Thor vs. Zeus: Who Would Win In A Fight? (MCU And Comics)

thor vs zeus

One of the things that we saw in the newest Thor: Love and Thunder movie was Thor attacking Zeus, who he thought he had killed. Of course, we also found out that Zeus was the oldest of the gods and was the one that Thor idolized before he actually met him. While we do know that Thor was able to land what could have easily been a killing blow to Zeus, that was not the case. So, in a real fight between Thor and Zeus, who would win?

There isn’t anything conclusive enough to tell who would win in a fight between Thor and Zeus. Thor is mightier and stronger than Zeus in terms of his physical prowess. However, we do know that Zeus is better at using magic and is perhaps just as durable or even more durable than Thor.

While Zeus may have been a fat and selfish slob in his MCU version, we still know for a fact that he is an incredibly powerful god that is perhaps stronger than most of the other gods throughout the universe. There is a reason why he was the leader of all of the gods as he is simply powerful. So, with that said, let’s look at in greater detail who would win in a fight between Thor and Zeus.


Thor is the mightiest of all of the Asgardians as he was born with a physique that far surpasses any of the Asgardians. In Thor: Love and Thunder, he was able to easily squat gigantic boulders as the comics state that he has a strength level that allows him to carry more than 100 tons. That means that Thor’s strength is nearly immeasurable as he is simply mightier than most of the other gods throughout the universe.

thor strength

Zeus, despite being a fat slob in the MCU, is actually the second strongest out of all of the gods of Olympus as he is second only to his son, Hercules, who is physically the strongest character in the entire Marvel universe. But Zeus, in the comics, has been able to match Hercules in strength by imbuing himself with his own magic and powers so that he could boost his already impressive strength levels.


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Thor could be stronger than Zeus at their base levels, but Zeus has the advantage of using his magic to improve his strength. In that regard, we cannot say for sure who is stronger between them, as Thor was able to, at times, match the strength of Hercules in the comics.

Thor 0, Zeus 0


One of the things that Thor can do is to use Mjolnir or Stormbreaker to propel himself in the air and fly at incredibly high speeds that allow him to move from one city to another in a hurry. He is most likely faster than the fastest fighter jets in the world as he is capable of traveling at supersonic speeds whenever he is up in the air with his hammer or axe. While he may not have the running speed of the fastest speedsters in Marvel, he is still incredibly fast while he is in flight.

thor flying

Zeus isn’t the fastest god in Olympus as he wasn’t gifted with incredible speed. Still, Zeus has the speed that allows him to far outran the fastest athletes in the world as he does possess the physique of a god. He can also imbue himself with his magic and lightning powers so that he can further boost his already impressive speed. As such, he can move quite fast for a god that was never considered the fastest in his own pantheon.

Even though Zeus can boost his speed with his powers, there is nothing he can do to match Thor’s speed whenever he is in flight. Zeus might be able to match Thor’s speed on the ground, but that’s just about it.

Thor 1, Zeus 0


As the God of Thunder, Thor is capable of using thunder to his advantage in a fight as he can control thunder and project bolts of thunder energy from his body. When using Mjolnir or Stormbreaker, the thunderbolts that he can project are powerful enough to knock Thanos down and can even destroy something as powerful as the Necrosword. Meanwhile, in Thor: Love and Thunder, he was also able to enchant the weapons of the Asgardian kids so that they could possess the power of Thor as well, although he was only able to do so using Zeus’s Lightning Bolt.

Zeus is the Greek God of Lightning, and that means that he has lightning under his command. Using his Lightning Bolt, he has supreme command over lightning and is capable of hurling blasts of energy toward his opponents. On top of that, Zeus is also capable of using magic that is seemingly at the level of Odin’s own magical prowess. He is a powerful god with energy projection powers that are just as powerful as any other god in the Marvel universe.

zeus powers

As impressive as it might be that Thor is capable of commanding Thunder, Zeus can do the same but has more powers under his command. The fact that Zeus can use magic, which is one of Thor’s weak areas as a god, gives him the edge here.

Thor 1, Zeus 1


Over the course of his existence in the comics and in the MCU, Thor has mainly wielded Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, which are very powerful weapons that are capable of killing gods and cosmic entities throughout the universe. In fact, both of these weapons are nearly indestructible and are capable of further improving Thor’s already powerful command over thunder. On top of that, Stormbreaker allows Thor to summon the Bifrost at will so that he can easily move between worlds in a hurry.


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Zeus’s main weapon in the MCU is his Lightning Bolt, which Thor recognizes is an incredibly powerful weapon that could even be more powerful than both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. Lightning Bolt can be used as some sort of a bladed weapon like a sword but can be split into two to act as daggers. And it also seems like Lightning Bolt’s lightning/thunder powers are capable of surpassing both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker because Thor was able to enchant the weapons of the Asgardian kids using Lightning Bolt.

zeus lightning bolt

It can be argued that, based on what we saw in Love and Thunder, Lightning Bolt is stronger than both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker because Thor wanted to borrow it from Zeus to defeat Gorr.

Thor 1, Zeus 2

Combat Skills

Thor is the mightiest combatant in all of Asgard, even though he may not be the most skillful. His combination of strength and experience has allowed him to win battles using his might as a combatant, as he is proficient in both unarmed and armed combat. As an armed combatant, he is great at fighting, using his fists to the point that he was able to brawl with the Hulk. Of course, when using Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, Thor is incredibly strong and proficient at handling any kind of enemy in front of him.

thor vs hulk

We never saw Zeus’s capabilities as a fighter in the MCU, but he is said to be quite a powerful fighter in the comics. It can be presumed that Zeus was trained well enough in the art of combat because he himself is a god that actively participated in battles during his prime. However, we cannot say for sure how skilled he is as a fighter because most gods like him tend to rely more on their strength and powers than their actual skills.

The fact that Thor has been able to fight Hercules on par in the comics means that he is probably more skilled than Zeus, who himself isn’t near Hercules in terms of his combat prowess. This means that Thor should be able to defeat Zeus in both unarmed and armed combat.

Thor 2, Zeus 2

Thor vs. Zeus: Who Would Win In A Fight?

We know for a fact that, as the leader of an entire pantheon of gods, Zeus is incredibly powerful and is right up there at the top in terms of his overall capabilities as a god. However, Thor’s feats have all been impressive enough for us to say that he could be just as strong as Zeus is. With that said, this fight could go either way because both of these gods are mighty and powerful in their own way.

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