‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 8 Ending, Explained: Did Jodi Foster Dreams Reveal the Truth?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 8 of Unsolved Mysteries. The popular series returns to Netflix to put the spotlight on some of the most mysterious cases that have never been solved in the United States of America. The series maintains its popularity thanks to the great variety of cases it presents. We are not only talking about crimes, murders, and disappearances, but sometimes we are also dealing with the supernatural and the fantastic. There are many cases involving ghosts, aliens, and even fantastic creatures.

Episode 8 presents a case that positions itself as the strongest one in this third volume. The case in question deals with the disappearance of a woman named Marliz Spennhake. Marliz disappeared in 1979 and was never heard from again. The episode does a good job of presenting her story alongside other stories that end up clashing into one big, satisfying mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is without a doubt the best episode of the season, so far. Let’s hope the season has saved something even better for the season finale.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for episode 8 of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3. Read at your own risk.

Did Jodi Foster Dreams Reveal The Truth?

While the episode’s main story has to do with the disappearance and fate of Marliz in 1976, the episode begins the tale in 2000. It is in this year when Jodi Foster, a young mother, moves to the town of Chico, in California. She moves with her daughter to an apparently normal department complex. However, from the get-go, Jodi could feel that something was wrong with the apartment. She describes a foul smell and a heavy atmosphere that definitely wasn’t normal.

On top of that, her daughter would also begin experiencing and communicating with someone she called, “my Marliz”. However, at this point, Jodi didn’t know that decades before, her apartment had been the apartment where Marliz had moved when she also arrived in California. It seemed like even after her death, Marliz’s spirit still remained in the apartment, and it was trying to communicate. Jodi also started having strange dreams. In these dreams, she was a young woman who was being approached by a creepy couple.

The supernatural happenings at the apartment started to become more and more intense, and Jodi decided it was time to move on. Her neighbors explained that no one really stayed at that place for very long. The happenings stopped, but one year later, while living in another home far from the apartment, the strange dreams began to come back again. In these dreams, she also started seeing some numbers, like “35.76” and some other clues. Tired of these experiences, Jodi went with this information to the police.

In a frightening coincidence, the detective in charge of reopening the Marliz case answered Jodi’s phone call. It seems like fate was joining them in some way, as the same day that Jodi decided to call about the case was the same day the detective was reviewing the case once again. The detective picked up Jodi’s information and cross-referenced it with other clues he had gathered from other sources. It seemed like Jodi’s dreams were really onto something.

What Happened With Marliz?

As a young woman, Marliz moved to California with the intention of becoming an actress. However, being far from her family was getting to her. She seemed sad when talking with her sister over the phone, and she declared she was coming home that year. Of course, she never returned. In the same period of time, another girl named Colleen also disappeared in strange circumstances. The disappearance of both girls seemed to share many aspects, and so the police tried to relate both cases.

Many years later, a woman named Janice goes to the police to confess something. Her confession indicated that her husband, Cameron Hooker, had a woman named Colleen in their basement and that he tortured her and hurt her on a daily basis. The police give immunity to Janice, who spills all the details about her husband’s crimes. Cameron is arrested, and Colleen is saved after having been kidnapped for seven years. It is also revealed that Cameron did the same with Marliz years before, but she ended up killing her and burying her somewhere.

Cameron was sentenced to 104 years in prison, and yet, he has been set free since then and will be held in a mental facility for some years before being released to the world. It is quite disgusting. Janice was able to continue her life, although now she lives under another name. However, Marliz’s case and her final resting place still remain a mystery. The area to be covered in search of her resting place is just too big.

In the end, Jodi’s dreams are confirmed by the police to have held important information in the case. Something that really makes you wonder if dreams are truly one way to communicate between planes of existence.

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