Unicorns’ world.

While Unicorns managed to take control of the gate that allowed elves to traverse to other worlds, the Wild Hunt found a way past it. Ciri’s Elder Blood would allow the Elves to take back control of the gate, which is why The Wild Hunt is after her, and Ihuarraquax will help prevent that.

Unicorns can also sense a person that represents good and one that represents evil, and Ihuarraquax seems to have seen good in Ciri.


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However, when they first met in the desert, as portrayed in the third episode of The Witcher, Ihuarraquax also needed Ciri to save him because he was stranded in the desert.

He needed Ciri just as much as she needed him because he would have died in the desert without her help. Ciri killed the Sand Monster that poisoned Ihuarraquax before using prohibited fire magic to heal him, meaning he owes his life to her.

Although Ihuarraquax then took off scared when Ciri used fire magic, the little unicorn was grateful for Ciri’s help, and their connection will be revealed later when Ciri gets kidnapped by The Wild Hunt.

Why was Ciri in the desert?

Freya Allan as Ciri in The Witcher S03e07

Ciri accidentally jumped through a portal into the Korath Desert after blowing up the Tor Lara Tower while trying to defeat Vilgefortz. She didn’t know how to control her powers properly, leading to her accidental landing in the desert.

However, the experience was a big step in her maturity because she had to survive alone in the desert without Geralt and Yennefer’s guidance. She also got to reflect on her powers, portrayed in the show as visions of her mother, her grandmother, and eventually Falka.

Moreover, breaking the rules by using fire magic and killing a monster without Geralt’s help made Ciri realize her potential.


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Unfortunately, the experience also led Ciri to make the wrong decisions as she met Mistle and her gang, which led her down the wrong path.

In the show, Ciri embraces the character of the infamous Redanian ‘demon’ Falka, which points at the dark turn her character takes when she joins Mistle and her Rats gang.

The meeting with Ihuarraquax is the best thing that came out of her time in the desert because the unicorn saves her life later. Being in the desert also kept Ciri safe from Vilgefotz and the rest of her enemies, albeit for a while.

How powerful are unicorns in The Witcher?

Ihuarraquax in Witcher Lore

Unlike other species, unicorns are advanced being with the power to traverse between worlds even without portals. They can also communicate telepathically and sense good and bad in other beings. Their society is well established and ruled by a council of elders, who guide the race to eliminate evil elements such as The Wild Hunt in the universe.


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Their ability to move freely between space and time makes them the arch-nemesis of the elves, especially Aen Elle, who had that ability taken away from them. That power allowed Ihuarraquax to appear whenever Ciri was in danger and save her. He rescued her from Eredin, King of The Wild Hunt. His intervention was pivotal in preventing the Wild Hunt from misusing Ciri’s powers.

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