Trigun Filler List: Do You Need to Watch Them?

Trigun Filler List: Do You Need to Watch Them?

Long-running anime series, especially manga adaptations, have a tendency of adding so-called filler episodes or arcs during their initial run. This happens mostly when the anime has caught up with the manga, so the producers have to wait a while before the author continues the story, so they create original content. But, that is not the only situation. Namely, filler episodes were very popular throughout the 90s and early 00s, as even shorter anime series, which were adaptations of short(er) manga, had a lot of filler episodes. Although fillers expand the story in some way (sometimes, though, they’re just recapitulations), they aren’t related to the main narrative and prolong the main story, which is why fans usually don’t like them.

The chief reason, as we have said, why manga-based anime use fillers, is because there is a delay in the publication of the manga or the anime has finished the until-then-published manga storyline, so the animators use filler episodes until new material is available, but that is not the only one and the series we are going to talk about in this article, Trigun, is one such example. Trigun, the original series, has a lot of filler episodes and in this article, we are going to reveal whether they have to be watched.

How many fillers does Trigun have?

Unlike a lot of shorter anime series based on a (short) manga – as Trigun has only 26 episodes – the number of fillers in Trigun is surprisingly high. Namely, out of the 26 episodes that have aired, a total of 17 are fillers, which means that Trigun has an exceptionally high filler rate of 65%. This is not very typical for such shows, since Trigun is not an original series but rather an adaptation of a manga. The anime movie, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, is also non-canon. As for Trigun Stampede, we still don’t know whether the new series is going to have any fillers.

Do you need to watch the Trigun fillers?

Since the fillers make up 65% of the content and the final eight episodes of the series, that conclude its narrative, are actually fillers, there is no way you can skip the fillers of Trigun if you want to watch the show. The movie can be skipped, but the fillers simply cannot; namely, skipping the filler episodes would leave you with a total of four completely canon episodes and five mixed episodes, and these are not even directly connected to one another. So, if you want to watch the original Trigun anime series, you’ll have to watch all the fillers.


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Trigun filler list:

As we have said, if you want the complete Trigun experience, the filler episodes are a must-see. But, are they any good? In our opinion, they are, and you should definitely check them out, but we are now going to list the filler episodes and their content here so that you can see them for yourselves. They are:

Episode 1: “The $$60 Billion Man”

Outlaw #1, Vash the Hurricane, with a $60,000,000,000 bounty on his head, is restless. Almost every day he meets those who would not mind getting such money. Just yesterday, the whole city turned into real ruins, at the hands of its own inhabitants, who hunted Vash, as once again a gang of dashing people who rely on easy money overtakes him in a lonely bar near the neighboring city.

Meanwhile, Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson, representatives of the Bernardelli insurance company, arrive in the still-serene town in search of information about the Legendary Shooter. The girls are happy to learn that Vash is somewhere nearby and immediately go looking for them, and soon find the bounty hunters and their victim, but a third party interferes with the action.

Episode 2: “Truth of Mistake”

Meryl and Milly have completely used up their water supply. Arriving in a deserted city completely without water, Meryl noticed that the city’s buildings were ruined and destroyed. They accidentally heard from a passerby that Vash the Hurricane was in town and hired as a bodyguard by Cliff Cesar, who happens to be the only resident and lives in a large mansion.

Episode 3: “Peace Maker”

Frank Marlon, once a famous gunsmith, is now just a pathetic alcoholic. By the will of fate, he meets Vash. Vash tries to change his life for the better. When a group of bandits arrives in the city, they claim that their leader is Vash the Hurricane himself. There is no Sheriff in the city, so Vash and the townspeople have to stop them themselves. In a strange twist of fate, Frank Marlon ends up saving the day. Like Vash, although he wasn’t drunk, he still tried.

Episode 6: “Lost July”

After the townspeople raised enough money to call in an emergency crew to fix their power plant, Vash is hired as a bodyguard for the chief engineer, an attractive woman who seems to have a special interest in the good gunslinger.

Episode 10: “Quick Draw”

In the city of May, Vash unexpectedly meets Wolfwood again. Together they join a “First Shooter” contest to help a poor family. This leads to their meeting in the final, with interesting results.


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Episode 11: “Escape from Pain”

Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Milly Thompson come across two young people, Mur and Julias who are fleeing from the latter’s natural father and adoptive father, once they discover that their business is based on buying and selling people. Meanwhile, Vash is commissioned by Julias’ adoptive father to bring him back with the girl for a reported $200 million.

Once found, Vash shoots them as it had not been specified whether they were to return alive or dead, but Nicholas notices the trick by noting the lack of gunpowder inside the bullets. The two young men are therefore safe and unharmed, free to lead the life they want.

Episode 13: “Vash the Stampede”

After the last clash that saw Vash engaged and victorious against Monev The Gale, Meryl Stryfe gives her account behind the typewriter of her first four months regarding the mission entrusted to her by her insurance company where she works, Bernardelli, together with her friend and colleague Milly Thompson.

She is Vash The Stampede, the reason for his nickname, Humanoid Typhoon, but above all, to monitor him to explain the reason for the chain of damages due to his movements.

Episode 16: “Fifth Moon”

The next adversaries for the Humanoid Typhoon are E.G. Mine and the samurai Raidei the Blade. Defeated the first quite easily, the second of the two, who joined the Gung-Ho Guns only to be able to face Vash, proves to be difficult, and thanks to a blade that can be transformed into a firearm when needed, he is almost on the verge of defeat him after hitting him in the shoulder. Suddenly, however, Vash’s right arm turns into a powerfully destructive weapon, completely demolishing the city where the battle takes place.

Episode 17: “Rem Saverem”

The episode starts with a flashback to the past of Vash as a child and his twin brother Knives. The two reside and grew up among men who navigate a colony of ships in search of a planet to live on. Among these stands out the presence of Rem, the guardian of the twins. Vash takes and will follow literally, even after his death, all his teachings especially those concerning pacifism and respect for others, which leaves Knives totally disappointed, who considers them primitive, also due to the violence suffered by Steve, one of the crew members.

Episode 19: “Hang Fire”

Meryl and Milly get back on the trail of Vash who was last seen in Little Jersey but arrive late as he has already moved with Nicholas D. Wolfwood to New Oregon, a town that has been the prey of two families for years in league with each other, the Poros and the Frisks. In the last confrontation between these, one of the members of the second family was killed by the first. The Frisks meditate revenge by assaulting them on a postal sand steamer, where the two insurers and Vash are also located, who arrived there on purpose to flush out the hostilities between the two families.

Episode 20: “Flying Ship”

Vash once again escapes the insurance companies to reach his old living acquaintances in a remnant of lost technology, perpetually floating in the air. Nicholas also joins him without his knowledge, who, noticing the inhabitants frightened to see people like him coming from outside, believes that sooner or later the time will come for them to live on the surface too. Vash finds the master and head of the population, aware of his background and the reason for his return. Their arrival is spied on by Leonoff the Puppet Master thanks to his mechanical puppets in the shape of birds.

Episode 21: “Out of Time”

After taking out all of Leonoff the Puppet Master’s puppets, Vash faces one of the other two Gung-ho Guns who sneaked inside the ship, Hoppered the Gauntlet, a bloodthirsty madman with a shield that can double as a projectile, while Nicholas D. Wolfwood he deals with the other of the two hitmen, Gray the Ninelives, a giant android. The purpose of both is to destroy the plant that keeps the ship afloat. Vash manages to get around his opponent’s shield thanks to Leonoff’s wires, however, the system is seriously damaged by the blows previously received by the Gung-ho Gun. In another sector of the central plant, Nicholas gets the better of his opponent with some difficulty.


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Episode 22: “Alternative”

Vash, Nicholas, Meryl, and Milly find a small town that is not allowed to outsiders. As they try to persuade the inhabitants to enter, a hungry boy rummages through the supplies of the four and flees. He lives in a small house outside the city in the company of other children, all orphans. Vash, Nicholas, and the two insurers dedicate themselves to them and temporarily lodge there. The following morning they are visited by the villagers who they believe are guilty of the extermination caused during the night within their walls. While the humanoid typhoon and the reverend try to prove their innocence, a group of worms invades the area, as well as the village, despite the external layer of rock usually preventing them from going beyond it.

Episode 23: “Paradise”

Nicholas D. Wolfwood confronts his past, his teacher, as well as Gung-Ho Gun Chapel the Evergreen. In an interview that takes place between the two the day before their clash, it turns out that Nicholas had the only task of escorting Vash to his brother, an order later revoked to execute a new one, to face the humanoid typhoon. All this is to save the children of the mission he owns in December. Nicholas hesitates and the next day he seems to challenge Vash by pointing the weapon at him, then he thinks better of it and faces his mentor, winning. He spares his life by deciding to follow Vash’s instructions not to kill people, but his mistake costs him dearly because he dies at the hands of his master under the psychic control of Legato Bluesummers.

Episode 24: “Sin”

Chapel The Evergreen lashes out at Legato Bluesummers, responsible for the death of his pupil Nicholas D.Wolfwood but ends up under his psychic power, only to be liquefied by Knives, who makes his appearance. The last act of their program begins, i.e. eternal suffering at Vash The Stampede. Midvalley The Hornfreak, a Gung-Ho Gun capable of killing people thanks to sonic waves launched with his saxophone, comes up against him. Vash after a hard fight manages to hit the lethal instrument through the rebound of its bullets, thus making it harmless. But the killer musician continues to use it despite the damage and loses his life due to the explosion of his weapon.

Episode 25: “Live Through”

Meryl and Milly bring a tired Vash to a small town a few miles from Locktown, to cure him and put him back on track, with the inhabitants who offer them a home in solidarity. The humanoid typhoon spends his days with the remorse of having cold-bloodedly killed a person (Legato Blusummers) despite the strict case of necessity in which he found himself. Meryl and Milly work temporarily as a waitress in a bar and as a factory workers respectively. However, an inhabitant realizes Vash’s true identity, and a real revolt is unleashed against him and the girls, guilty of not having warned the entire population about who they were really hosting.


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Episode 26: “Under the Sky So Blue”

After an initial flashback that definitively narrates the complex relationship that Vash has with his brother, as well as the years spent among other men, the final duel begins. Balanced clash until Knives manages to take possession of his brother’s gun and transform both arms into powerful destructive weapons. For the first time in his life, Vash fails his principles and manages to win thanks to the cross of Nicholas D. Wolfwood hidden under the ground a few steps away from him. So he no longer has any qualms about shooting at a man if in cases of strict necessity and defeated Knives promises from now on to seek his answers alone, while maintaining Rem’s teachings.

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