What Did Kayce See In His Vision In Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

What Did Kayce See In His Vision In Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

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The season 4 finale of Yellowstone might have been the conclusion we needed from the season. However, like a lot of different shows, the finale of this popular series also opened up some questions that are probably there to lead us into the next season. This included a vision of some sort from Kayce, who was on a spiritual journey. But what exactly did Kayce see in his vision in the Yellowstone season 4 finale?

Kayce saw bad dreams that bothered him, and such dreams included his dead brother Lee and him kissing Avery. When he is greeted by a wolf in human form, Kayce is led to a cliff that shows him two paths. We don’t know which path he chose, but he told Monica that it was “the end of us” upon his return.

The thing about the vision that Kayce saw at the end of season 4 is what ultimately allows us to understand that the showrunners are setting us up for the fifth season that will include the path that he chose when he was on that cliff. As such, it is not yet over for Kayce and the rest of the Dutton family because Kayce’s choice might affect how the next season is going to unfold.

What Did Kayce See In His Vision

What Did Kayce See In His Vision In Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

The final episode of season 4 of the crowd-favorite series, Yellowstone, had just been released. Of course, because this is the season finale, it concluded the events that happened during the entire season. But because there is a reason to believe that season 5 of Yellowstone is coming up, the season 4 finale may have answered a lot of questions, but it only opened up more questions left unanswered. That is why there are some people who don’t really see the season 4 finale as an actual finale.

Nevertheless, one of the things that happened during the finale was in relation to Kayce Dutton, who is one of the central characters of the entire Yellowstone series. During the entire season, Kayce was confused about his frequent wolf sightings. It was in the penultimate episode where Kayce tried to make sense of the wolf sightings by asking help from Chief Rainwater and Mo.

Now, one of the things that make Yellowstone so popular is how realistic it is in the sense that there is nothing fantastic or supernatural about the events in this show. Then again, because of how Yellowstone also explores the beliefs of the Native Americans, especially considering that Kayce is living among them in the Broken Rock Reservation. And we all know how spiritual the Native Americans can be.

In that regard, Kayce took a spiritual journey to make sense of the frequent wolf sightings he has been experiencing. Chief Rainwater and Mo pointed him to a cliff where he could possibly make sense of his spiritual experiences, and that is when things got serious for Kayce, as he was trying to find a purpose in his life.


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For a time, Kayce was alone on that cliff while waiting for a spiritual vision that would help guide him towards the correct path in his life. Throughout his time on that cliff, he received numerous visions in the form of bad dreams. One of which involved his dead brother, Lee. Meanwhile, another dream was about Kayce kissing Avery.

Because of the many bad dreams he was experiencing throughout his lonesome days on that cliff, Kayce could not help but wonder whether there was something a lot deeper behind those nightmares. After all, the Native Americans believe that every dream has a profound meaning regardless of whether those dreams are good or bad.

As Kayce spends more time on that cliff, he eventually receives the vision he longed for the entire time. This time, it was once again a wolf sighting. However, the wolf came to him in the form of a human, who guides Kayce to the edge of the cliff.

Upon reaching the edge of the cliff, Kayce sees two paths that he must take. The wolf tells Kayce that it is up to him to choose which path he should take. But the wolf also promises Kayce that he will walk with him regardless of which path he ultimately chooses to walk. However, the viewers were never shown which path Kayce chose for himself, as we are left wondering what he wants for himself in the future.

However, when Kayce returned home after his spiritual journey, his wife, Monica, asked him what he saw during his time on the cliff. Kayce didn’t reveal a lot to his wife and to us, but he did tell her that he saw “the end of us”. Whatever that phrase means is still up for debate, but all our questions are probably going to get their corresponding answers in season 5 of Yellowstone.

Why Is His Vision Significant?

What Did Kayce See In His Vision In Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

Now that you know what happened to Kayce during his spiritual journey on the cliff, you might be wondering what it all means for him and the entire Yellowstone narrative moving forward. Well, the truth is that it can mean a lot of things not only for Kayce but also for his entire family.

First off, Kayce’s vision is significant because it opens up a new plot that the showrunners may be able to explore moving forward. This might be the subplot that the show can explore in season 5, especially considering that Kayce is one of the main characters of the series. 

This isn’t something that’s rare because it has always been one of the customs in American TV shows for the season finale to have a cliffhanger to open up some questions and to make the fans anticipate the next season even more. This should be the case for Kayce, whose fans are anticipating what will happen to him in the next season and which path he ultimately took when the wolf showed him two choices.

Of course, this also has significance when it comes to how the show embraces Native American culture. There is a Native American that says that, within all of us, there is a fight going on between two wolves. The first wolf is evil and represents hatred, anger, regret, and greed, while the other wolf is good and represents love, peace, joy, kindness, and humility. The same story says that the wolf that will ultimately win the fight is the one that you choose to feed. 

This could be something similar to what Kayce saw in his vision, as the wolf showed him two paths. The first path might be something related to all of the negative feelings he has deep inside him. On the other hand, the other path might be something that is more positive. And Kayce’s wolf told him that it would follow and guide Kayce in either path.

So, in a sense, this might represent the inner battle that Kayce has deep within himself. He is forced to choose between two different sides that both clash with one another. As such, it opens up an opportunity for him to have a personal journey moving forward.

Finally, the vision is also significant because all that Kayce could tell his wife was that he saw “the end of us”. There are plenty of things that can be interpreted from that phrase, but there are people who believe that it points to the possibility that Kayce’s relationship with Monica is coming to a close. This leads us to our next discussion.

Will Kayce And Monica Break Up Because Of His Vision?

What Did Kayce See In His Vision In Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

So, now that you know why Kayce’s vision is significant, you might be wondering if his vision is leading to an eventual breakup between him and Monica. And this is something that is quite hard to figure out because of how ambiguous and vague his response was when Monica asked him what he saw on that cliff.

Saying “the end of us” could mean that he or Monica could one day die. On the other hand, it could also mean that their relationship is nearing its end. After all, Kayce did have a dream about him kissing Avery, and that very same dream might be a clue to what he was talking about when he said that he saw “the end of us” when he was on that cliff. His visions could have made him realize how fragile his relationship with Monica is.

Then again, the couple is expecting another child, and that could only complicate things moving forward if Kayce did indeed decide that he was going to end things with Monica. After all, their relationship was never ideal because of all of the problems and issues they have had in the past. And the two paths that Kayce saw up on that cliff could be in reference to the two paths he needed to choose regarding his relationship with Monica.


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Of course, we also know that Kayce saw the death of his brother, Lee, when he was up on that cliff. We all know that Kayce never wanted anything to do with the family’s ranch, but all of that can possibly change after the death of his brother. Lee’s death could prove to be the catalyst that would finally allow Kayce to decide to take over the ranch in due time.

This once again opens up two paths for Kayce. The first path branches to his current life with his family. On the other hand, the second path could be something related to him taking a more active role in the family’s ranch. And both of those paths are still related to his relationship with Monica.

A good part of the relationship that Kayce has with his wife is related to the fact that he didn’t want anything to do with the Dutton Ranch. Their relationship used to be rocky, but it improved when they decided to leave the ranch. However, if the paths were forcing him to choose between the ranch and Monica, that could possibly mean that choosing the Dutton Ranch could spell the end of his marriage. Only time will tell as we wait for the fifth season of Yellowstone.

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