What Does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft? Find Out Here

What Does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft

It is impossible to live in 2021 and not be a player of the world’s ruling game for a decade. Indeed, you got it right! We’re discussing Minecraft today. With the increased popularity of Minecraft, more concerns relating to the game are raised. The game which is based on survival and creativity tends to keep players more engaged. As players find their own way, they tend to come across situations that require basics. With this guide, you will finally be able to teach yourself more about concerns that revolve around the question “What does Aqua do in Minecraft?” 

Aqua Affinity ensures quintupled underwater mining speed. Mining in Minecraft goes from multiple points of view. The circumstance when you need to arrive at underwater blocks isn’t extraordinary. Here as we discuss the role of Aqua Affinity in Minecraft, you will have an extended understanding of using Aqua Affinity for your benefit.

With our discussion, you will gain more knowledge on how to survive for long while mining underwater. we will be looking into the depths of Aqua Affinity and discussing the topics relating to what Aqua Affinity is, what Aqua Affinity does in Minecraft, on what Aqua Affinity is put and other concerns as respiration and impact of depth rider.

What is Aqua Affinity?

In Minecraft, Aqua Affinity in other words is an enchant that goes on helmets. It is unimaginably helpful for anybody hoping to construct underwater and saves you a great deal of time in accumulating prismarine from temples underwater. Aqua Affinity will do a great job by saving you from a ton of disappointment amidst the frustration in underwater mining.

What does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft?

Regardless of whether you need to acquire sand blocks from a seashore or another, you will be incorporated with underwater mining. That’s exactly when you will need Aqua Affinity. 

Aqua Affinity will work in order to eliminate the penalty of underwater mining. Mining underwater for the most part takes 5 times longer for the item to be broken. The drawback here is only if the player is not floating can the penalty be eliminated successfully. However, having Aqua Affinity is an absolute necessity on the off chance that you plan on doing a great deal of underwater digging.

This enchantment just has a limit of one and is not difficult to procure on a helmet. It makes turtle shells far superior with the impact by the combination of water breathing with underwater mining for players expecting to spend prolonged underwater sessions. This means you will have an exceptionally helpful protective layer piece during underwater mining. 

A conduit, however, will give you the opportunity to breathe during uncertainty for as long as you are in its reach, however, the formula is hard to finish and requires overcoming senior guardians to assemble the prismarine. Meanwhile, getting an Aqua Affinity enchantment can help you assemble the materials for the conduit and offer you the chance to mine underwater.

What do you put Aqua affinity on in Minecraft?

When you have discovered the Minecraft Aqua Affinity enchantment, you have the opportunity to attach it to any helmet or leather cap using the table for enchanting, an anvil, or a game command. Indeed, to run game orders, it is no secret that you need to turn cheats on your creativity in the mining world.

Always remember that you will not gain any improved underwater mining speed until you wear the Aqua Affinity enchanted helmet. 

Is Aqua Affinity a good enchantment?

Aqua Affinity is a great underwater enchantment as it speeds up your mining underwater. One of the greatest benefits of this enchantment is that you will not be faced with a penalty to enchant your armor. With this enchantment by your side, you will also be experiencing the same mining speed underwater in comparison to on-land mining. 

Although Aqua Affinity is a good enchantment that can be utilized on helmets and leather caps and following commands to achieve much speed underwater, it is still a level 1 enchantment. This implies that there is nothing higher you can do with this enchantment than just to enchant an item unto Aqua Affinity 1.

What can you enchant with aqua affinity?

Despite the awareness of enchantment’s many benefits, it would all be a waste without prior knowledge on the items you can enchant with Aqua Affinity. 

Have a look at the below list of items that can be enchanted with the Aqua Affinity in Minecraft. 

How to make an Enchanted book

How to make a Diamond helmet

How to make a Golden helmet

How to make an Iron helmet

How to make a Leather cap

How to make a Chain helmet

How to make a Netherite helmet

How to make a Turtle shell

How to make a Dyed leather cap

Is Aqua affinity better than respiration?

Respiration in Minecraft is an enchanted helmet that plays extending the breathing time underwater. Not just that, with the use of other commands you can also use the respiration to other pieces of armor. 

Respiration gives the player an advanced option by broadening underwater breathing time by 15 seconds for every enchantment level notwithstanding the default period of 15 seconds. Another major advantage of respiration is assisting the player in terms of not taking drowning damage. Thus it decreases the drowning every second depending on the level of enchantment you have at hand, This enchantment permits the player a total of 60 seconds underwater before the drowning begins. An additional 10 seconds are permitted with the turtle shell on. 

Let’s compare and see their individual impact. 

Aqua Affinity Respiration
An armor enchantmentAn armor enchantment
Applicable only for the helmetApplicable to other armor parts 
Assist in increasing mining time underwaterAssist in increasing breathing time underwater
The maximum power level is 1The maximum power level is 3
The weight of the enchantment is 2The weight of the enchantment is 2
It does not help with drowning damageIt supports the drowning damage

In conclusion, despite the main differences between the two enchantments; Aqua Affinity and Respiration, a combination of both can make a player achieve more. This means players can spend more underwater time by having both enchantments on the helmets. 

Can you combine aqua affinity and depth Strider?

Depth strider is another boot enchantment that supports and assists in experiencing increased underwater movement speed. Usually, a Depth strider is only applicable to boots. In exceptional situations as with the use of commands the enchantment remains applicable to other types of armor as a helmet. 

Aqua Affinity and Depth strider should be considered as legging enchantments as the game can have two unique enchantments as leggings. 

Is there Aqua Affinity 2?

So far the maximum level of Aqua Affinity has been marked as  Aqua Affinity 1.you will only have access to Aqua Affinity 1 to enchant an item. 

Currently, Aqua Affinity enchantment works on helmets only when worn and only if a player is standing underwater and not when floating. Although currently, it’s impossible, the suggestion is that Aqua Affinity 2 should be one that enchants at the normal mining speed even when a player is swimming. Another suggestion is to modify Aqua Affinity with lava for the sake of swimming faster. 

In conclusion, Aqua Affinity is yet limited to a maximum level of 1 with the possibility of enchanting an item to help you speed underwater mining. 

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