Thor Vs. Sentry: Who Would Win And Why?

Thor Vs. Sentry: Who Would Win And Why?

Thor has proven numerous times that he’s not just one of the mightiest Avengers but one of the most powerful warriors in the entire universe. However, there’s almost nobody that could go toe-to-toe with the Sentry, who fought the strongest version of the Hulk, World Breaker Hulk, to a stalemate. So, if Thor and Sentry ever fought, who would win, and why?

A fight between Thor and Sentry would be extremely close and could go either way. If Robert Reynolds is in his Sentry form, Thor will win most of the time. However, if the Void comes out (Sentry’s dark, violent personality), not even an entire Avengers team stands a chance.

It’s hard to compare Thor and Sentry because they have had so many different versions of themselves throughout the years, varying in power levels. We don’t even know either of their upper power limits. Let’s see how they match up in some crucial categories to determine the winner in the end.

Physical Strength & Speed

Thor is incredibly strong. He is easily a Class 100+ character, meaning he can lift well over 100 tons. Thor fought the Hulk several times and held his ground, and we know that Hulk’s strength is literally unlimited. There’s hardly anyone who can match Thor’s strength, especially when he’s wielding Mjolnir.

Also, Thor’s speed is phenomenal. Although we haven’t seen it as much in the MCU, where Thor usually travels around at lower supersonic speeds, the God of Thunder can actually not only match but overcome the speed of light with Mjolnir. 

It depends on the particular version of Thor, but we’ve seen him fly so fast he seemingly breaks the time-space continuum. All of his powers come from his Asgardian physiology. However, Thor isn’t just your regular Asgardian – he is the God of Thunder and Strength, making him incredibly powerful.

thor sentry void learning power

On the other hand, Robert Reynolds, aka the Sentry, is a product of experiments with the super-soldier serum that has been enhanced to incredible proportions. If you think Captain America is strong, just wait to see this guy. It has been said that Sentry has the power of one hundred million exploding suns.

He’s easily a Class 100+ character just like Thor. However, it seems that his strength level depends on his mental state, as well as his confidence, as we learned on several occasions (most notably, World War Hulk #5). And, to be honest, he’s rarely at his best mental state.

As for his speed, we learn in the Dark Avengers #13 that the Sentry can travel at least several times faster than the speed of light, reaching the Sun in a matter of seconds, whereas light takes around 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun. I’d say that matches him and Thor about evenly in the speed department.


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Now, after Sentry merged with the Void – a dark, malevolent, unfathomably powerful entity that became his alter-ego – his strength level rose even more. When Sentry takes his Void form, he becomes even more powerful than ever but also becomes his own worst enemy.

The Void is much stronger than Thor, but comparing the strongest version of Sentry with the regular version of Thor isn’t fair. If we take Thor’s strongest version – for instance, Rune King Thor, who mastered the Odinforce and has near-omnipotence and cosmic awareness – then Rune King Thor is stronger even than the Void.

Therefore, Thor and Sentry match evenly in terms of speed, but as strong as the Sentry is (his upper potential isn’t even explored), his strength level fluctuates too much and is way too dependable on his mental state. Hence, Thor wins this category.

Point: Thor (1:0) Sentry


Durability is one of Thor’s strongest features. While that can get physically hurt, it takes an incredible amount of force to harm him. The Prince of Asgard can go toe-to-toe with incredibly powerful enemies such as the Hulk. Even in the MCU, in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor was durable enough to take a full blast of a neutron star and survive.

What’s more, even if Thor does get hurt, he has incredible healing abilities that allow him to recover at an incredibly fast pace. Just a touch of Mjolnir connects Thor to his god-like powers, healing almost instantly when wielding it. When you put all of that together, you get an almost invulnerable superhero.


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On the other hand, Sentry is no slouch in that department, too. Just like Thore, Robert can take damage if the force behind that damage is powerful enough. However, there are not a lot of beings in the universe that can create such force to harm him physically. That being said, his durability, just like his strength, depends on Sentry’s mental state at the moment.

However, after merging with the Void, Sentry has become virtually immortal and invulnerable. The Void’s ability to manipulate matter down to a molecular level allows Sentry to come back from even the worst damage imaginable. 

The guy defeated the Molecule Man at his own game – a guy that even Galactus himself fears. Molecule Man turned Sentry into liquid, but the Void could recover Robert and even control the Molecule Man and hurt him. This happened in the Dark Avengers #12.

So, both Thor and Sentry can take incredible amounts of damage and recover from it quite quickly. Both are almost invulnerable and can defeat the strongest foes. Also, neither Thor nor Sentry are prone to any humanly-known diseases, and their aging process is incredibly slow.

The Void’s matter manipulation would give Sentry a slight edge, but then again, you’d have to consider Thor’s amped-up version, too, and Rune King Thor is practically immortal.

I think the fairest thing to do would be calling it a tie in terms of durability.

Point(s): Thor (2:1) Sentry

Fighting Skills

We don’t need to spend that much time on this one. Thor is an Asgardian God of Thunder, who’s been around for thousands of years, fought countless battles, perfecting his skills in combat. He’s not just strong but also highly skilled.

Thor can fight hand-to-hand or with weapons, close or long-range – you name it, the Asgardian has it covered. All those battles made Thor an expert tactician and strategist in combat, as well.


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On the other hand, you have Sentry, who was nothing more than a meth addict before he consumed the Golden Sentry Serum. He has no real fighting skills and uses his brutal superpowers to beat his enemies. Of course, his intellect gives Robert a great advantage in battle, but in terms of pure combat skills, Sentry is nowhere near Thor’s level.

The Asgardian is comfortably a more skilled fighter.

Point: Thor (3:1) Sentry

Additional Powers

As I mentioned earlier, Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns. His main attributes are superhuman strength and durability, but there is so much more to him than just physical attributes.

The guy has matter manipulation at least as strong as the Molecule Man’s, and Sentry learned that he could use that power to materialize objects and even beings (Uncanny Avengers #15). Through sheer force of will, Robert can conjure a small werewolf at the palm of his hand or create colossal Sand Golems.

Also, Sentry has unfathomable stamina and never gets tired, along with superhuman senses, photokinesis, flight, energy blasts, and even invisibility by deflecting light. It’s safe to say that he’s among the most powerful beings in the universe, let alone the Earth. When you count in the Void, there’s almost nothing that Sentry can’t do.

That being said, his main weakness is Robert’s fragile psyche. He’s very prone to telepathic and psychic attacks, as well as spiritual energy attacks such as Chi (Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #2). Pair that with the fact that the Sentry lacks real control over his abilities, and it opens a huge window of opportunity for his opponents.


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As for Thor, the God of Thunder is incredibly strong, fast, durable, and can fly with Mjolnir (or the Stormbreaker, whichever he wields). As the God of Thunder, Thor can summon thunder and lightning at will, even at large distances, with incredible precision. On countless occasions, Thor was able to wield the Odin Force, a power so strong that celestial beings dread it.

The Prince of Asgard has very few weaknesses, unlike Sentry, who has plenty. Still, one can’t ignore the unfathomable power of matter and energy manipulation stemming from the Void. I’d say that Sentry has more powers than Thor, but also many more weaknesses, which means both characters deserve points in this category.

Point(s): Thor (4:2) Sentry

Comic Battles

The two characters duked it out numerous times in the comics. Now, when Robert is in his Sentry form, Thor usually bested him in battle. On one occasion, he smacked Sentry so hard that the guy didn’t return until the end of the issue.

thor sentry smack

However, there were also instances where Sentry emerged as victorious. Well, not really Sentry, but the Void. In one battle against the Void, not even the entire Avengers team helping Thor was enough to defeat the being. Also, in What if…Norman Osborn Won The Siege of Asgard?, we see a Sentry unphased by his psyche, tearing Ares apart with his bare hands.

Then he proceeds to destroy all the heroes who assembled to protect Asgard, including Thor. I know it’s a “What if?” scenario, but still, it goes to show that Sentry’s powers know no boundaries.

thor sentry VOID AVENGERS

So, if he’s in Sentry form, Thor easily beats Robert Reynolds. If the Void emerges, it easily beats Thor. We’ve never seen the strongest versions of Thor going up against the Void, but it would be a safe bet to say Rune King thor would destroy the Void, too. 

Still, we don’t know for sure, so I can’t go out and say it would certainly happen – it would depend on the plot and the writer. What I can say is that both of them won some comic battles against one another over the years, so I give both characters points in this category.

Point(s): Thor (5:3) Sentry

Thor Vs. Sentry: Who Wins?

In the end, Thor wins this fight over Sentry with a 5:3 overall score. That’s about the same as the margin of victory I’d give the Prince of Asgard in potential fights between the two – both characters would get some wins, but Thor would win more often.

Not a lot of characters can match Thor, but Sentry is one of those few that can – sometimes even surpass him, when Sentry is at his strongest. However, you can’t take one character’s strongest version and not do the same with the other. And, again, if you compare the two character’s strongest versions, Thor wins, hands down.


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Additionally, Sentry has more weaknesses. His weak psyche, lack of control, and spiritual energy vulnerability mean that Thor is much more likely to find a way to defeat Robert than it is the other way around.

Ultimately, both characters are insanely overpowered, and it would all come down to the narrative, the storyline, and what the writers really want to happen. My money would be on Thor, but it could genuinely go either way.

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