Is Mitskuki Evil? Why Did He Betray Boruto?

Is Mitskuki Evil? Why Did He Betray Boruto?

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Mitsuki is one of the most intriguing additions to the Boruto lore and a great character. With a loveable personality and many darling quirks, Mitsuki is a fan-favorite character from the series and a beloved protagonist. But Mitsuki also has a great backstory connected to one of the series’ most intriguing and mysterious characters, Orochimaru. In this article, we will tell you whether Mitsuki is evil and why did he betray Boruto.

Mitsuki is not evil, and his “betrayal” is not actually betrayal. He did disappear of his own free will and admitted that he considered joining the enemy. Still, it was only because he was looking for answers about himself, as he wanted to know whether he had actual free will or if everything he does just programmed in him by his father, Orochimaru.

The rest of this article will focus on Mitsuki’s personal issues and the Mitsuki Disappearance arc. Mitsuki is really the ideal character for such an article due to his family history and the fact that he is a truly unique character in the series. This article will contain some spoilers from Naruto and Boruto, so be careful how you approach it.

Explaining Mitsuki’s disappearance in Boruto

After the tests, Mitsuki went on a mission with his teammates to capture a giant panda that had escaped into the community. Before diving off the Hokage Rock into the air, the three of them briefly talk in which Boruto declares his desire to become a shinobi like Sasuke. When Boruto asks Mitsuki who his parents are after the squad successfully catches the wild panda, the latter responds that he is Orochimaru’s son. As Sarada is shocked and asks if Orochimaru is her father or mother, Mitsuki responds that it doesn’t really matter because Boruto is so confused.

When the Kage Summit was about to take place in the village, some teams set out to search for the Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki. Mitsuki and his companions found him, and the Kage made him act as a tour guide in exchange for solving a riddle for them. After spending the day with them, the Tsuchikage posed a riddle as to which they believed to be the hardest stone. Finally, Ōnoki solved the riddle for them and accompanied the team to the meeting.


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That same night, Mitsuki found some letters in his apartment. After reading them, he burned them. Later, Mitsuki helps two mysterious men to finish off the village guards, to immediately escape with them and betray their village, but not before helping one of the guards, simulating his death and leaving a hidden message for Boruto. As Mitsuki, Sekiei, and Kokuyō headed to Iwagakure, Sekiei drew a house with people on the ground. Immediately afterward, she bumped fists with Mitsuki as a sign of friendship.

Later, when they were about to cross the border into Earth Country, Kokuyo stayed behind to deal with the Konoha ninjas who were following them. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Sekiei continued towards Iwa. Later, some debris appears in front of Mitsuki and Sekiei to report that some of the ninjas managed to evade their partner and was heading toward his position.

Then, Sekiei decides to confront them, forcing Mitsuki not to intervene. When Boruto and Sarada had Sekiei cornered, Mitsuki appeared to save him. When Boruto sees Mitsuki, he shows him his ninja band and proposes to go home together. Still, Mitsuki throws the band away from him and uses his Lightning Release: Lightning Serpent to knock Boruto out of action. Immediately afterward, he leaves with Sekiei and Kokuyō.

Ku betrayed by Mitsuki

As it turned out later, Mitsuki was actually saving Boruto, but no one knew that then; Mitsuki was taken to Kū’s hideout, where he was given room to share with Sekiei. Not long after that, a masked Konohamaru managed to infiltrate Kū’s hideout, where he found and confrontet a surprised Mituski.

Of course, the young shinobi admitted that this was all a trick and that he would never betray his friends, apologizing for the trouble he had caused; still, he added that his search for his own “will” and for his place in the world – as Mitsuki tried to uncover whether his will was his own or something that Orochimaru, his father, had programmed into him. Mitsuki simply wanted to know if he was friends with Boruto and Sarada because he really liked them or because he was preprogrammed to be their friend.

After listening to his explanation, Konohamaru decided that he would trust him and left, telling him that he would always be a member of Team 7 and that he did not have to worry about that. Soon after, Mitsuki delivered a replacement heart to Kū, while Boruto and Sarada arrived, and a fight began; during the battle, Mitsuki revealed that the heart was fake, which shocked Kū, who retreated to treat his wounds, and Sekiei, his fabrication friend, who attacked Mitsuki. During the fight, Sekiei collapsed due to a lack of energy and died before Mituski could save him. He would later join Boruto and Sarada and help them defeat Kū.


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Ultimately, it was revealed that Mituski pondered joining the fabrications for a moment. Still, Boruto and Sarada would forgive him for that, understanding – like true friends – his specific and somewhat unique situation. Upon returning to Konoha, Mituski was detained for questioning, but after hearing his whole story, the village decided to pardon him for his deeds.

After that, Mitsuki returned to Boruto and Sarada and reconciled with them, explaining everything that had happened and realizing that his friendship with them was as true and as sincere as possible and not something that his father influenced. And with this, the Mitsuki Disappearance arc was over, and Mitsuki’s character development reached yet another peak.

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