What Destroyed Universe 7’s Planet Sadala? (& How Did the Saiyans Survive?)

What Destroyed Universe 7's Planet Sadala? (& How Did the Saiyans Survive?)

The Saiyans are one of the strongest fictional races of warriors in the Dragon Ball series. They inhabited Planet Vegeta until its destruction at the hands of Frieza, the emperor of space. Most of the Saiyans were prepared exclusively for battles; their best feature was the resistance shown several times. But, while Planet Vegeta is the best-known Saiyan home planet and was for a long time considered to be their actual home planet, the Saiyans actually come from another planet, Sadala, which had actually suffered the same fate as Planet Vegeta, but the circumstances were profoundly different. This article will reveal what happened to Universe 7’s Planet Sadala and how the Saiyans survived.

In Universe 7, the Saiyans originally lived on Planet Sadala until sometime before Age 550 of the in-universe calendar, when an internal conflict caused discord among them. Yamoshi, a famous historical Super Saiyan, played a role in this conflict, but his actual role is unknown. The details of this conflict are quite scarce, but what happened is that it caused the destruction of Planet Sadala in some way, but it is not known how. The Saiyans who survived the conflict fled the planet and moved to Planet Vegeta, which became their new homeworld.

The rest of this article is going to be about Planet Sadala and its destruction in Dragon Ball. Universe 7’s Sadala is an important location, but sadly, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the original homeworld of the Saiyans, which is why we have collected all the info for you and will, in this article, tell you everything that is known about it. Of course, the article is going to be filled with spoilers from the story, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, be careful how you approach it.

Sadala was destroyed during an internal conflict

Planet Sadala, initially known in the manga as Planet Salada, is a planet from the Dragon Ball universe that is located in Universe 6 and was part of Universe 7 until its destruction (it is assumed that the other universes had their own rendition of the planet as well).

It is the original and native planet of the Saiyans of both Universes 6 and 7, but we have no information about the other universes. The name of this planet comes from the Japanese word “sarada” (サラダ), which in turn is a loanword taken directly from the word “salty” in Portuguese and also from the cognate “salad” in Spanish, creating a reference to the origin Traditional etymological of the Saiyans, whose proper names allude to different types of vegetables and greens.

Currently, the planet Sadala is only fully habitable in Universe 6, which is inhabited by the Saiyans, who, unlike the natives of Universe 7, are peaceful and do not steal or destroy planets. This planet is not under the order of any tyrant like Frieza and is only led by a proud king named Sadala, who has a personality similar to Vegeta’s, but is not so aggressive.

In Universe 7, this planet was devastated, to the point of becoming uninhabitable, due to internal conflicts between the Saiyans, but more on that later. The Saiyans, who managed to survive, escaped from that planet and invaded one that they would later call Planet Vegeta.


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The planet Sadala has a single monarchical-type government, although it is unknown what kind of procedure is required for a Saiyan to become king. It has a military force that is in charge of the king, and they serve both as protection of the planet and as a mercenary force in war conflicts.

The latter is presumed to be a source of income. Although no class distinction exists like their Universe 7 counterpart, Saiyans can be members of the Sadala Defense Force, fulfilling their role as a warrior race. However, many citizens are simple civilians in poor conditions. In the territory of Caulifla, several of these civilians are bandits who loot the Sadala Forces to share the assets.

The architecture of Sadala varies according to the territory. The buildings on the planet are mostly futuristic, with many towers in one sector of the town, while in the territory of Caulifla, the houses are made from the rock formations of the place. However, residences such as Rensou’s dwelling home may be wooden shacks. There are dinosaurs, pterodactyls, and other unknown animals on the planet, and it is presumed that the Saiyans hunt them for food consumption.

So, now that you know the general outline of Planet Sadala, we can actually go back to the story of its destruction, which we have touched upon above; we have to warn you, though, that there isn’t much information available, so we’ll just tell you what is known about it and that’s that.

The event we will discuss took place sometime before Age 550 of the in-universe calendar. The Saiyans of Planet Sadala launched an internal conflict that divided the plane. Due to the Saiyans being as powerful as they are, it also caused a lot of damage to Sadala.

A legendary Super Saiyan warrior, Yamoshi, also participated in this conflict, but his exact role in it is unknown. We know that Yamoshi was a powerful Saiyan who, along with his friends, rebelled against the evil Saiyans on Sadala and was eventually defeated, but it is not known how this exact story is related to the destruction of Sadala, although, by all means, it probably had something to do with it.

Be that as it may, the conflict was so large-scale that it destroyed the planet’s ecosystem and basically rendered the planet completely useless and uninhabitable. Of course, not all Saiyans survived, but those that did (and from what we could deduce, the evil ones survived) moved away from Sadala and ultimately landed on Planet Vegeta, where the new Saiyan homeworld was established and where the Saiyans lived until Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta as well, wiping out the majority of Saiyans in the process.


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It is a bit ironic that the Saiyans lost two planets, but while they couldn’t really influence the second destruction, they could’ve done more to prevent the first, and with that, it is debatable if Frieza would ever have attacked them; just observe Universe 6’s Sadala, where the Saiyans live in peace and harmony – very, very different, right? And with this, the story of Sadala’s destruction actually ends.

We’re sorry that we couldn’t tell you exactly what happened, but that is because we really don’t know. Akira Toriyama never revealed the details of Sadala’s destruction in any of the works, so we don’t have much to go on.

It is a piece of Dragon Ball history, but that’s about it. It does, though, show that the Saiyans obviously have a history and that destruction keeps following them wherever they go. Sometimes, it’s an external threat, but the Saiyans aren’t immune to inviting horror by themselves.

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