Vermithor vs. Vhagar: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

vermithor vs. vhagar

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House of the Dragon is about to finally commence the Dance of the Dragons, which is the Targaryen civil war that weakened House Targaryen and led to the extinction of the dragons. In this war, two of the biggest dragons that took part in the battles were Vermithor and Vhagar, who are both on opposite sides of the Dance of the Dragons. So, in this regard, who between Vermithor and Vhagar is bigger and stronger?

Vhagar is slightly bigger than Vermithor, as she is older and is said to be the only dragon that came close to Balerion the Black Dread’s size. However, Vermithor isn’t a lot smaller than Vhagar. And due to the fact that Vhagar is a veteran of many wars and battles, she is also stronger than Vermithor.

Even though Vermithor isn’t bigger and stronger than Vhagar, the fact that he is still incredibly large compared to all of the other dragons in Westeros means that he is just as fearsome and ferocious as they are. In that regard, there is a good chance that Vermithor will have some of the best feats in the upcoming Dance of the Dragons, especially when compared to what Vhagar will also do.

Vermithor History And Size Explained

Vermithor was born during the early part of the Targaryen dynasty in Westeros and was likely the cradle-side companion of Jaehaerys Targaryen, as they were born right around the same time. As such, this dragon immediately bonded with the Targaryen prince during the early part of his life. And as he grew older during the early part of the Targaryen dynasty, Vermithor grew bigger than almost all of the other dragons, and even some of the other ones that were older than him.


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In that regard, Vermithor was already a large dragon when Jaehaerys led a rebellion against King Maegor the Cruel in 48 AC. At that time, it was said that Vermithor was the third-largest dragon in the world, and that speaks volumes in relation to just how big he was during the early part of his life. Of course, Vermithor only grew larger by the time of the Dance of the Dragons because dragons never stop growing.

Vermithor bonded with King Jaehaerys throughout the Old King’s entire life, as they spent nearly 70 years together. During Jaehaerys’s reign, Vermithor was often seen together with Silverwing, who was Queen Alysanne’s dragon. Called the Bronze Fury, Vermithor and Silverwing were the bronze and silver duo that often flew the skies together when Jaehaerys and Alysanne were spending time on their dragons.

Alysanne and Jaehaerys on Silverwing and Vermithor

After King Jaehaerys’s death, Vermithor spent his entire life in the dragonpit of Dragonstone without a dragonrider, as no one claimed him, probably out of respect for the dragon of the late king. However, during the Dance of the Dragons, Jacaerys Velaryon called for more dragonriders so that the Blacks could match the forces of the Greens. That was when a certain bastard named Hugh Hammer claimed Vermithor.

Vermithor was an incredibly powerful dragon during the Dance of the Dragons and was responsible for a lot of deaths due to its massive size and strength. However, when Hugh Hammer was killed, and several knights tried to kill Vermithor, the dragon went on a rampage. Seasmoke and Tessarion fought with Vermithor, and both dragons died in that battle along with the Bronze Fury. 

But before Vermithor died, he displayed its incredible strength by ripping Seasmoke’s head from its neck. Vermithor died when he tried to take flight but crashed into the ground because his tattered wings could no longer support his weight. At the time of his death, Vermithor was the second-largest dragon that took part in the Dance of the Dragons. He was close to 100 years old at the time of his death.

Vhagar History And Size Explained

Vhagar was one of the three dragons that Aegon the Conqueror took to Westeros when he conquered the Seven Kingdoms. Queen Visenya Targaryen was the one who rode Vhagar during Aegon’s Conquest. Born around 50 years before Aegon’s Conquest, Vhagar was the smallest of the three dragons that conquered Westeros but was still big enough that she struck terror in the hearts of different armies all over the continent.

Throughout Vhagar’s entire life, she was an experienced veteran of many different wars, especially because Visenya often rode her in battles. As such, by the time Aegon’s Conquest was already over, Vhagar was as experienced as any dragon in the world. On top of that, the dragon continued to grow larger and larger as she grew older. Meraxes’s death meant that Vhagar became the second-biggest dragon in the world.

vhagar aemond

Vhagar was Visenya Targaryen’s mount throughout her entire life, as they were together for more than 70 years. After Visenya’s death, Baelon Targaryen, the father of Viserys and Daemon, claimed Vhagar. Baelon died 28 years after claiming Vhagar, and the dragon was without a rider until Lady Laena Velaryon claimed her. Laena’s death allowed Prince Aemond Targaryen to claim Vhagar as his own.

After Balerion the Black Dread’s death, Vhagar was the uncontested largest and strongest dragon in the world. That meant that no other dragon was bigger than her during the Dance of the Dragons. In that regard, Aemond was a force to be reckoned with in the Targaryen civil war because he had the world’s largest dragon.


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Vhagar burned the Riverlands when Princess Rhaenyra took King’s Landing by force. As Aemond and his dragon were terrorizing the Riverlands, Prince Daemon challenged them to a fight. This led to a showdown called the Battle Above the Gods Eye. At that time, Vhagar was twice as big as Caraxes, who was Daemon’s dragon. 

But Daemon’s experience allowed him to bridge the size gap, as the battle was a stalemate with the two dragonriders and their dragons dying in this legendary fight. At the time of her death, Vhagar was nearly 200 years old.

Who Is Bigger And Stronger Between Vermithor And Vhagar?

It was always stressed that Vhagar was the largest dragon in the world after Balerion’s death and during the Dance of the Dragons. This means that Vhagar is bigger than Vermithor, although the size disparity between the two wasn’t too great. Vermithor, on the other hand, was the third-largest dragon in the history of Westeros, as he was said to be smaller than only Balerion and Vhagar.

In terms of strength, Vhagar was also most likely stronger than Vermithor due to the fact that she was bigger. Vhagar was also the veteran of countless battles throughout her entire lifetime, whereas Vermithor only tasted true battle experience during Jaehaerys’s rebellion and during the Dance of the Dragons.

However, because Vermithor was already larger than all of the other dragons except Balerion and Vhagar during the early part of his life, there is a good chance that he may have ended up bigger than Vhagar and quite possibly as big as Balerion had he lived longer. He was nearly 100 years younger than Vhagar at the time of his death but was almost as big as the Queen of All Dragons at that time.

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