Who Are Orochimaru’s Wife and Sons in Naruto and Boruto?

Who Are Orochimaru's Wife and Sons in Naruto and Boruto?

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Orochimaru is a veteran shinobi from Konohagakure, a member of Team Hiruzen, and one of the legendary Sannin, along with his companions Jiraiya and Tsunade. He was one of the main antagonists of the series until his death at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was revived by his pupil. In this article, we are going to talk about Orochimaru in Naruto and Boruto, as we are going to tell you who his wife and sons are.

Orochimaru does not and has never had a wife. Due to him being a special kind of character, he does not reproduce like regular humans but rather through cloning. Over the years, he’s had two cloned sons, both synthetic human beings. The older one was Log, while the younger one is Mitsuki, one of the principal characters of Boruto.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Orochimaru’s family. Orochimaru is an unlikely character for a family-related article, but even he has one and we are going to tell you who his family members are. This article is going to contain some spoilers from both Naruto and Boruto, so be careful how you approach it.

Who is Orochimaru’s wife in Naruto?

Throughout the history of the Naruto franchise, Orochimaru has not had a wife. Orochimaru is a very specific character and he does not actually function like a regular human, nor does he reproduce like one. He reproduces via cloning and science, which is why he never had any need for a wife to have children.


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Who are Orochimaru’s sons in Naruto and Boruto?

Orochimaru has, over the years, created two synthetic clones that can be described as his sons, although he treats his younger clone more like a son than he did with the older one. We are going to introduce them in this section.


Log is a synthetic human created by Orochimaru, being cultivated from an embryo receiving the name “Mitsuki”, coming from “Tsuki” and the “Mi” of the Sixth Chinese Zodiac. However, he rebelled against Orochimaru, escaped, and, adopting the name Log, decided to destroy the original embryo from which he originated, as he considered Orochimaru’s experiments to create life unethical.

This background story was soon revealed to be a ruse set up by Log and Orochimaru in order to force the young Mitsuki to make a decision: either join him in destroying Orochimaru and eventually themselves, remain with Orochimaru and follow his orders, or choose his own path in life. Before starting the plan, Log met with Orochimaru, who commented that this would be the sixth time they have done the experiment.

Upon starting, Log erected a barrier around his base which was destroyed by the young Mitsuki. Realizing this, Log decided to go out and confront them, launching a paralysis jutsu against the young man. He started a fight against Orochimaru, who tried to poison him, although without any effect, to which Log trapped him in his armor, proceeding to go to the young Mitsuki and try to attack him; however, he was paralyzed by a small snake from Orochimaru, who managed to free himself, just like the young Mitsuki, from the paralysis.


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While Orochimaru went to look for the embryo inside the lair, Log managed to convince his younger brother to remove his mask, revealing his resemblance and telling him the whole story they had fabricated. Leaving Orochimaru and having an argument with Log, they both tried to manipulate young Mitsuki into choosing one of the two.

However, the young man activated his Sage Transformation and stole the embryo container from Orochimaru’s hands, which actually contained information about Boruto Uzumaki. Afterward, Log and Orochimaru stopped acting, having a conversation about the success that young Mitsuki had and his future. In the anime, when Mitsuki apparently betrayed Konohagakure, Log met and was informed of this by Orochimaru, also discussing his continued development. The two discussed what currently motivated Mitsuki and her hopes that she would become a new light to the world.

Log is a tall man with shoulder-length light blue hair and golden eyes. In general, he bears an exact resemblance to his brother Mitsuki, with the exception of a scar on his right cheek. As he met with Orochimaru, he was wearing a dark haori with a hood that completely covered him. While facing Orochimaru and Mitsuki, he wore what appeared to be a modernized form of samurai armor with large arms and shoulder protectors, outer thigh protectors, along with a hybrid breastplate. He also wore a kabuki mask that had holes for the eyes, a protruding nose, and a frowning mouth.

Likewise, he carries a sword strapped vertically on his back. On the other hand, he tends to use a snake-themed lighter.



Mitsuki is a synthetic human created by Orochimaru, being grown from the same embryo as his older brother. Like his “his brother”, Mitsuki is named after “Tsuki” and the “Mi” of the sixth Chinese zodiac. Orochimaru, as his father, wanted Mitsuki to find independence from him, having concocted a complex plot to do so, though, with each failure, he erased Mitsuki’s memories.

One night, upon waking up in bed, Mitsuki receives medicine from his father, Orochimaru, who would be with Suigetsu Hōzuki, whom he orders to take the young man to his room once he gets up completely. On the way, Mitsuki is attacked with a Kunai by Suigetsu, although he manages to dodge and disarm him, in addition to the fact that by extending his limbs he took the kunai and tried to finish Suigetsu, he simply injured himself, so the Hōzuki healed him and would explain that he was testing him and that his memories had been stolen.

After being taken to Orochimaru, he would explain to Mitsuki that he was his son and that he should go with him to find a man named Log, who had his memories. Arriving at his lair, which was protected by a Barrier Ninjutsu, Orochimaru informs him that he had the ability to undo it, so Mitsuki proceeds to touch it, causing the barrier to disappear.


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Upon entering and meeting his target, he enters into a fight against Orochimaru, who manages to paralyze him with snake venom, entering the lair to look for something. Log asks Mitsuki to remove his mask, revealing that it was a much older Mitsuki, who tells him that they were both synthetic humans created to satisfy Orochimaru’s wishes and that what he was looking for was nothing more than the embryo from which they were created.

Just then, Orochimaru walks out commenting that regardless of how they were created, they were both his beloved sons. An argument then begins between the two, asking Mitsuki to take a side. He gets upset and undergoes a transformation, declaring that it made no difference if he went with either of them.

Mitsuki proceeds to steal Orochimaru’s scroll and key using one of Orochimaru’s Ethereal Serpents, proceeding to escape at high speed. Once this is done, his transformation undoes and upon opening the scroll, he finds information about Boruto Uzumaki, deciding to go to Konohagakure to meet him. Once he managed to immigrate to Konoha, Mitsuki entered the Ninja Academy.

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