What Did Nick Fury Say to Thor to Make Him Unworthy?

What Did Nick Fury Say to Thor to Make Him Unworthy?

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From being completely unworthy to becoming Rune King Thor, Thor’s character has it all and this is why we love his comic book stories so much. In this article, we are going to talk about an event from the Unworthy Thor storyline, explaining to you what did Nick Fury say to Thor to make him unworthy.

Nick Fury whispered to Thor that Gorr, the God Butcher, was right when he said that all gods are unworthy or mortal admiration, which made Thor realize his own unworthiness, as the Unworthy Thor revealed in the “Original Sin” storyline.

Thor became unworthy in the first Marvel movie about him: Thor (2011), but that plot has nothing to do with Unworthy Thor, as this one involves Nick Fury as one of the main characters, whereas in the Thor movie he is more of a casual bypasser. Read more about the two and their mysterious conversation as you read on.

What does Nick Fury whisper to Thor that makes him unworthy?

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We decided to start off this article with the panel from Original Sin #7 that changed everything. “Orginal Sin” is a truly great modern-day Avengers story that follows Nick Fury as he becomes the Unseen, the new Watcher of Earth. The Avengers did work with Fury for most of this story, but at one point, an almost omniscient Fury becomes the story’s villain, “disassembling” the Avengers during their fight.

At one point, he fought Thor and was on his way to being defeated by the Mjolnir-wielding god, until he started demonstrating his powers, telling Thor several secrets about him. At one point, Nick Fury states that “all it took was a whisper” to bring the mighty god on his knees, after which he says something to Thor that throws the God of Thunder into an abyss.

Thor lost Mjolnir and when he wanted to pick it up again – he was unable to! It did, indeed, take only an unintelligible whisper to make Thor completely unworthy. But what did Nick Fury say?

“Original Sin” never revealed that Fury said and it wasn’t until Unworthy Thor #5 that we actually found out what happened between Nick Fury and Thor.

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As the panel shows, Nick Fury’s words were: “Gorr was right”. This was a reference to an earlier storyline, where Thor fought and managed to defeat Gorr the God Butcher, one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains. But why was that so important? Let us examine this.

Why did Nick Fury’s sentence make Thor unworthy?

During Thor’s fight against Gorr, which was one of the most brutal fights in Thor’s history; it literally lasted several millennia, but Thor managed to defeat one of his most powerful enemies. Still, Gorr put Thor through a lot of torture and the Asgardian god was faced with the assumption that he is unworthy, as all gods are; this is why Gorr wants to butcher them all.

Gorr suggested that all gods are unworthy of mortal admiration because they are selfish, uncaring, vengeful creatures who do not care about the subordinates that worship them. Thor, of course, initially rejected such a claim, but when Nick Fury, equipped with his newly obtained omniscience, told him that Gorr was right, it struck Thor like an arrow.


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Aware that Fury – at that point – knew everything, Thor was struck with the realisation that he himself, at one point admitted (as you can see in the panel). Beta Ray Bill did try to dissuade him from his opinion, but Thor wan’t shook. At that time, the “mantle” of Thor was held by Jane Foster, who was deemed worthy, while Thor took on the name Odinson and did his heroic deeds with a regular weapon.

How did Thor become worthy again?

If you thought that the God of Thunder remained unworthy for a long time – you were wrong. Not long after Jane Foster finished her tenure as Thor and returned to Earth to continue healing her cancer, Odinson became Thor once again and resumed his previous role in the Marvel universe.

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He finally became worthy again during the epic “War of the Realms” storyline, where he had to fight against Malekith. Thor sacrifices one eye and the last remaining fragment of Mjolnir to gain the necessary knowledge to defeat Malekith, but subsequently manages to channel the cosmic storm generated by their final battle to reforge Mjolnir, restoring his ability to wield the hammer by accepting his past unworthiness and proclaiming that he will now fight for the unworthy.


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And this is the story of Thor’s journey from unworthiness to full worthiness. We can only conclude that it is certainly one of the best modern stories about Thor and we highly recommend that you read all the stories we have mentioned and experience shit amazing narrative yourselves.

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