Draken’s Death in Tokyo Revengers: Will He Come Back?

draken death

The Tokyo Revengers storyline has seen tons of tragic and often unexpected deaths, from Emma being killed to specific characters being killed off despite numerous attempts at saving them. However, Draken’s death had fans feeling heartbroken, with many now wondering if Draken will be back.

Draken was killed numerous times throughout the Tokyo Revengers storyline, the most notable of which involved him succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds. He was shot while defending Takemichi from an assassination attack, but Draken does make a return along with other fallen allies due to Takemichi and Mikey returning to the past as children and changing everyone’s fate.

While Draken has died several times throughout the saga’s progression, he somehow still made his way to the final arc of Tokyo Revengers – at least, within the Tokyo Revengers manga series. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about how Draken died, as well as how he managed to make a return.

Draken in Tokyo Revengers

Draken, formally referred to as Ken Ryuguji, is a main character in the Tokyo Revengers storyline. He is the fourth member and former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, although he did become a member of the motorbike gang, Brahman, in a past timeline.


He is a tall and muscular teenager who loves a good fight, and he flaunts a pretty wild personality that often lands him in some rather dangerous situations. He is incredibly protective over Mikey, as well as his other friends, and he is shown to be relatively mature and responsible when compared to some other Tokyo Revengers characters.

How Did Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken has actually died numerous times throughout the entire Tokyo Revengers storyline. In one of the time leaps, Takemichi manages to save Draken’s life after learning he will be stabbed during a fight. Although, after returning to the future, he learns that Draken was still deceased due to another incident.


All 3 Time Leapers in Tokyo Revengers

In most timelines, Draken was either already dead, on the verge of dying, or he was destined to be killed in the future, and it seemed as if Draken’s fate was sealed all along, but a specific death really stood out among fans. In one timeline, Takemichi Hanagaki managed to successfully save Hina from getting killed, shortly before they would be happily married.


However, there was still one key member missing from this picture-perfect scenario – Mikey, who also died several times in Tokyo Revengers. Draken tried to warn Takemichi about Mikey, stating that he wasn’t the person that they remembered, and that none of them had seen Mikey in over a decade at the time. Mikey had become a villainous tyrant, now the leader of Japan’s most ruthless and dangerous gangs.

Draken Sacrificed Himself to Save Takemichi

Of course, this didn’t stop Takemichi from seeking out Mikey, despite Draken’s warnings. Instead, he met up with Mikey in an attempt to help him let go of his Dark Impulses and find himself again, which only led to Takemichi getting shot by Mikey himself.

Before dying, Takemichi returned to the past once again, vowing to change the future in order to save everyone, including Mikey. A war between the Three Deities started in Japan due to his actions, after which Takemichi was targeted by the Rokuhara Tandai gang – Takemichi was given the choice to either join them or be killed.

draken michy

Chapter 222 of the Tokyo Revengers manga follows as the scenario unfolds, showing that since Takemichi didn’t join them, a hit was placed on Takemichi in return. However, Draken arrived and jumped in front of Takemichi in order to defend him before he could get killed, and he was ultimately shot three times in the process.

draken dead

With his last strength, Draken asked Takemichi to help Mikey return to his old self, after which he passed away. Takemichi ran and asked for help, but Draken’s official death was later confirmed by the paramedics’ statements in Chapter 224 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, as they stated that it was simply too late to save him from the severe blood loss.

Will Draken Come Back in Tokyo Revengers?

When it seemed that Draken was finally gone for good, Tokyo Revengers fans all over the world mourned his tragic fate. Just about every Tokyo Revengers fan was absolutely shocked at the loss of one of Tokyo Revengers’s most iconic and well-loved characters, especially considering that he willingly took the bullet and sacrificed himself to save Takemichi.

draken dying moment

A panel of Draken’s spirit being welcomed by Emma’s spirit after his death in the Tokyo Revengers manga series also gave the impression that Draken would not come back at a later stage. However, many were quick to argue that, since time travel is a major aspect of Tokyo Revengers, there is always the chance that he could make a return.

draken emma dead

This was further supported by how Draken’s death seemed rushed and insignificant, almost glossed over and overshadowed by the battle of the Three Deities. His funeral also felt rushed and less important, which many interpreted as it being a temporary death rather than an official death. While Mikey wasn’t the most reliable source at the moment, he seemed almost unphased by Draken’s death as well.

Draken’s final death was nowhere near as dramatic and heart-wrenching as it should have been, leading many fans to believe it wasn’t truly the end. Fortunately, the hands of fate were twisted entirely by Takemichi’s final attempt at fixing everything, sparked by Mikey’s will to get help for himself.


Where Does the Tokyo Revengers Anime End? Where to Continue with the Manga?

Although this has yet to reach fans’ screens, only featured in the manga at the time of writing. This vital moment between Mikey and Takemichi actually led to Takemichi and Mikey’s return to a time when they were still children, topped with an apparent understanding of the events of other timelines, which ultimately allowed enough room to change the course of time.

It’s shown that Takemichi finally managed to get things right this time, having Mikey at his side in the process, and they eventually prevented the tragedy and turmoil that led to Mikey’s descent into madness as well as their friends’ deaths. In Chapter 278 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, the final part of the storyline, it’s shown that everyone is actually alive and well – including Draken!

Draken is seen celebrating Takemichi and Hina’s wedding, alongside all of their friends and loved ones who have also been miraculously spared from their tragic fates. Everyone seems to be cracking jokes and having a good time, although some characters were very much aware of the events that had transpired in other timelines.

tokyo revengers wedding

Of course, many found the Tokyo Revengers ending quite controversial, and there are plenty of questions as to how exactly Draken was actually saved in the end. But, it’s clear that Takemichi had gone through a lot of trouble to make sure everyone turned out alright. While many fans were somewhat disappointed at how quickly and suddenly the conflict situations in Tokyo Revengers were wrapped up, many were simply glad to see that all of their beloved characters had a happily ever after.

That’s everything there is to know about Draken’s death in Tokyo Revengers, with images thanks to the Tokyo Revengers Wiki. Although fans were heartbroken to see this iconic Tokyo Revengers character being killed, rest assured that he is alive, well, and happy by the end of the Tokyo Revengers closing scenes.

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