Trigon v Galactus: Who Would Win?

Trigon v Galactus: Who Would Win?

Everyone loves a good villain. Most people love at least a couple of them. So, the more, the merrier, right? Following up on that logic, we have decided to dedicate today’s article to two supervillains, who we are going to pit against each other in a hypothetical clash. One of them is DC Comics’ demon Trigon, Raven’s father, and the other is Marvel’s Galactus, the devourer of planets. Can DC’s powerful Demon defeat Marvel’s gigantic threat? Keep reading our article to find out!

Seeing how he has a wider array of powers than Galactus, Trigon would win in this fight, if it were to happen. On top of that, he would be able to manipulate the fact that Galactus would start losing energy after a while – due to not eating – and use it to his advantage to win in the fight.

Today’s article is going to be all about comparing the power levels of Trigon and Galactus. You’re going to find out who Trigon and Galactus are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we’re going to give our final verdict on who is stronger. It’s promising to be a fun story so keep reading until the end!

Who and what is Trigon?

Trigon is a fictional demon appearing in stories published by DC Comics. He had his cameo debut in The New Teen Titans #2 (1980) and made his first full appearance in The New Teen Titans #4 (1981). He was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez and is today considered to be one of the most powerful entities in DC Comics’ mythos.

A sadistic, evil, cruel, dark and very powerful demon of inter-dimensional origin, Trigon is the result of mating between a female member of a mystical sect and the god they worshiped. A side effect of this mating is that their child had absorbed the evil energy of the inhabitants of Azarath, who formed him into their own personification.

At birth, Trigon killed everyone around him (including his own mother). At the age of six, he destroyed an entire planet. And at the age of thirty, he held dominion over millions of worlds in his own dimension.

Later, he met Arella. Arella was a depressed woman who decided to join a sect known as the Church of Blood, which was trying to kill Trigon. When the ritual was performed, Trigon, disguised as a man, emerged and married Arella. Soon, Arella discovered the true nature of her husband. When Trigon left her, Arella was on the verge of suicide when she is found by an extra-dimensional cult and she is taken to Azarath, where she gives birth to their daughter, Raven. Raven is brought up to “control her emotions” in order to suppress and control the demonic powers she inherited from Trigon.

During this time, Trigon was aware of his daughter’s whereabouts, but rarely intervened, except when a renegade monk attempted to cast Raven into another dimension; Trigon found him and killed him in time, and allowed the cult to keep her safe for the time being. Raven, learning of Trigon’s intentions to conquer the world, promises to help stop him; she initially approached the Justice League, but they turned her down on the advice of Zatanna, who sensed her demonic parentage.

In desperation, she reformed the Teen Titans with several new members in order to fight her father. The team was finally able to defeat Trigon and seal him in an interdimensional prison. However, Raven still had to fight the influence of her father, as he was not completely destroyed. Trigon eventually escaped and came to Earth, taking control of Raven and destroying Azarath in the process.

The Titans came together and tried to fight Trigon, but were contaminated with his demonic influence and were forced to kill Raven; this allowed Azarath’s souls to possess her and use her to kill Trigon – her demonic possession had made a plan to defeat the demon – and freeing her from the negative influence of her father. Although Trigon is dead, his followers (led by Brother Blood) have tried to revive him multiple times.

Trigon has appeared in several other media, both in live-action (Titans) and animated form (Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!). He also appeared in several DC Animated movies and in video games, including LEGO DC Super-Villains.

Is Galactus really so powerful?

Galactus is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe, a cosmic entity known as the devourer of planets. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuting in Fantastic Four #48 (1966).

Despite usually being portrayed as an antagonist, Galactus is actually essential in the upkeep of the Marvel Universe and is not primarily a villain like some other characters.

He has appeared as a protagonist in several stories, as well as being both a main and a recurring character over the years. He is considered to be one of the best and most popular Marvel villains.

Galactus was actually a humanoid alien explorer known as Galan from the Taa-an species. After passing a star, Galan gained god-like powers and turned into Galactus, a god-like entity that has to devour planets because he feeds on their energy.

His origin was further expanded by revealing that he had lived during the previous universe, before the Big Bang that created the current one; Galactus still remains the last living being from the previous universe. Due to his nature, Galactus has been an inspiration for many writers who’ve explored his story and his character further.

Being a god-like entity, Galactus is usually depicted as having a very different sense or morality than regular humans, which often causes him to clash with Earth’s superheroes. He has an immense set of powers and is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in the whole Marvel Universe, especially if full on energy after having devoured several planets.

He is usually accompanied by a herald (the most famous one being the Silver Surfer) to whom he has granted cosmic powers. The herald travels the universe and searches for suitable planets for Galactus to feed on in order to satisfy his endless hunger. Although not impossible, it is exceptionally difficult to stop Galactus from devouring a planet once he’s decided to do so, which is why the best option is to leave the planet and let it get eaten.

It is presumed that Galactus cannot be stopped, even to the degree that he will probably be the last living being once this universe has collapsed, just like the one before it.

Due to his immense popularity, Galactus has appeared in a number of derivative media, including a cameo in the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). He is one of the villains heavily rumoured to make a debut in the MCU.

Determining Trigon’s and Galactus’ powers

As we always do before giving a verdict in such articles, we are going to determine what powers our protagonists (or antagonists, in this case) have. It is exceptionally important to do this, as the true nature of each of our character’s abilities becomes evident only when we dissect their powers and what they can actually do. Only then are we able to reach any meaningful conclusion as to the (possible) victor in our scenarios.

We start off with Trigon. Trigon is pure evil and a powerful, immortal demon capable of energy projection, telepathy, size change, super strength, reality manipulation, telekinesis, and the transmutation and manipulation of matter. He is also virtual invulnerable.

He was able to reshape the entire planet Earth on a whim; he had drained the souls of millions of worlds; he was apparently omniscient; he bestowed powerful psionic powers on Psimon; and he could create hordes of demons under his command, as well as open wormholes to other worlds. Additionally, Trigon was able to easily defeat the Teen Titans and the Justice League.

Trigon can also take a human form to deceive others. In this form, he appears as an attractive and muscular man with blond hair and bright golden eyes.

Each of the Sons of Trigon wields the power of a mortal sin bestowed as a gift from his father. Jared unleashes anger and rage on his opponents. Jesse sees into the minds of his victims and transforms himself into what they most envy, as well as assuming the powers and abilities of said envied to increase his own. Jacob invokes lust in the hearts of his prey. Raven also possesses this power, and is capable of inducing pride; however, doing so will leave you sick and nauseous for several days. It is unclear if this is caused by the demonic power itself or by his refusal to use it.

As for Galactus, his powers include god-like qualities (such as speed, strength and stamina), levitation, psionic abilities (telekinesis, telepathy), the ability to teleport, energy manipulation and molecular manipulation (through which he can change the molecular structure of others).

He is also invulnerable when at full energy and is practically immortal, although he can be weakened if not fed regularly. He also has other god-like abilities such as resurrection and creation (seemingly out of nothing), and can sense disturbances around the universe.

He can also change his own shape and size. His true form is unknown; as Galan, he was a humanoid alien, but his true form as Galactus is unknown because he appears to each being in a form resembling their own (this is why humans see him as a giant, armored human). His true form has never been shown.

Galactus’ powers are very similar to Darkseid’s and we have already said that there is not much difference between Trigon’s and Darkseid’s basic powers, with the exception of Trigon’s demonic nature and his reality-bending powers. The same applies to this situation – Galactus, however powerful he might be, is still a being of reality, he is multiversal in his presence, but he is very realistic, and completely non-magical in nature, unlike Trigon, who is a being of magic.

Who is stronger – Trigon or Galactus?

We now have everything we need to give our final verdict on the winner of this duel and the situation is pretty clear now that we have already done a similar comparison involving Trigon and Darkseid. In that aspect, our job here is much easier than before, even if Trigon and Galactus never fought against each other.

Galactus is gigantic and that is, in many ways, his biggest advantage, although he has a lot of other powers, but what usually scares people when Galactus is concerned is the fact that he is larger than a planet. Trigon’s basic form is not that large, but DC’s demon can easily change his shape and size, which means that Galactus would not have that advantage. In terms of physical powers, Trigon and Galactus are pretty much equal.

Galactus’ energy manipulation powers are great, but this is where Trigon’s demonic nature really comes into the spotlight. As far as energy manipulation is concerned, they’re both equally powerful, but Trigon also has reality-bending abilities and his demonic nature enables him to use a much more diverse array of powers than Galactus. As a demonic entity, Trigon is capable of much more than regular, non-magical characters and Galactus is definitely one such character.

We’ve already established that Trigon can beat a regular Darkseid (i.e., not his true form). Knowing that Darkseid’s basic form is as strong as Galactus, we can only conclude that Trigon would be able to defeat Galactus. He can mimic his size, he has a wider array of powers, he can manipulate reality itself and, on top of that, Galactus has an obvious weakness which Trigon can use to his advantage – if not fed, Galactus will lose power, while Trigon’s power levels will remain the same. Trigon only has to last long enough for Galactus to start losing power do defeat him pretty easily.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!