Who Are Mitsuki’s Parents in Boruto? Meet Orochimaru!

Wao Are Mitsuki's Parents in Boruto? Meet Orochimaru!

Mitsuki is one of the most intriguing additions to the Boruto lore and a truly great character. With a loveable personality and many darling quirks, Mitsuki is a fan-favorite character from the series and a beloved protagonist. But Mitsuki also has a great backstory that is connected to one of the series’ most intriguing and mysterious characters, Orochimaru. In this article, we will tell you who Mitsuki’s parents are and how Orochimaru is connected to that story in the first place.

Mitsuki is one of the most specific characters in the series, as he has only one parent – Orochimaru. Mitsuki was created as a clone of Orochimaru and is his son and Log’s brother. Since Orochimaru never had a wife and used only his own genetic material, Mitsuki’s only parent is, thus, Orochimaru.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Mitsuki’s family. Mitsuki is really not the ideal character to have a family-related article, but there is a lot of information we can share with you in this aspect, and that is what we are going to do. This article will contain some spoilers from Naruto and Boruto, so be careful how you approach it.

Mitsuki’s family history

Mitsuki is a synthetic human created by Orochimaru, grown from the same embryo as his older brother. Mitsuki is named after “Tsuki” and “Mi” of the sixth Chinese zodiac, just like his “brother.” As Mitsuki’s father, Orochimaru, devised a sophisticated plan to help him gain independence from him, but with every failure, he wiped Mitsuki’s memory.

One night, upon waking up in bed, Mitsuki receives medicine from his father, Orochimaru, who would be with Suigetsu Hōzuki, whom he orders to take the young man to his room once he gets up completely. On the way, Mitsuki is attacked with a Kunai by Suigetsu, although he manages to dodge and disarm him. In addition to the fact that by extending his limbs, he took the kunai and tried to finish Suigetsu, he simply injured himself, so the Hōzuki healed him and explained that he was testing him and that his memories had been stolen.

After being taken to Orochimaru, he would explain to Mitsuki that he was his son and should go with him to find a man named Log, who had his memories. Arriving at his lair, which a Barrier Ninjutsu protected, Orochimaru informs him that he could undo it, so Mitsuki touches it, causing the barrier to disappear.

Upon entering and meeting his target, he enters into a fight against Orochimaru, who manages to paralyze him with snake venom, entering the lair to look for something. Log asks Mitsuki to remove his mask, revealing that it is a much older Mitsuki, who tells him that they were both synthetic humans created to satisfy Orochimaru’s wishes and that what he is looking for is nothing more than the embryo from which they were created.

Just then, Orochimaru walks out, commenting that they are both his beloved sons regardless of how they were created. An argument then begins between the two, asking Mitsuki to take a side. He gets upset and transforms, declaring that it made no difference if he went with either.


How Did Orochimaru Come Back in Boruto?

Mitsuki steals Orochimaru’s scroll and key using one of Orochimaru’s Ethereal Serpents, escaping quickly. Once this is done, his transformation undoes, and upon opening the scroll, he finds information about Boruto Uzumaki, deciding to go to Konohagakure to meet him. Once he managed to immigrate to Konoha, Mitsuki entered the Ninja Academy.

And this is the whole situation related to Mitsuki and his family. As we have said, he is a very specific character because he is, alongside Log, the only genetically engineered character in the series, owing to Orochimaru’s genius and… well… morbidity. Thus, Mitsuki, at the same time, has a family and does not have one.

He has an older brother, as we have said, Log, who is also a clone of Orochimaru’s created some time before Mitsuki, which makes him the “older brother.” Still, due to both of them being genetically engineered, they never really bonded like true brothers, and they both had to learn what emotions are instead of just feeling them.

By the time he created Mitsuki, Orochimaru had learned everything about emotions. Plus, Orochimaru was a character who… well, he was much more normal before than he is now. He might be morbid sometimes, but he is much more human than he lets on. Although his treatment of his “sons,” especially Mitsuki, was not humane, as he treated them both as experiments rather than actual persons, he did have their interests in mind.

It was a very weird coming-of-age story for both Log and Mitsuki, but that made them so special and so unique within the universe of Boruto. Thus, Orochimaru serves as both their father, as he is male, and their mother, as he is their sole parent; both were created solely from his genetic material, which makes them so specific.

Orochimaru never actually had a wife, nor did he, as far as we know, love anyone. Orochimaru is a very specific character, and he does not actually function like a regular human, nor does he reproduce like one. He reproduces via cloning and science, which is why he never needed a wife to have children. Despite the increased reliance on science in Boruto, Orochimaru remains a unique and specific character, making Mitsuki’s situation even more interesting and unique.


Boruto vs. Sarada vs. Mitsuki: Who Is the Most Powerful Shinobi?

Orochimaru is truly a phenomenon within the franchise and the series, making Mitsuki’s situation the same. But Mitsuki seems to have risen above his personal situation, and that is why he is such a beloved and popular character and a character that is so uniquely special.

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