‘What If…?’ Season 2: Purple Hulk vs. Green Hulk: Which Version Proved To Be Stronger?


In Episode 8 of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, we witnessed a partial assembly of Avengers in the medieval setting of 1602. This episode captivated us with the medieval renditions of some beloved MCU characters. Amidst the Royal Yellowjackets and the enigmatic Rogers Hood, a riveting clash unfolded between the Purple Hulk and the Green Hulk. Given that any Hulk variant boasts the potential for immense strength, we’ve chosen to delve into an analysis of both versions to discern their performance in combat against each other.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The encounter between Purple Hulk and Hulk showcased a remarkably even match, with both demonstrating the ability to lift concrete and endure substantial damage without experiencing harm.
  • Additionally, both versions of the Hulk exhibited a characteristic strength increase proportional to their escalating levels of anger.
  • Regarding the fight’s resolution, no clear winner emerged, as Stark and Peggy intervened by essentially freezing time to return Steve Rogers to his rightful temporal position.

Purple Hulk made appearances in two episodes of ‘What If…?’ Season 2

Firstly, Purple Hulk was introduced in Episode 3, titled ‘What If…Happy Hogan Saved Christmas.’ Happy underwent a transformation into a “Freak” when he inadvertently injected a serum derived from Hulk’s blood into his leg. Initially, his leg took on a monstrous purplish hue, and as he sustained more damage, the rest of his body followed suit.

Purple Hulk exhibited the physical attributes typical of Hulk, including enhanced strength, durability, speed, a lack of self-control, and relentless savagery. Ultimately, Purple Hulk proved powerful enough to overcome Justin Hammer in Hulkbuster armor. However, the opportunity to witness a showdown between Purple Hulk and the original Hulk never materialized, as Banner declined to participate in such a confrontation.

Regarding Happy Hogan’s presence in 1602, the details of how he became Hulk in that timeline remain unknown. However, it is evident that he teetered on the brink of transformation multiple times, leading up to a significant showdown.

In the battle within the inn against Rogers Hood and his outlaw band, Hogan came close to transforming several times but managed to restrain himself. The tipping point occurred during the final battle when Steve Rogers accidentally severed the feather on Hogan’s ornate hat. This triggered Hogan into a murderous rage, unleashing the Purple Hulk.

Rogers proved insufficient to contend with Happy in this transformed state, leading to the substitution of the Green Hulk, aka the regular Hulk. A fierce battle ensued between the two Hulks.

Both Hulks found themselves in a recent confrontation

The Green Hulk initiated the attack on the Purple Hulk, resulting in a collision between two of the most destructive forces in the room. They proved to be evenly matched in terms of strength, durability, and skills. Despite the relentless punches delivered by the Green Hulk, the Purple Hulk not only recovered but also effectively countered each blow. Predictably, the fight concluded without a clear resolution, with both Hulks experiencing a simultaneous loss and victory. The confrontation was halted by the Scarlet Witch, Peggy, and Stark, who activated a device designed to locate the Forerunner and return him to his proper temporal place.

Speculating on the potential outcome if the fight had persisted poses a challenge, considering the distinctive nature of ‘What If…?’ character versions compared to their mainline counterparts. Examples like Thor in 1602, who acquired electric powers through the Sword All-Father from Wakanda, and Loki, who deviated from his usual powers, illustrate the variations. Captain Carter also appears stronger and more durable than her 616 counterpart.


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Given these differences, it can be assumed that Bruce Banner, in his original form, would likely overcome Purple Hulk. The OG Jade Giant typically holds the upper hand compared to versions created using his blood. Many Hulk iterations have inherent weaknesses for balance, whereas the original Hulk lacks a specific vulnerability, making him arguably the most potent mortal in Marvel comics. With the capacity for unlimited strength and durability, the Green Hulk is likely superior to the Purple Hulk.

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