Vinland Saga: Does Thorfinn Return Home? When?

thorfinn goes home

Vinland Saga features quite a few interesting characters with pretty mysterious backstories and origins – including the leading protagonist, Thorfinn. Considering that Thorfinn has been an adventurous traveler heading through a range of areas as the storyline progresses, many Vinland Saga fans still wonder if Thorfinn returns home and when.

Thorfinn has not returned home in the Vinland Saga anime series. However, he decides to return home to Iceland during Chapters 99 -100 within the Vinland Saga manga series alongside Leif, Einar, and Bug-Eyes. He reunites with his mother and sister after which he leaves to pursue his dream, but it’s implied that he continues to visit his home well into his adult years.

While many Vinland Saga manga fans expected Thorfinn to continue his adventures for an indefinite period of time, this hero actually ends up returning home much sooner than expected. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Thorfinn returning home, including what led him to make the decision as well as what happens when he eventually reunites with old acquaintances.

Thorfinn’s Homeland in Vinland Saga

While fans are used to seeing Thorfinn taking down bad guys and being a classic protagonist around England, he is not native to these areas. Thorfinn was initially born in Iceland, but he ended up running away from home under some tragic circumstances.

thorfinn father

Also known as Karlsefni, Thorfinn was once a warrior of Askeladd’s band and a leader of the Jomsviking for a short period of time. He spent most of his life under the influence of war and slavery while trying to fulfill his dream of killing Askeladd, avenging his father, and developing Vinland – as such, he did not return home of his own volition.

Does Thorfinn Return Home in Vinland Saga?

Within Episode 21 of the Vinland Saga anime series, Thorfinn meets Leif, who had not seen Thorfinn since he was a child, well over 10 years prior. That being said, Leif appears to recognize him immediately and tries to persuade him to return back home to Iceland – explaining that it would be good for Thorfinn to see his mother again.

thorfinn revenge

However, Thorfinn refuses the idea, being too stubborn and fixated on his quest for revenge. He is filled with fury and hatred, visibly obsessed with the task of killing Askeladd – no matter the cost.


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Check out Thorfinn and Leif’s complex and emotional reunion in the video below, thanks to mar zelle.

Later in the Vinland Saga anime series, fans see that Thorfinn’s mission against Askeladd is halted unexpectedly. Coupled with the fact that Leif decided to stick around in the hope that Thorfinn changed his mind, many fans started hoping that Thorfinn would return home in Season 2 of the Vinland Saga anime series.


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The two meet again after an additional 6 years, as Thorfinn is enslaved shortly after their meeting in Chapter 49 of the Vinland Saga manga series and Episode 26 of the anime series. Leif continues to follow the whereabouts of Thorfinn all this time, and he finally discovers Thorfinn’s location in Chapter 89 of the manga series.

Does Thorfinn Return Home in the Vinland Saga Manga Series?

Considering that the Vinland Saga anime series has always been quite behind on events when compared to the manga series (as is the norm with any manga/ anime title), the following will likely contain some spoilers for those who haven’t gotten into the manga. Thorfinn eventually returns home in Chapters 99 – 100 of the manga series, suitably titled “Homecoming.”

thorfinn leif

This chapter made its debut in December 2013, marking the end of Volume 14 and the beginning of the Eastern Expedition Arc, which is the third arc within the entire Vinland Saga storyline. Oddly enough, these events occur in December 1018 within the Vinland Saga universe, and it follows a nervous-looking Thorfinn as he arrives in Iceland alongside Leif, Einar, and Bug-Eyes.

At the time of the return, Thorfinn had not been back home since he ran away from home at the age of 6 years old – which would have taken place approximately 16 years prior. Based on Thorfinn’s known age as the story progresses, this would mean that Thorfin is around 22 years old by the time he returns back to Iceland.

Thorfinn Reunites with Old Acquaintances

After arriving back home, Thorfinn begins to meet various people in his hometown, who respond with mixed reactions and emotions. Thorfinn starts off by meeting with Ylva, Thorfinn’s sister, who does not recognize him at all.

ylva thorfinn

She reveals that she believed Leif made up the story about meeting an older Thorfinn many years ago, thinking that he had simply created the tale as a means to cheer up herself and her mother. Meeting Thorfinn this time did not change her mind, and she still believed he was not who he claimed to be.

helga thorfinn

From this point, Thorfinn heads off to see Helga, his biological mother, who recognizes Thorfinn at first glance. She states that Thorfinn has a remarkable resemblance to his father, having the same eyes as Thors, and Thorfinn begins apologizing to her with teary eyes.

thorfinn mother

He then spends some time playing with his nephew, after which Ari arrives at the home and reunites with Thorfinn as well. Ylva arrives and is upset that the others are welcoming this “imposter,” but Helga and the others convince her that this is truly Thorfinn.

Ylva responds with some surprising emotions here, punching him for not coming home sooner. It’s clear that she is happy to see Thorfinn, but her actions also signify that those left in Thorfinn’s hometown were deeply concerned about his well-being all this time, never knowing if he was still alive or not – she follows on to describe how much hurt and grief he had caused Helga and others.

Does Thorfinn Leave His Home Again?

Thorfinn eventually ends up leaving Iceland after his reunion with his mother and sister, with refreshed world views and a new spark to help him accomplish his dream of developing Vinland. Being the rebellious and fearless adventurer that he is, Thorfinn continues to embark on new journeys and experiences well into his adult life.


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However, he returns to Iceland later in the storyline, specifically in Chapter 166 of the Vinland Saga manga series, titled “Wedding” – although, this time, Thorfinn brings his wife and his son along this time with him. It implies that no matter what battles and missions he must accomplish, he will always return home every now and then to celebrate milestones or simply spend some time with his family and friends.

thorfinns family

From this point, it’s shown that Thorfinn has developed a strong bond with his mother, sister, and the people in his hometown. Although it’s clear that Thorfinn cannot ever be tied down to a single location for too long, it’s evident that he will always find a moment or two for the people that he loves most.

That’s everything there is to know about Thorfinn returning home in Vinland Saga, with images thanks to the Vinland Saga Wiki. While fans may still have tons of questions regarding Thorfinn’s origins and homeland, it’s great to know that he eventually creates a relatively healthy relationship with his hometown over time.

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