Tulsa King Episode 7: Release Date & Time, What Will Happen

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Tulsa King is getting increasingly serious as the tension between Dwight, the mafia, and the Black Macadams gang rises. Dwight knows that his killing Nico won’t pass without consequences, and Waltrip now considers Dwight his enemy more than ever. With all these disputes going on, it will be interesting to see what the sixth episode has in store for us. In this article, you can find information about Tulsa King episode 7, its release date & time, and what will happen.

Tulsa King: Episode 7 release date & time

The seventh episode of the first season of Tulsa King will be released on December 25, 2022. As with all the previous episodes, the seventh episode will air on Sunday and premiere exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming platform. Paramount+ typically releases new movies and shows on the platform at 3:00 am ET. This means that the Tulsa King episode 7 will also be released on December 25 at 3:00 am ET, 12:00 am PT, and 2:00 am CT. So, the next episode will air on Christmas.

A brief summary of the Previous Episode


In the sixth episode of Tulsa King, the FBI gets a tip about Dwight’s suspicious operations happening in Tulsa. Stacy is trying to keep Dwight out of harm’s way as she knows that his exposure also puts her at risk. She also asks him to help her take Waltrip down. In New York, Chickie and the rest of the crew are unhappy with Dwight killing Nico. They suggest that Dwight and her daughter need to be killed. But Pete does not allow that and blames everything on Nico. However, Goodie and Dwight arrange a meeting to try to devise a peaceful solution.

In Tulsa, Dwight meets with Waltrip. These two don’t see eye to eye, and their meeting had only put oil on the fire. Since Dwight had no intention of allowing Waltrip to be in charge of all operations in Tulsa, their meeting ended quickly. In the meantime, Bodhi gets a visit from the FBI. He’s being interrogated, and his store is searched. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when they learned that Bodhi did not rat Dwight out. Waltrip sends a message to Dwight and his crew by ordering Carson Pike to fire upon Mitch’s bar. Dwight and Mitch joined forces and killed the attacker in the process.

Unhappy that Nico is dead, Chickie decides to get revenge by attacking Tina’s husband in the alley.


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What will happen in Tulsa King episode 7?

The mid-credit scenes at the end of the sixth episode showed what we could expect to happen in the seventh episode. Emory is in the hospital after Chickie attacks him. Tina is calling Dwight to let him know what happened. Dwight thinks that it could be a warning, and Tina is concerned that there is something that Dwight is not telling her.

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Dwight has dinner with the farm owner where Armand works. He admits to her that he was in jail for a long time. Goodie comes to Tulsa and talks with Dwight. Afterward, he reports everything he learned about Dwight’s operations to Chickie. Chickie gets detailed information about what sort of business Dwight runs and who he works with. Mitch and Dwight bury Carson Pike, and Stacy discovers Dwight killed him. She threatens him that she will arrest him. Dwight sends the box containing Pike’s vest to Waltrip, and Waltrip is furious. Goodie thinks that Dwight is not going to be controllable for much longer.

It will be interesting to see how Goodie finds out about Dwight’s operations and whether Dwight is going to be suspicious of him. Stacy seems to be very attached to Dwight, she is not sure what side she is on exactly, so that is something we might find out in the next episode as well.

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