Thor Vs. Storm: Who Would Win and Why?

Thor Vs. Storm: Who Would Win And Why?

Several Marvel characters have the ability to manipulate the weather with their powers, but none are as awesome or powerful as Thor and Storm. The God of Thunder is one of the mightiest – if not the mightiest – Avengers, while Ororo Munroe is among the strongest X-Men. So, if the two ever fought, who would win in the battle, and why?

Thor would win almost every time against Storm. He’s simply on a level above in power; strength, stamina, durability, and even their best skill – weather manipulation. Still, Ororo has some tricks up her sleeve she could use, but the Asgardian takes her down 9/10 times.

Even if you compare the strongest versions of both characters, Storm will stand no chance. Thor is a god, and she’s only a human mutant. Omega-level mutant, that is, but she’s no god. Let’s compare them in more detail to see if there’s anything Munroe could do to beat Odinson.


As I mentioned, Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder. He’s the son of Odin, one of the most powerful gods in the universe. Thor has Asgardian physiology, paired with his additional superpowers.

He’s incredibly strong, capable of going hand-to-hand against the Hulk. When he’s wielding Mjolnir, his strength amplifies even further. I’m not even dwelling into his powers when he’s at his most powerful, like Old King Phoenix Thor or Rune King Thor. We’re talking about his base, Thor Odinson of the Earth-616 version. 

Even that version of Thor holds back not to kill his opponents with brute force. Even when fighting someone as unlimitedly strong as the Hulk, he gradually taught himself not to go full force.

thor storm hold back

He has almost unlimited stamina, capable of fighting as long as it takes without particular fatigue. Also, Thor can fly at or above light speed through the cosmos using Mjolnir. 


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On the other hand, Storm is an Omega-level mutant, sometimes worshipped as a goddess. However, her physiology is close to human level. Her physical strength is at a level of a female engaging in regular exercise – one could say peak human level.

Storm’s speed, stamina, and durability are slightly above human level but nowhere near the God of Thunder.

Of course, being an Omega-level mutant means Ororo has other powers to more than make up for the lack of physicality. But, in terms of physiology, Thor beats Storm, and it’s not even a fight.

Point: Thor (1:0) Storm

Weather Manipulation

The biggest superpower of both Thor and Storm is weather manipulation, especially storms, rain, and thunder. Storm’s mutation allows her to manipulate the atmosphere, changing the weather, creating storms, lightning, and more.

Apart from that, Storm can also cause other environmental changes, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc. That being said, her powers aren’t as powerful as Thor’s due to some limitations.

Firstly, Ororo is limited by the strength of her will and body. She can create incredibly powerful storms, but it drains Storm’s energy to the point of complete exhaustion. There was an instance where she took hours of trying hard to stop a horrible blizzard raging over Canada and nearly died of exhaustion afterward.

Secondly, her weather manipulation is severely affected by her emotions. Hence, she can lose control of her powers and cause destructive weather unwillingly. That’s why Ororo taught herself to suppress all strong emotions, be it rage or deep love and affection.

Also, Storm’s powers aren’t magical. She can’t “produce” a thunderstorm out of nowhere. She has to manipulate the elements surrounding the area. And Munroe rarely does that because she doesn’t want to disrupt weather patterns and natural boundaries of a planet’s biosphere.

For instance, if she wants to make it rain heavily over the Sahara desert, Storm would have to “rob” all of the moisture from the surrounding areas to do it, causing droughts there instead and then completely shifting the entire Earth’s biosphere via a chain reaction. 


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That’s why Storm doesn’t do that – she respects the natural limitations and boundaries of a planet’s biosphere. She has the ability to do it but chooses not to in order to maintain the natural balance.

Thor doesn’t have to do that, though. Being the God of Thunder, Thor’s powers are magical, and he creates storms, rain, thunder, and lightning without having to disrupt the surrounding biosphere. He can change the weather in Sahara without causing drought in the surrounding areas.

At one time, the guy made a storm so big that it encapsulated the entire Earth to help Iron Man spread a vaccine for a deadly, global disease. Sure, it was a What if…? scenario, but still, Thor had numerous features like that throughout the comics that simply overpower Storm. And, yeah, he never loses control over his weather manipulation.

thor storm hurricane

Again, the point goes to the God of Thunder.

Point: Thor (2:0) Storm

Other Powers & Alternative Character Versions

Storm’s weather manipulation is far from her only power. She can use it to create fog and mist around herself, making Ororo almost invisible. She can also control atmospheric pressure, including the pressure in one’s inner ear, causing extreme pain with a mere thought.

Also, with a mere blink, Storm can change her vision into a weather map of some sort, which allows her to read weather patterns, recognize geographic position through them, and more. Another skill Ororo possesses is Energy vision, allowing her to see one’s entire nervous system and counter virtually any attack, regardless of its speed.

She’s highly resistant to telepathic attacks and has a strong psychic bond with the Earth’s life force. That allows Storm to feel any change or disruption in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Finally, many don’t know that Storm isn’t just a mutant – she descends from a long line of sorceresses and priestesses. Ororo has a big magical potential but never really developed it fully. 

Still, in Black Panther #172, Ororo Munro became a real goddess, becoming powerful enough to defeat a powerful deity called the Adversary. She gained teleportation abilities on top of her already powerful skills, and the more people believed in her and prayed to her, the more powerful Storm became.

Additionally, Storm is an awesome hand-to-hand combatant, incredible tactician, a masterful thief (pickpocketer, escape artist), and has nearly indomitable will. That’s a lot, right? Well, compared to Thor, it’s peanuts.

You don’t even have to go much further than the huge strength discrepancy to give Thor the point, but for the sake of argument, I will mention some of his additional powers.

The God of Thunder has a powerful healing factor, can fly at will, is nearly invulnerable to any kind of damage, has energy manipulation skills, and literally millennia worth of combat experience throughout the universe.

Driving the point home – one of Storm’s most powerful versions was when she wielded Stormcaster – an Asgardian-grade weapon forged by Eitri, the Dwarf, that has similar powers as Mjolnir. However, even with the Stormcaster, I doubt she could ever match Thor’s might.


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And, if we’re talking about one’s most powerful versions, Thor’s most powerful versions would simply decimate Storm. Cosmic King Thor? He killed a well-fed Galactus. Rune King Thor? Destroyed Those Who Sit Above In The Shadows, suggested being the Beyonders? Entire planets were destroyed simply as a consequence of Thor’s fighting.

The God of Thunder trumps the Goddess of Weather.

Point: Thor (3:0) Storm


I’ll keep this brief because there’s not really much to say. Storm’s biggest weakness is her physical limitations. She can only do as much as her will and body strength allow her. And while her will is nearly indomitable at times, her body is just way too prone to exhaustion and damage.

Also, her powers are dependent on her emotions, meaning Storm can lose control over her powers if the emotion is too strong (rage, grief, love, etc.). Combine that with the fact that Ororo hardly ever does drastic manipulations that can disrupt the planet’s biosphere; you get at least four or five windows where one can beat her.

That being said, Thor virtually has no such weaknesses or limitations. His biggest weakness is the Warrior’s Madness. In Thor #167, we learn that it’s a state under which any Asgardian warrior may fall under, during which their strength and stamina get ten times stronger, but threatens one’s sanity, causing them to act animalistic, unreasonable, and savage.

Also, after obtaining the Odinforce, Thor has to induce Odinsleep once a year to rest, recharge, and get back to his old strength. Other than that, Thor seemingly has no known weaknesses. He’s extremely durable to physical, mental, and even magical damage. He’s immune to virtually all diseases and viruses, and even if he does get hurt, he has a powerful healing factor.

Again, a no-contest for Thor, running away with the point in this category.

Point: Thor (4:0) Storm

Comic Battles

While they haven’t really fought many times in the comics, the two have met in battle a couple of times – or at least interacted and spoke about their powers. During one of those conversations, they compare their thunder, and Storm openly admits that she’s simply impressed with the strength of Thor’s lightning.

thor storm strength

On one occasion, when the two fought in the 1999 Contest of Champions, Thor and Storm fought, and there was nothing she could do to harm him. However, Thor didn’t want to hurt Ororo, so he chose another strategy – the God of thunder kissed Storm for long and hard enough that she was literally left breathless, unconscious, and unable to fight.

thor storm kiss win

If we’re talking about their comic battles against other characters – Thor fought the Hulk to a standstill several times – even knocked him out once. He hurt a moderately-fed Galactus, withstood blasts from Odin, demolished King Doom after 99 years of battle… The list of things he had done that Storm could only dream of just goes on and on.

Thor wins another point for a clean sweep.

Point: Thor (5:0) Storm

Thor Vs. Storm: Who Wins?

In the end, it’s a no-contest for the God of Thunder. I can’t think of a facet of their games that Storm could edge Thor in. He wins 9/10 times, and that one time Storm could win would be while Thor was unworthy and without his powers, and Storm wielded the Stormcaster while being the Goddess.

Don’t get me wrong; Storm is incredibly powerful. There’s only a handful of Omega-level mutants, and Ororo is among them – and she had proven numerous times that she just might be the most powerful mutant among the X-Men. You heard me right; more powerful than Jean Grey, Professor X, or others.


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Storm proved she could hop between dimensions, outwitted the Shadow King (a powerful long-term X-Men villain), wielded Asgardian power, and much more.

However, comparing a human mutant to one of the most powerful gods in the universe is like racing a Ferarri with a bicycle. Storm is incredibly powerful, but Thor is just on another level, and he wins the battle of weather manipulators, hands down.

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