Trigun Main Characters Ages, Heights, Weights & Birthdays

Trigun Main Characters Ages, Heights, Weights & Birthdays

Trigun is a Japanese manga by Yasuhiro Nightow from 1995 initially collected in three tankōbon volumes by Tokuma Shoten, published between 1996 and 1999. In 1997, Shonen Captain, the magazine in which Trigun was serialized, was closed, making the manga incomplete. In 1998 Trigun Maximum was published, a continuation of the first series, starting in January 1998 and ending on March 30, 2007. In 1998 it was made into an anime television series created by the Madhouse studio, consisting of 26 episodes and broadcast at home by the Tokyo TV network. An anime film, Trigun: Badlands Rumble was produced. In 2022, a new anime adaptation titled Trigun Stampede was announced for a 2023 premiere.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Trigun characters and their heights, ages, weights, and birthdays. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the manga. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

Vash the Stampede150+UnknownPlant5’11” (180 cm)Unknown
Nicholas D. Wolfwood26~28UnknownHuman (GMO)6’0″ (182 cm)Unknown
Meryl Stryfe21-23UnknownHuman4’11” (150 cm)Unknown
Milly Thompson19-21UnknownHuman5’11” (180 cm)Unknown
Knives Millions150+UnknownPlant5’11” (180 cm)Unknown
Legato BluesummersUnknownUnknownHuman (GMO)5’8″ (173 cm)Unknown
Livio the Double FangUnknownUnknownHuman (GMO)UnknownUnknown
Rem SaveremUnknownUnknownHuman5’6″ (168 cm)Unknown
Tesla7½ monthsMay 3, 2405PlantUnknownUnknown
Zazie the BeastUnknownUnknownInsect (manga) / Human (anime)4’6″ (137 cm)Unknown
Brilliant Dynamites NeonUnknownUnknownHuman6’4″ (193 cm)Unknown
Midvalley the HornfreakUnknownUnknownHuman5’8″ (173 cm)Unknown
Leonof the Puppet-MasterUnknownUnknownHuman5’9″ (176 cm)Unknown
Gray the NinelivesUnknownN/ARobot (manga) / Cyborg (anime)7’5″ (226 cm)Unknown
Rai-Dei the BladeUnknownUnknownHuman5’6″ (169 cm)Unknown
Dominique the CyclopsUnknownUnknownHuman (GMO)UnknownUnknown

Vash the Stampede

vash the stampede anime vash stampede wallpaper

Vash the Stampede (aka The Humanoid Typhoon) is the protagonist of the series. A 60 billion double dollar ($$) wanted man who shuffles from city to city trying to escape a thousand disasters that follow him. Despite being a staunch pacifist he is also a very experienced gunslinger, who tries never to kill anyone. He was left without an arm in the first fight with his brother Knives and was forced to replace it with a mechanical one, which if necessary shows a hidden pistol that Vash will use in critical moments. His appearance is that of a common human being, but his true nature is actually a plant, a mysterious form of artificial life that the spaceship colonists used for the production of energy and supplies.

His whole being is capable of producing energy, which usually “shoots” out of his arm and transformed into a cannon (in the anime, unlike the manga, the gun built by Knives is needed to use the power of plant, in the manga instead the arm transforms into the great weapon without the aid of the pistol). His presumed age is 131 years. In the comic, however, the non-immortal nature of the plants is revealed, which cease to live when they run out of energy (a state symbolized by the progressive transition of the color of the hair from blond to black) unless they reabsorb it from another plant.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood


A somewhat mysterious character who appears to be a preacher. At least he is dressed as one, he claims to represent an orphanage and carries a large cross wrapped in a cloth tied with straps. In reality, this cross is an armory that opens when needed: the arms contain pistols, the long end is a long-range machine gun, and the head is a missile launcher. Wolfwood ends up traveling with Vash by chance, or so he lets himself think, for as time passes, it is discovered that he has his own hidden reasons.


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He is also a member of the Eye of Michael, an organization of ecclesiastical assassins. Also, he is part of Guns-Gung-ho. Later Knives asks to accompany Vash without informing the rest of the Guns-Gung-ho. However, he will become a faithful friend to Vash. His weapon is a pun, which includes an 8-gun battery, a flamethrower, and a rocket launcher, called “Punisher” (same as his nickname in Guns-Gung-ho). Although he seeks to do good as Vash does, helping others in situations where no one else would volunteer, he differs from him in that he would kill if he thought he had to. He seems to have an attraction to Milly. He is murdered by Chapel when he is manipulated by Legato.

Meryl Stryfe

meryls guns trigun

Along with Milly Thompson, she is an employee of the Bernardelli insurance organization. She has been assigned to keep Vash out of trouble. They follow him wherever he goes in an attempt to prevent disaster before it happens, hoping that her insurance company won’t have to pay for the damage, which is often huge. However, at first, she did not believe that the reckless subject they met shortly after starting their trip was the real Vash; only after many adventures together and seeing him confront the Nebraska family, is she convinced about his true identity.

She is a bloodthirsty killer, but rather a good-natured gunslinger with the bad luck that trouble is after him. Meryl is strong and persistent. When the Gung-ho-Guns begin to attack, she decides to stick with Vash despite the risk it entails. Despite her being, strictly speaking, just an office worker, she is an excellent gunslinger. Her nickname, Derringer Meryl, comes from the dozens of Derringer pistols she conceals under her overalls, which she wields with great skill. She bears a resemblance to Rem. As the series progresses, she falls in love with Vash, although at first she doesn’t admit it, but as time goes by and with the help of her friend Milly, she accepts it.

Milly Thompson

6d4fbf22a796e71de033658194d050d179c9c89c hq

Meryl’s friend and assistant, also works for the Bernardelli insurance company and was the first to realize who the real Vash the Stampede was. She is an extremely kind and sentimental person, if somewhat naïve at times; she is very tall and strong. Usually good-natured and nice, she tends to freak out a bit when she drinks. In the manga, she seems to be in love with Wolfwood, so much so that when she is told that she has gone on a long journey (which she probably understands is a lie so as not to make her suffer), she breaks down in tears. As a weapon, she uses a kind of imprisoning harpoon-throwing gatling, extremely heavy.

Knives Millions


Vash’s twin brother, raised with him on Terran colony ships, believes that humans are parasites capable only of causing harm to the universe. In the anime, Knives’ hatred is caused by the constant violence suffered by one of the members of Project Seeds who openly shows his contempt for the two plant twins, causing him to be insecure towards all other human beings and consider them inferior and primitive. He kills with a series of deceptions all the staff of the spacecraft with the exception of Rem, due to the strong bond he had established with Vash.

In the manga, hatred is generated by the profound trauma received by Vash and Knives’ discovery of a scientific video diary, which reveals the existence of another plant, named Tesla, born before them in the spaceship: she, considered a technological miracle, had undergone several tests, which tortured her to the point of causing tumors throughout her body and destroying her bones.

Legato Bluesummers


A servant of Knives Millions, he approved of his master’s wishes, namely to be used as one of Vash’s most dangerous enemies. He can use what he calls a thread to control the body against people’s wishes. In addition, to serve the interests of Knives, he assembled a band of exceptional assassins who, at the same time, is their undisputed leader. According to his mentality, humans are an inferior race that does not deserve life and must be exterminated, by extension, his own life is worthless and this makes him dangerous because he does not fear death.


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Livio the Double Fang

A talented assassin and part of Guns-Gung-oh, he has a split personality that appears when in extreme danger called Razlo. He fights with two Christian crosses that turn out to be mini machine guns (one on the front and the other on the stern) ). At the end of the confrontation with Wolfwood (manga), he becomes one of Vash’s allies, which he protects from death at the cost of his oath not to hurt anyone.

Rem Saverem

TA 3233

If there’s one person who has defined Vash’s life, it’s Rem. She practically raised Vash and Knives well when they were kids. She also stood up for them when the crew of the Seed Ships thought they did not deserve to be treated as human beings. Losing her, which fuels his current character and pacifism, Vash learned the value of life at Rem’s sacrifice: he refused to abandon the seed ships in order to save the colonists when they were about to crash on the planet Gunsmoke; Rem crash-landed at the last moment at the cost of her life.


The character named Tesla has only so far appeared in the manga. She is the first Plant to arrive on a planet where humans live, and they perished as a result of the ongoing tests done on her to understand who she is and what she is capable of. Vash and Knives saw a vision of her that led them to the medical building, where she was the subject of experimentation. After her passing, Tesla’s body was kept in three cylindrical tanks: the first held his right arm, the second most of his dissected torso, and the third his brain and eyes. Knives become enraged and resentful about Tesla’s treatment of her, and ever since, she has detested people.

Zazie the Beast

Gung ho gun zazie the beast

Zazie is the 4th member of the Gung-ho-Guns. This small character, with the appearance of a child, appears to be non-human. He can communicate with animals, which obey him. He can also transfer his soul from one body to another, but it is almost unappreciated, in the manga he uses this ability to go from his normal body (after being crushed by an elevator) to that of a girl.


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Black Cat

She is a black cat that appears in all but the flashback episode of the anime, at various points in the manga, and in the animated film Trigun: Badlands Rumble. Her gender was clarified by Nightow himself in an interview; when asked about her nature and meaning she answered, explanatory: “Kuroneko-sama is a little black cat”. The cat’s only encounter with Vash takes place after Legato’s death, that is, when Vash feels compelled to break his oath to Rem.



Chronica, a further manga-only figure, is in charge of two separate stations that were dispatched from Earth in response to the “Gunsmoke homing beacon.” After Knives successfully boards the Ark and entered the two facilities, he shows up with Domina. It becomes clear from the conversations the plant woman has with her outposts that she has dealt with individuals similar to Knives in the past, but never with her own penchant for brutality.

She will attempt to exact revenge on his lieutenant Domina after she was taken by Knives, who later also destroys her unique character, and is one of the most active forces in the manga during the final clash. She gets the chance to kill Knives and does so by unleashing her destructive power (which is identical to Vash’s), but Livio is able to stop her before she hits Vash, who has already managed to free and draw the sibling away from the plant amalgam thanks to a pair of wings that appear from behind him.

Brilliant Dynamites Neon


Marauder and the Bad Lads’ commander. He is a guy of integrity, a captivating leader, and a great tactician. He has a great attraction to all things shiny and brilliant, which translates into a showman-like demeanor. He values talent and commitment, admiring Kaite’s dexterity in disarming the sand steamer Flourish, the ship’s helmsman for his readiness to lay down his life for it, and Vash for his dexterity in defeating him.

The fate of the steamboat and its passengers is on the line when he engages the Humanoid Typhoon in a duel. In the case that Vash triumphs, Neon will commit to breaking the steamer at an uncontrollable rate of speed. After the opponent damages one of the dynamos from which he gets power for his weaponry, he follows his word and continues to halt the aircraft despite the draw in the fight.

Midvalley the Hornfreak


Midvalley is an elegant killer dressed in a dark suit armed with a particular saxophone that emits shock waves. In the anime, he can transform his tool to fire hidden machine guns. He appears to be the leader of the Gung-Ho Guns. In the anime, he is only seen appearing sporadically as Legato Bluesummers’ right-hand man. He appears as the last Gung-Ho Guns to challenge Vash; although he initially prevails thanks to his formidable weapon and taking advantage of the hostages manipulated by Legato, Vash manages to damage the saxophone which explodes as it is used again.

In the manga, his background and his personality are more developed and he shows several times that he disapproves of the way the Gung-Ho Guns are sacrificed against Vash. He also shows that he wants to leave the organization at all costs, which he had entered by force after the meeting with Knives. Midvalley originally led a trio of hired killers masquerading as musicians; happened upon the site of their last massacre, Knives admired that to hit their target the three had killed all the people close to him.


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He, therefore, proposed they become his henchmen and when the killers refused and tried to kill him too, Knives eliminated them sparing only Midvalley, who decided to submit to his request, secretly plotting to regain his freedom. Fearing Vash and harboring a grudge against Knives, Midvalley plans to drop everything together with Gauntlet when the time comes. While he is facing Wolfwood, he will try to kill Legato together with Hoppered, losing his life in the attempt as well as his partner.

Leonof the Puppet-Master


Leonof is a stocky man, wearing round-lensed glasses, a black suit and hat, and a sparse mustache. He proves to be the most tactician and planner among the Gung-Ho Guns. He owes his name to the ability to maneuver realistic mechanical puppets of various shapes, with which he fights, using wires tens of kilometers long and strange globe-shaped devices. In the manga, it is revealed that his real name is Emilio the Player and that Vash knew him in his youth. It also turns out that he has lost his mind after the death of a woman named Isabel, with whom he was supposedly in love.

He attacks Vash’s “house”, the giant airship where the people with whom Vash has spent part of his life live, along with Gray the Ninelives (Hoppered the Gauntlet is also with them in the anime). After the defeat, in the manga, he commits suicide despite Vash trying to save him. In the anime, he is killed by Wolfwood, who manages to track down his location and pulverizes him by firing a cannonball with his Punisher.

Gray the Ninelives

Gray The Ninelives

He is an inhuman-looking giant who expresses himself only with verses, endowed with extreme strength and resistance, and whose body is equipped with a vast arsenal such as machine guns and various missiles. In the anime, it is an armored robot, while in the manga it is a cybernetic being inside which nine dwarfs are hidden (hence his nickname, literally “nine lives”) who maneuver him as if he were alive. In the anime he owes his nickname to his steadfastness; Nicholas says that no matter how many times you hit him he always manages to get back on his feet. In both versions, he is defeated and destroyed by Nicholas D. Wolfwood after an extreme fight.

Rai-Dei the Blade

The Blade

Rai-Dei is a swordsman dressed as a samurai, wearing a kasa and with a mane of black hair tied back in a ponytail. Extremely agile, he fights only with the sword, hence his nickname, combining his skill in white-weapon combat with special motorized skates that allow him to move quickly. His sword, in an emergency, can throw the blade like a projectile and its scabbard can turn into a rifle. He believes strongly in honor and does not tolerate the weak in any way. He willingly agrees to compete with Vash, wanting him to make him feel a sensation never felt before him, then disappointed by his pacifism.


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In the anime he doesn’t have skates; furthermore, his sword is a special weapon capable of throwing long-distance blows, powerful enough to split the ground, and he is the one who kills E.G. Mine after defeating him, deeming him an unworthy opponent for Vash. Initially, it puts Vash in difficulty, but then when the Humanoid Typhoon draws his against him in spite of the Angel Arm, he is overwhelmed by the power of the weapon. Before being blown away, he tastes the full force of Vash’s true power and admits, albeit awed, that his enemy did indeed give him a unique sensation. Both in the anime and in the manga, exhausted by the powerful blow hurled by Vash which reduced the city to rubble, he is finished off by Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Dominique the Cyclops


In the anime series, Vash has battled with a second killer; in the manga, it is a third. She is a long-coated, black-haired woman who uses a gun to battle. She is given this moniker because she only has one eye. Dominique’s other eye, dubbed “Demon Eye,” is blindfolded and serves as her secret weapon. When Dominique takes off the blindfold, her eye can induce potent hypnosis in the adversary, causing pauses in their sensory perceptions that cause her to appear very quickly. Following a violent argument, Vash learns about her talent and is able to control it by concentrating on the pain. This maintains his mind clean and releases him from hypnosis.

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