Minecraft: Here’s What Aqua Affinity Is Used (& How to Get It)

what is aqua affinity

As a sandbox game, Minecraft has plenty of environments to explore and some are more dangerous than others. Underwater parts of Minecraft are difficult to explore due to the obvious fact that you can’t breathe underwater, at least not for long. Underwater is likewise incredibly rich in ore and other resources and if you’re forced to mine all of them with your regular speed, you’re soon going to find yourself in real trouble. This is where Aqua Affinity enchantment comes in. Here’s what it is & how to get it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Aqua Affinity is an enchantment in Minecraft that specifically enhances underwater mining speed.
  • It allows the player to mine blocks underwater at a normal speed as if they were on land, and it’s applied to helmets.
  • You can get Aqua Affinity through enchanting tables, anvil, fishing & trading.

Aqua Affinity is one of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Aqua Affinity is an enchantment for helmets and it speeds up your underwater mining speed. It is incredibly useful for anyone looking to construct underwater, saving a significant amount of time when gathering prismarine or other rare and valuable resources.

Whether you are obtaining sand blocks from a beach or another location, you will engage in underwater mining. This is where Aqua Affinity becomes essential.

aqua affinity

Aqua Affinity eliminates the penalty of underwater mining, where breaking items underwater usually takes five times longer. The penalty can only be successfully eliminated if the player is not floating.


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This enchantment has a limit of one and is easily obtained on a helmet. It enhances turtle shells by combining water breathing with underwater mining, providing an exceptionally useful armor piece during underwater sessions.

While a conduit allows breathing in its range, its complex formula requires overcoming senior guardians for prismarine. Obtaining Aqua Affinity helps gather conduit materials and facilitates underwater mining.

Is Aqua affinity better than respiration?

Respiration in Minecraft is an enchantment for helmets that extends breathing time underwater. Moreover, with the use of other commands, you can apply Respiration to other pieces of armor.

Respiration provides an advanced option by increasing underwater breathing time by 15 seconds for each enchantment level in addition to the default period of 15 seconds. Another significant advantage of Respiration is its ability to prevent drowning damage. It reduces drowning damage every second based on the enchantment level, allowing the player a total of 60 seconds underwater before drowning begins. An additional 10 seconds are permitted with the turtle shell equipped.

Let’s compare Respiration with Aqua Affinity:

Aqua Affinity Respiration
An armor enchantmentAn armor enchantment
Applicable only for the helmetApplicable to other armor parts 
Assist in increasing mining time underwaterAssist in increasing breathing time underwater
The maximum power level is 1The maximum power level is 3
The weight of the enchantment is 2The weight of the enchantment is 2
It does not help with drowning damageIt supports the drowning damage

Both Respiration and Aqua Affinity are valuable enchantments in Minecraft, but they serve different purposes, so it’s best to combine them.

Can you combine Aqua Affinity and Depth Strider?

Depth Strider is a boot enchantment that increases underwater movement speed. Usually, Depth Strider is only applicable to boots. In exceptional situations, with the use of commands, the enchantment remains applicable to other types of armor, such as a helmet. So, if you’re using Depth Strider on your leggings or boots there shouldn’t be any problems with Aqua Affinity that goes on helmet.

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