‘What If…?’ Season 2: What Is Thor’s Sword “All-Father” & How Powerful Is It?

Thor all father powerful sword

‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 8 showcased the assembly of the Avengers of 1602, primarily aimed at preventing the destruction of that timeline caused by the unexpected arrival of “Forerunner” Steve Rogers. Rogers found himself in this timeline inadvertently after his confrontation with Thanos. Captain Carter was initially summoned to aid and safeguard the royal family, consisting of Thor, Hela, and Loki. Regrettably, she fell short in this mission, leading to Thor harboring a significant grudge. Despite this variant of Thor not possessing identical powers and abilities as his mainstream counterpart, we witnessed him wielding a formidable sword known as All-Father. This sword had the remarkable capability to mimic some of Thor’s powers. In today’s discussion, we delve into everything we currently know about the enigmatic All-Father.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The sword known as All-Father serves as Thor’s weapon, bestowed upon him by the King of Wakanda.
  • Forged from Vibranium, All-Father stands as Thor’s potentially most potent weapon, surpassing even the royal scepter and Mjolnir, the latter of which Loki misplaced.
  • All-Father appears to grant Thor comparable abilities to Mjolnir, enabling him to harness and unleash these powers in formidable, destructive waves.

All-Father, Thor’s latest weapon, was a generous gift from Wakanda.

In the realm of comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Asgardians are often depicted wielding various formidable weapons. However, the ‘What If…?’ version of Thor appeared to lack such weaponry initially. Although he possessed Hela’s scepter, and Loki was presumed to have misplaced Mjolnir, Thor, for the most part of the episode, did not showcase any distinct powers or abilities, only expressing moodiness.

The narrative took a turn during the conclusive battle of the episode when Thor, driven by a misguided belief that Captain Carter had exacerbated “The Rips” afflicting his timeline, sought to put an end to her actions and seek justice. Thor wielded the “All-Father,” his newly acquired sword crafted entirely from Vibranium, which he received as a coronation present upon assuming the throne after his sister’s disappearance. The identity of the King of Wakanda in that particular timeline remains undisclosed.

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Despite Thor’s conviction, the inclusion of “The Rips” in Wakanda indicated that Captain Carter was not responsible for the phenomena, challenging Thor’s misguided perspective.


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How powerful is the All-Father Sword?

Thor exhibited no extraordinary powers until he wielded the All-Father for the first time. Captain Carter, recognizing that the sword was crafted from Vibranium, anticipated trouble. Vibranium stands as one of the strongest and most potent metals in the Marvel Universe. Upon striking the Vibranium Shield, the All-Father released a surge of electrical energy, revitalizing Thor with enhanced power and granting him electricity-based abilities. In essence, the All-Father appears to serve the same purpose as Mjolnir, channeling Thor’s powers and abilities, with the strike against the Vibranium shield seemingly recharging the weapon.

Thor wil all father

Even with the All-Father in hand, Thor proved unable to withstand Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic. She easily subdued him, allowing Stark and Captain Carter to activate the device for Rogers’ return to his rightful temporal place.

While the All-Father is an impressive weapon, it falls short of being the most powerful that Thor has ever wielded. If you have additional insights, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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